Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi FF (FUNNY AND ROMANTIC) #4


Note-Nobody in this FF is negative.character ESME is the result of my die hard fangiri.Esme is a reel character. Nothing to do with me.Assume I am playing her role in this ff.
Hey ESME LUNA GREENWOOD is again here to eat your brain.This part is a bit boring actually I am busy with my studies and not much time to write.And yes I am going to add some twists to the story to make it spicy.just an experiment.

RECAP:-Devakshi is continuously tortured by Esme.Dev is romantically talking to SONA not Esme.


Sona (moves far and speaks in a reporter’s voice)-dhyaan se dekhiye iss insaan ko.jitna bhala ye dikhta hai utna hai nahi.shaddi shuda hote huye bhi akeli bechari(makes cute face while saying bechari) ladki ki baaton par thodi der ke liye blush bhi nahi kar sakta hai…. (look at this person with paying your full attention. The good he looks, he is not that in real.he is married but still can’t blush on the talk of an alone sympathetic girl. (Makes cute face while saying alone)
Sona (romantically tucks dev’s nose)-tumhe kya laga main flirt karoongi…… (what you thought I will flirt)….I am changed.
Starts leaving. Dev holds her hand.
Dev – yesterday sona was saying that she wants to wear a saree. She must be trying to wear the saree. Can you plz go and help her??? (Actually dev wants to see sona in a saree.)
Sona-kar di na parayon wali baat. (Imitates dev)…can you. Just stop say this can you. So I will go and help her but where is she??
Dev-in the bedroom.
Sona(in a stylish tone)-but I don’t enter anybody’s bedroom.
Dev-what about the past days in which you used to keep taking excuses to enter my bedroom.
Pulls her near him and tucks her hair behind her ears .she blushes.
Dev – look at your face. I again made you blush.i won…haha….
She makes face.
Sona smirks-let me remind yoy that was my childlessness. Now, I am grown .
Dev-so you have changed your attire.why?
Sona-mann kiya.chalo mera raasta chodo mujhe kaam par bhi jaana hai. (I was in a mood to do so. Now clear my path, I have to go on work too.)
Sona starts leaving but stops, comes near dev.
S – remember one thing. I will make you to blush no matter what.
D – let’s see.
All leave to their respective works.

At hospital

Sona is in her cabin thinking. She takes out her phone and looks at dev’s pictures.
She calls elena.
Elena – haan sona bol. (Yes sona speak)
Sona-wo mujhe puchna tha ki….. (I had to ask….)
Elena – arre hat….hat na….. (hey move….move…..)
..funny music plays in bg….
Sona (confused ) – kahan hatoon mai toh tujhse phone par baat kar rahi hoon….. (where to move when I am talking to you on the phone. ..)
Elena – arre dumbo!!! Tujhe nahi. mai esme ko bol rahi hoon.wo humlog remote ke liye jhagda kr rahe hain…. (hey dumbo!!! Not you.i am saying this to Esme . actually we are fighting for the remote. )
Sona-kya tumlog abhi tak ghar pe hi ho? Kaam par nahi jaana kya? aur is internet ke zamane mein remote fighting kar rahe ho.(what you guys are still at home? Don’t you have to go on work? In this Internet age you are fighting for remote control. )
Elena-wo kya hai na iske liye jhagadne mein maza hi kuch aur hai……Esme. ..la la…arre de na.. (Actually there is much fun in fighting for this. ….Esme. …..give….give it to me)
Sona-silly girls!!!

Esme snatches phone from elena’s hand.
Esme – sona aaj toh tere mr. Obodro mere upar bahot chillanewale hain.bachne ka bahana dhoond rahi hoon.haan mai na ye bol dungi ki sona ko love life ke kuch tips de rahi thi. (Sona today your mr . Obodro is going to shout at me.i am looking for an excuse. Ok I will tell him that I was giving tips of love life to sona. )
Sona-chup kar. (Shut up)

Now elena snatches phone from esme’s hand.
Elena – arre jaldi bol bhi de kisliye call kiya. (Hey why you called)
Sona tells them she wants to make Dev blush and asks for some ideas.
Elena – tu ek kaam kar….(do one thing) …..( funny music starts in bg..)….ek s*xy si dress peha kar uske saamne chali ja. (Go before him wearing a s*xy dress.)
Sona-chi!!aisi baatein karte hue tujhe sharam nahi aati. (Yuck!!! Don’t you feel shy while speaking such things.)

Esme snatches phone.
Esme – mera mera mera idea bhi sun.tu na suicide mode mein chali ja.apne pati’dev’…. (have you guys noticed it before that patidev consist of pati and Dev???)…ko bol agar blush nahi kiya toh suicide kar loongi. (My my my listen to my idea too. Go into suicide mode.and tell your husband if you don’t blush then I will commit suicide.

Both Elena and Esme continue snatching phone from each other s hand and keeps giving silly ideas.

Esme – accha ye kar.sabke saamne…… (ok do this. Before everyone. …..)
Esme and Elena shout together-……dev ko kiss kar dal!!! Ab toh blush karega hi. (…kiss dev!!!! He will blush then.)
Sona in thinking mode.

Esme – enough of this funny moments. I am going to ishwari Communications. If your mr. Obodro finds me I m not at work then he will kill me by throwing his mobiles at me.

All three laugh.

