Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi FF (FUNNY AND ROMANTIC) #2


These people are doing great work:-
Aaru.Nishi.4nshika.fatarajo.dimple.tina.priya.asmita.blink.riyaa.chanpreet.mubeen.blink.ayushi and many others.

Aaru said,” U must b thinking na, kitni besharam (shameless) h, itni late h n hi to aise bol rhi h Jaise party krne aayi h.”
How you imagined that thing dear Aaru???
We are not angry and will never say such things to anyone.

But yaar party toh maine ki.maine…pure 3 sweets &3 namkins kha liye . actually I even left sugar past week.i wasn’t eating sweet dishes . but yaar itni mast ‘barfi’ dekh kar ji dol gaya.
While eating, one scene of kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi was going in my mind. When dev ate whole bowl of halwa.i was feeling like dev Dixit while eating those mast ‘barfis’.ha ha!!!
But today I will have to do extra exercise. Hoon…..fun ka maja kabhi kabhi bada bhari parta hai.i am fitness freak na.
RECAP:Dev kisses sleeping Sona.Esme&Elena comes to ishwari villa.
Now dev leaves Sona.his phone rings.he attends the call.

Esme-Dev ab aa bhi jao.Aaj toh hum isse torture kar ke hi rahenge.(dev come on. today we will torture her.)
Dev-aa raha hoon mai zindagi (sona) aa raha hoon mai.
Sona-accha baba karti hoon. (Ok I will.)
All together-yes

Hearing this word sona goes into fb.
Elena-Agar tu jeet gayi toh lottery ke paison ka kya karegi??(what will you do with lottery money if you win??)
Sona-oon…mai world tour par jaongi. (Oon…I will go on world tour. )
Elena-akele… ya jiju ke saath.(alone..or with jiju.)
**fb of sona ends.
At present.
Elena-toh aaj aapka kaam shuru kab hoga??(So today when your work will start??)
Dev-asal mein aaj mai chutti par hoon. (Actually I am on leave today. )
Esme shouts-chutti! Wo kya hota hai sir?? (Leave! What is that sir??)
Elena-bas kar.bas kar. (Stop it.stop it.)
Dev(acts dumb type)-chutti means break.
Esme-accha accha….wo wali chutti jo mujhe kai sadiyon pehle mili thi SIR. **putting extra pressure on sir**(oh oh that leave which I got centuries ago SIR.)
Esme-Shotti!!! Matlab aaj meri chutti.yehoo..SIR ki Personal Assistant ban kar mera toh dimag kharab ho gaya tha.No leave…don’t move. ..ugh……Aaj toh maje karungi. (Really!!! Means today is my leave. Yehoo…my brain got damaged after being SIR’s personal assistant. No leave. ..don’t move…ugh….today I will have fun. )
Sona-even SIR ne mujhe bhi itna hi busy kiya tha.ek baar toh mai 12 baje yahan se nikli thi.

(Even SIR made me that busy too. Once I leaved at 12 am night)
Ishwari-dev tune kabhi bataya nahi ki Sona ko itni der ho gayi thi EK BAAR.**she giggles**(dev you didn’t tell me Sona got so late ONE DAY.)
DEV-aur uske baad. …..**eyes sona ‘kya hua bata doon’**[and after that. …**eyes sona’what happened should I tell’**]
Sona eyes him in pity **mat batao**(**don’t tell**)
♡♡♡remember that 28th june 2016 episode. Romantic one.♡♡♡
Dev-…wo ghar chali gayin.(…she went home.)
Sona takes a sigh of relief. Nobody noticed this eyeing thing so no teasing.

Dev moves his hand towards a glass full of orange juice.
Esme shouts-orange juice!!!
She took his glass.
Dev to sona-kitni ajeeb best friend hai tumhari. (How strange is your best friend. )
Esme speaks in a child voice-dekho sona we are best friends na.toh tumhari cheezein meri hui aur meri toh meri hain hi. (Look sona wr are best friends na.so your things are mine and mine are already mine.)
Dev laughs.

**Low voice talking only between Sona and Esme. **
Sona-except dev. (In a jealous voice)
Esme teases Sona-so you thought I will snatch dev from you. Not a bad idea.just look at him he is hot, handsome, sek…
Sona(jealous)-ONLY I have the right to call him s*xy.

After some time.

Esme and Elena convinces ishwari to go and meet her friend.she will return on Tuesday. (Today is Sunday)
Nikki and Riya are out on a tour with friends.
Devakshi, Esme, Elena are sitting together. Devakshi is looking at each other.
A look is exchanged between Esme and Elena. (signal of a funny moment.)
Esme-ahem ahem…toh aap dono humein kab ….(ahem ahem…so when you two are making…..
Elena-….aunty kab bana rahe ho. (…making us aunty.)

Sona shyly deepens her face in dev’s muscular chest.
Dev-stop teasing my sona.
Esme-ohho….I see your sona . isn’t she anything to us??
Esme-mai toh bas ye keh rahi thi ki agar aap dono ka aise koi plan nahi hai toh aap mujhe adopt kar sakte hain.mai aap dono ko bilkul bhi pareshain nahi karoongi.promise ( makes a cute and innocent face ) [ English-i was just saying that if you don’t have any such plan then you can adopt me.i won’t disturb you. Promise. ( Makes a cute and innocent face.)]
Elena-stop teasing them now.too much of it.
Esme – since when you switched side eli. (Raises one eyebrow. ) you are gone today.

