Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi FF (FUNNY AND ROMANTIC) #3

Hey me ESME LUNA GREENWOOD is here with the next part.I have already planned the whole ff.so there are no changes.

Note-Nobody in this FF is negative.character ESME is the result of my die hard fangiri.Esme is a reel character. Nothing to do with me.Assume I am playing her role in this ff.

WARNING-Read the whole FF. DON’T leave it in the middle.SUSPENSE will be out today.

RECAP-Esme&Elena keeps doing there silly talks and acts . nobody is at ishwari villa. Dev and sona are together.


And then…………
Sona-koi dekh lega.darwaza khula hai. (Somebody will see.the door is open.)
Dev-koi nahi dekhega. (Nobody will see. )
Sona-elena aa rahi hai. (Elena is coming. )
Dev-wo toh maa ke saath gayi thi aur ab tak vicky ke paas hogi.(She went with mom and now must be with vicky. )
Sona-kichu bhaiya coffee la rahe hain. (Kichu bhaiya is coming with coffee. )
Dev-wo toh dost ke ghar gaye hain. (He is at his friend’s home.)
Sona-maa aa rahi hain. (Mom is coming. )
Dev-wo bhi dost ke ghar gayi hain.(she too is at her friend’s home)

Dev puts his hand on her mouth.
D-riya nikki are out with friends. Neha is with ranveer.esme went to drop mom with Elena. ……anything else.
S-ab tak!! Vaise sab log doston ke paas kyu hain. (Till now! ! By the way why everyone is with their friends)
D – mujhe kya pata…(how do I know. …)…..now concentrate.
He caresses her hair.
S-mujhe kuch gadbad lag raha hai. ( I am feeling something’s fishy.)
D-kya??? (What? ?)
S-Esme and what else.
S-sabne apna aaj ka plan bataya..usne bataya??? (Everybody told about their plan……did she?
D-leave her…only we two are here.
They are about…..about to kiss.
D-mujhe aisa kyun lag raha hai ki darwaze par koi hai…. (why I have a feeling that somebody is at the door…)
S-you too…I am feeling the same.

D -tum yahan ho….mai yahan hoon….. hum dono yahan hain toh phir darwaze par kaun ha???(u r here….I m here. …we both are here then who is at the door???)

****So who is at the door.Any guesses. …Keep reading to find out. ****

Dev and sona separate and shout together-E S M E!!!!
They turn and the devil is standing at the door.
Esme – you took my name and I am here.
Sona-Arz kiya hai…..
Jo bhagane se bhaag jai wo EVIL hai…
Jo bhagane se bhaag jaye wo evil hai…
Aur jo bin bulaye aa jai wo DEVIL hai.

Dev-and DEVIL=ESME….my equation. Nice na.
Esme – ha ha very funny…
So you were about to kiss each other. …continue. .continue. ..I am not watching you.

Dev tucks esme’s head.
Esme – what?? I can watch ‘ Hollywood’ romance without blinking my eyes.i don’t blush or feel shy at all….see how daring I am…
Sona-why are you here esme??
Esme – actually elena dropped aunty to her friend’s housr.i dropped them just on the door.ha ha…..to keep an eye on you guys…..
Sona-why are you in our room???

Esme – wo mujhe kaafi neend lag rehi thi and your bed is so good. … (I was feeling sleepy and your bed is so good)…. {jumps on the bed}….
Aur tumne hi toh ek baar kaha tha ki tumhari cheezein meri hain. …..
(And you once said that your things are mine. …)
Dev and sona both-…..aur meri toh meri hain hi (…and mine is already mine)
Esme-so I am going to sleep here. …you both can sleep with your kid… (speaks kid in a naughty voice)……if you want.

Sona-go to your room and sleep there.
Esme (to tease her)-I don’t feel like sleeping there. I want to sleep with my DAIDDYY!!!!(hugs dev)
Dev (to tease sona)-haan beta kyun nahi.hamara baccha toh hamari hi age ka hai. (Yes why not.our is of our age)

Esme(tucks dev’s forehead)-aaj toh teri band bajegi.maja aayega.sona!! Chodna mat mere DAIDDYY ko….. (You are gone today. Will have fun.sona!! Don’t leave my DAIDDYY. …)….all the best dev…sorry DAIDDYY. Ha ha!!!
Esme – if you want I can teach you some ossam dance steps…..
Dev-i thought we will party today. ..bunty refused to join.even elena left with vicky. Now we 3 are remaining.

Esme – we can party later.today your priority should be sona.see nobody is at home….if you want I can go from here. (Raises one eyebrow. Her style to tease sona&dev and make them blush. )
Dev-i know your intention but I won’t blush that easily. (Raises one eyebrow)..I am not that easy pie.so stay away from me.

She leaves from there singing. ….I am feeling some exotic. …..

Dev looks at sona.she moves her face and looks in opposite direction folding her hands.he comes near and tucks sona’s shoulder from his.sona moves…..he falls on the bed. ….and touches his ears from fingers. …..