In sona’s cabin

Her assistant(female) comes there.
Assistant-ye patient ki files hain .blood report sabse neeche hai. (These are the files of the patient. Blood report is in the last.)
Sona-hoon…one minute.
Assistant-what happened maam?
S-wo mujhe ye jaanna tha ki….(I wanted to know….)
A – what maam?
S(hesitantly)-wo …..ye ki….Accha ye batao …..koi bhi insaan…..mera matlab hai…koi bhi mard …kaun si baat par sabse jyada blush karta hai?? (Actually….I wanted to know. ….ok tell me…..on what thing a human. ….I mean a male……blushes the most??)
Assistant sits on the chair and holds sona’s hand.
A-maam aap thik toh hain na?? (Maam are you ok??)
S-what…I mean what happened to me? ?? I was just asking for general knowledge.
A-hoon…..sabse jyada koi blush tab karta hai jab uska koi secret uske kisi apne ko pata chal jaaye.apna matlab frndz family. …..accha aap kahein toh patient ko andar bhejne ko boloon.(hoon…a person blushes the most when his some secret is out before someone his.someone his means frndz family…..so shall I tell to send patient inside if you petmit..

Its night.sonakshi’s work is done. She comes out of the hospital and thinks let’s catch a taxi from the next road.there will be some exercise of her too.
She leaves for the next road. In the middle, she feels somebody is following her.
She looks back.nobody is there.she starts walking fastly.
Again she feels someone is behind her back……..
Scene freezes on her tensed face.

PRECAP – Sona while walking on the road feels somebody is following her.Who is this person? What are the motives of this person?Is he a goon? Are we going to see Dev in an action mode to save his love?And yes what will Sona do so that Dev blushes? Any GUESSES???

Read the next part to find answer of these questions and those in your mind too.This one is short and a bit boring.

One question-what do you prefer for this perfect couple???

The comment box is looking at you.plz write down your guess what will happen next. However my next part is already ready.



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  1. Super duper hit episode,no guesses and I prefer DEVAKSHIIIIIII

    1. Esme

      Thanks dear.

  2. Y.balamirra

    Devakshi sounds better , btw nice episode esme.

    1. Esme

      Thank uuuuuuu.

    2. Esme

      N yeah welcome to telly updates. Keep reading my ffs.thanks again.

  3. Priya9876

    Nice episode..
    I prefer Devakshi, is perfect..
    no guess dear, sona can do anything for dev blushes..
    nd yaa m waiting for ur new twist…

    1. Esme

      Thanks dear

    2. Riyaa

      Priya sema dp…..when dis cn came…i can’t remember

      1. Priya9876

        Before puja wala episode…

    3. Esme

      Hey in which episode this hug happened? ? Your dp.

      1. Priya9876

        In episode 103
        21st July…
        Hey u missed that episode???

    4. Esme

      Yeah missed some moments.

      1. Priya9876

        But MA didn’t write about this cute hug…?

    5. Esme

      Yeah ma keeps missing PRECIOUS moments. I wonder what is her real name.Is it ma? I haven’t heard such kinda name before.

  4. Awesome epi
    DevAkshi is perfect

    1. Esme

      Thank you.

  5. Riyaa

    Nice episode….devakshi is nice..

    1. Esme

      Thanks dear

    2. Esme

      Nice dp.

  6. 4nshika

    That was great episode….Good going girl 🙂

    1. Esme

      Thanks dear.

  7. Esme

    I think devakshi is the best.

  8. wow nice episode yaar
    but i srsly hate the way you leave it half in suspense
    update as soon possible
    and i actuallly like ur character
    tumhi aneka bhala
    and devakshi is perfect

    1. Esme

      Hi ha ha……read my the coming part to find out who is after sona.any guesses? ??

      1. guesses
        i have thousands of them

    2. Esme

      ‘Tumhi anekha bhala’ miss azzuu English plz.

      1. hheeehee
        aap soch te hi rehna mai ne aapse kya kaha hai
        suits you well

      2. by the way it means you are too good
        and yeah iam not bengali i got it from one of my frnd

      3. Esme

        I was imitating dev.he he…

      4. Esme

        Pata hai maine guess kiya-tum bahot bhali ho.here bhali matlab kind, Helpful as written in my profile bio.he he…

  9. Nice epi devakshi sounds better

    1. Esme

      Thanks and yeah it does.

  10. Esme

    Any guesses guys???
    Hi ha ha…..I will keep torturing you guys.

  11. Going out of track but it can be sourab (what wrong in guessing)
    It can be Esme or elina or goon or even dev

    1. Esme

      Read next one to find out.

  12. awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    i suggest devakshi sounds much more better……. it is the best …

    1. Esme

      Thanks dear

  13. Ur ff is nice but ur eng translation is nt good….can’t understand the sentence at all…for god sake improve ur eng translation…

    1. Esme

      I have already written I am very busy. So wrote it in a hurry.

    2. Esme

      And the show is in hindi. So the feeling which is in hindi dialogues can’t be exactly translated.

      1. I too know d show s in hindi….dnt try to extractly translate as u wrote in hindi….try to give meaningful sentences…jst go through ur ff…it’s horrible…can’t understand eng translation

      2. And who said can’t express feeling in English???dnt u see Hollywood movie….in which do they speak???in hindi?? No na….then wat….agree dat u r nt good in eng…dnt give lame excuse…

      3. Esme

        Now ans this q.Tell me a sentence with three consecutive because. Ur time starts now.

      4. Esme

        I know you are going to win.

      5. Esme

        But maybe bcoz of google or by asking someone or using ur own brain.lets see.

      6. Wat s meant by three consecutive bcz??

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