Dev-umm….okey so, elena is getting married to vicky next month. What about you Esme???
★★★note:-here i am just playing role of Esme.so don’t ask me this question in real life. I am too young to get married. Still 17 and always 17(just like Edward Cullen of twilight.just kidding.ha ha… )!★★★
Esme(in a very very low voice so that even elena sitting next to her didn’t understand)-jispe crush tha wo toh kabhi mila hi nahi. (Didn’t get a that on whom had a crush. )

Note:-Who is Esme’s crush?? Esme’s story will be told in an ff written by me later on.

Dev-kya? (What?)
Esme-nothing.i was just saying no idea.

Ishwari comes there. All touches her feet and gets blessings from her . Elena gets a call from vicky.they decide to spend some time together. Esme and Elena goes to drop ishwari.

Now, ‘only’ Dev and Sona are at home.
Kichu has already cooked for them.Esme and Elena even convinced kichu bhaiya to go to meet his friend.
**why everyone is out to meet their friends??? Hoon…..signal of a romantic scene.okey…but you need to wait for that. .um…..not so long.**

Sona enters their bedroom.
A strong hand holds her waist from back and pulls her in a tight hug.Sona moves and faces her Dev.
Sona-Dev plz mujhe kabhi chod kar mat jaana.accident ke waqt toh tumne meri jaan hi nikal di thi. (Dev plz never leave me.during accident you just took my breath. )
And comes near to sona.
Sona-arre dekho paas mat aana. (Look don’t come near.)
Dev(confused)-dur mat jana…paas mat aana….kabhi kuch toh kabhi kuch.tum hi decide karo tumhe kya chahiye. (Don’t go far….don’t come near. ..sometimes something then next time something else.you decide what you want.)
Comes more near to sona and pins her to the wall.
Dev (romantically)-itna paas thik hai…ya thoda aur paas aa jaoon. (Is it ok…or should I come more near.)
Sona shys and moves her head down looking at the floor.
Dev(jealously)-kya ye floor mujhse jyada hot and handsome hai?? (Is this floor more hot and handsome than me??)
Dev lifts her chin.now both are looking in each others eyes.

Dev-toh phir tum usse kyu dekh rahi thi. Mujhe dekho.meri body dekho.i am completely yours. (Then why you were looking at it.look at me.look at my body.i am completely yours.)
Moves his hand to his shirt’s button.
Sona-offo stop it yaar.
Dev comes very very near to sona.starts caressing her cheeks. One hand still on het waist. He brings his face very very close to sona’s….his forehead touched her’s…..his nose touched her’s…and……

***author-I am leaving you in suspence. ..ha ha
Sabra karo kyunki sabra ka fruit meetha hota hai but itna bhi sabra mat karo ki fruit hi kharab ho jaye.so next one on Friday. ..not too much sabra.

PRECAP: – ESME (comes near to dev)-kitne paas.itne paas ya thoda aur paas.

O god what my character Esme is doing with Dev.
Will Esme turn negative??? Or is it what???? GUESS!!!
Remember one thing what I said nobody in this ff is negative. So what’s wrong with Esme??? Has someone hypnotised her? ??
…..so many questions but answer only on Friday.
Till then keep watching KUCH RANG PYAR KE AISE BHI only on sony tv.

I am very bad in writing romantic scenes. So sorry if it is not heart touching.

First time over 100 comments on a kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi written update.Date -22 july 2016.
Keep it up guys.
Thanks for reading and don’t forget to comment especially silent readers.


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  1. You are giving too much importance to yourself in this ff and story me thora twist bhi lekar ao ye bohat boring ha

    1. Esme

      Its just a short one. I won’t bore you much.

  2. Nice , keep writing

    1. Esme

      Thank u dear.

  3. Amazing…..Amazing….Amazing..
    Suspense ….
    Esme???? Not u I mean u only bit in this Awesome ff ?
    Post Sooon

    1. Esme

      Thank uuuuuuu.loads of thanks to you.

  4. Simplesweety1

    loved thaatttttt

  5. Bhoomi

    This is not fair… 🙁 Aisa laga jaise abhi to shuru hoa tha abhi khatam ho gaya… Just like KRPKAB… Jab KRPKAB chalu hota hai mujhe lagta hai ki kabhi khatam hi na ho.. same with your ff

    About Esme’s crush Non other than DEV DIXIT?….
    Superb episode.. Keep it up…?

    1. Esme

      Ha ha you caught me so easily. Yes having a crush on mr.Dev Dixit. He he
      While watching krpkab I too feel the same.abhi toh shuru hua abhi hi khatm ho gaya n ads ughhh…I just hate thoso afs

  6. Riyaa

    NC ff…Esme I dnt know hindi plzzzzzz write eng sub….

    1. Esme

      I have given that aftet the hindi one.enjoy.

      1. Riyaa

        Jst go through…u have nt given for some lines yaar….

  7. Awesomee and no guesses

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      Hi hi..keep reading.

  8. 4nshika

    What an episode !…Power pack 1….Really good going 🙂

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  9. Suspense !!!!!!
    That’s cool having crush on dev
    And your ff is also very good
    Update soon

    1. Esme

      Thanks for the appreciating my work dear.
      Yes that’s true I have a crush on dev Dixit.

  10. awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee nice story line i read both of them in 1 go they were awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pl. update asap and end the supence soon

    1. Esme

      Thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so much . suspence will be ended soon.keep reading.

  11. Esme

    I want to tell something to you guys. I respect everyone’s views. I am not that type of person who don’t want negative comments for her FF.
    And yes I am very funny!!! If anyone is unknowingly hurted by me then I am verrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy sorry.

  12. Priya9876

    nice one…
    nd yaaa m doin sabar…………….for a meethaa Fal ( Fruit )…
    🙂 🙂

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