….gives a child look to her.
Sona-maybe now I can make you blush.
Dev-you have the right to do so.
She laughs. …kisses his forehead and then hugs him.

After some time…..same day

Esme is sleeping on the sofa. She has some office files in her hand.sona & dev come there talking.
Sona-i am feeling hungry.
Dev-me too . ok mai dinner serve kar deta hoon.(me too.ok I will serve the dinner. )
They see the devil..
Sona- par pehle….iss KUMBHKARAN ko toh utha doon. (But firstly ….let me wake up this KUMBHKARAN)
****Author- KUMBHKARAN is a character in the epic book ‘Ramayan’.he sleeps for 6 months and doesn’t sleep at all for other 6 months!!!)****

Sona-o ‘kumbhkaran’ uth bhi ja. (Hey kumbhkaran wake up now)
Esme wakes up in a hurry.
Esme – kya hua….kya hua. ..earthquake aaya kya!!! (What happened. ….what happened. …..is it an earthquake! !!)
Sees sona and dev.
E-offfoooo….itna accha sapna dekh rehi thi.utha diya na….. (offfooo….I was watching such a good dream. You woke me up….)

Dev-kya dekha??(what you saw???)
Esme-mera future sibling iss duniya mein aate aate reh gaya……mummmy ne utha diya……ooon…oon…oon (my future sibling was coming to this world. ….mummmy woke me up. …..oon…..ooon…oon)
Sona-you have started again. Stop it.
E-okay baba.
Dev-now you two come.let’s eat something.

One day……..

Dev is standing. A girl is going towards him. Face not shown. Dev smiles seeing her.

Esme – shotti.wo toh waqt hi batayega dev babu.ha
Ha..shotti me……(shotti…time will tell dev babu.ha ha….shotti me….)

*****WARNING-Read the whole FF . DON’T leave it in the middle. Suspense soon out*******

Dev-means really. I know that. ..I have learnt it from my sona.
E-waah ‘joru ka ghulam'(in a teasing voice. )
Dev-i would love to become that.
Esme – okay baba.i am done.you won but one day I will make you to blush and its a challenge.
Dev comes near esme’s face – challenge accepted.
Esme – hey move away. Are you trying to flirt with me? ?
Dev moves-that would be my pleasure.

Esme comes near to dev-hoon.kitne paas. (Moves more near)…itne paas..ya thoda aur paas. (Says in a romantic voice).. {keeps coming near to him}…. [English-okay.how much near. . (Moves more near)…is it okay or more near. (Says in a romantic voice)…]
Dev puts his both hands on her shoulder locking her-now okay.
Esme moves.face shown.
!!!!!! BANG BANG!!!!

!!!!!!SUSPENSE OUT! !!!!
She is SONA not esme!!!!!

NOTE :- This was the suspense. Here dev knows he is talking to Sona but we don’t know whether it was Sona or Esme. From the description it feels it is esme.but since SUSPENSE is out now.so it is sona and not esme. I have already written above face not was not shown.
If you are imagining this FF on tv then assume that the face is not shown and sona’s above lines are dubbed by me.So how was the suspense???? Richa, pinky ,amy, zakiyah, riya, priya ,ayushi ,sona(I love your name) and many others.
Devakshi made for each other no esme wesme canseparate them.and yes I did that precap drama just to test your fangiri.congrats you got 10/10 for devakshi fangiri.none can separate them.
Now if you are a true fan of devakshi read those lines after…..’one day’….again.i know you are going to throw joota chappals at me for this ‘suspense’….you can but throw on the profile pic and remember one thing. ..pic is of devakshi ha ha….

PRECAP-Elena says nobody can stop them from being aunty.Esme tells her that she(elena) can get a niece but wants a sibling……Devakshi enjoying a romantic date.


Some words to FF writers and readers

Anything and everything can be written in an FF bcoz thatz why it is an FF.original show and Fan fictions should not be compared.
This is my point of view. Original can’t be FF and an FF can’t be original.
Writing an FF loved by everyone is a difficult work.Your wild imagination is an FF so let your imagination go wild……..
I feel everyone has right to express their views. I welcome all comments here.it doesn’t matter whether the comment is positive, negative or neutral.
Hope all the misunderstandings are cleared now.any question? ?? Shoot it in the comment box right now.
GO. …

And yes check this promo of an upcoming FF.””Its TWILIGHT……A Devakshi FF””




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    Good one…
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    ND nice shayri by sona–
    Jo bhagane se bhaag jai wo EVIL hai…
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    Aur jo bin bulaye aa jai wo DEVIL hai.

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      Sona-maybe now I can make you blush.
      Dev-you have the right to do so.

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      Esme (to tease her)-I don’t feel like sleeping there. I want to sleep with my DAIDDYY!!!!(hugs dev)
      Dev (to tease sona)-haan beta kyun nahi.hamara baccha toh hamari hi age ka hai.

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  12. i laughed the most on kubhakaran that was so funny and mummy ne utha diya hahaha

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    Do cont sooooon?
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    Sorry for late comment
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