Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi FF (FUNNY AND ROMANTIC) #1


Hey me ESME LUNA GREENWOOD is again here on TU.This time no promo update, no down to memory lane.This time a FAN FICTION.Don’t forget to shoot comments in the comment box especially silent readers. Plz give me enough comments so that I have the courage to write the next one.Yes one promise you won’t be disappointed after reading this FAN FICTION.

List of characters in today’s episode-Dev,Sonakshi, Ishwari, Elena, tina, vicky and a surprise new character (not negative very funny, kind, Helpful GUESS)
Enough of this suspence torture. Let’s start.

Now, Dev and Sonakshi are married. Ishwari is happy. She has accepted sona as her daughter in law. Radha rani has realised her mistake. She has given up all her jealousy and selfishness. She no more creates hurdles for sona. Vicky has joined Dev’s business. (Impossible but even this word says I M POSSIBLE) .He is no more a flirt.They don’t live in ishwari villa.(THANK GOD).Vicky and Elena have realised there love for each other.

An early Sunday morning in ishwari villa.

Dev wakes up and his eyes stop on the love of his life none other than DR. SONAKSHI BOSE.Now sonakshi for him.
He sees those lines on her forehead stretched from top to above the left eye . because of tension and stress. He kisses those lines. Seems he was consoling her everything will be alright.

She smiled in her sleep because of the kiss.He was about to kiss her lips but stopped. He doesn’t want to disturb her peaceful sleep after so many weeks.

Dev gets up and stands near the window folding his hands. He thinks about Sona’s accident, after which she started falling for him and then both fell in love.

Then his accident. He was almost dead.At that time sona took care of him day night.All family helped them in regaining today’s moments. He is fine today just because of sona and their family’s care .She took care of him.What he gave her in return?Those lines on forehead!!! A boring married life!!!
He felt guilty.

At breakfast table.

Ishwari-Arre beta kuch toh kha lo.Bhukhi rahogi toh kaise sabki diet control mein rakhogi?? (Daughter eat something. How will you control others diet when you yourself is fasting??)
Sona-nahi maa mann nahi hai. (No mom I don’t have mood. )

Dev is coming down while talking to tina on phone.
Dev-tina I am taking leave from office work today. Is there any important meetings for today??(see how workholic is dev.works even on Sundays. )
Tina-no sir there aren’t any.
Dev-ok bye.

Ishwari-dev aa gaya.dev ab tu hi isse samjha.(dev has come.dev you convince her.)

Dev just opened his mouth to speak and a BANG entry of ESME (yes that’s me.this was the surprise character. ) and Elena.
Dev-bonding of E is awesome . isn’t it?
Esme and Elena both-sona! Sona! Sona!

Sona ina low voice-ab ye dono E’s aa gayi.Ek meri best friend aur dusri meri behan.Ab ye dono Dev ke saath milkar mujhe jaroor khane ke liye torture karengein.he bhagwaan bacha lo mujhe inke atyachar se.ek idea hai bina dikhe bedroom mein chip jaati hoon but kaise I am not mr. India.offo.bad entry on bad time. (Now these two E’s had come.one is my best friend and other my sister. Now both will team up with dev and will definitely torture me to eat.oh god save me from their torture. One idea let’s hide in the bedroom without getting seen but how I am not mr.india.offo bad entry on bad time.)

Sona thinks let’s take a chance. She gets up and starts leaving but she is already caught by dev.his one hand is on her waist and one on her shoulder.
Dev-caught you.
Esme-arre meri jaan kahan chali.dev chodna aaj isse chodna mat. (Hey my love. Where are you going.dev don’t leave her today.)
Elena-haan (yes)

Both reach sona.
Esme-hame pata tha ki tu…. (we knew it that you. ..)
Elena-….breakfast nahi kar rahi. (…aren’t doing breakfast.

PRECAP-More funny moments.
Dev-stop teasing my sona.

Esme-mai toh bas ye keh rahi thi ki agar aap dono ka aise koi plan nahi hai toh aap mujhe adopt kar sakte hain.mai aap dono ko bilkul bhi pareshain nahi karoongi.promise (makes a cute and innocent face)
[English-i was just saying if you both don’t have any such plans then you can adopt me.i won’t disturb you. Promise. (Makes a cute and innocent face.)

When in school, I used to participate in school dramas.i know that dramas were not that blockbuster thing but I still have that acting insect in me.i never thought to make acting as my profession.But after watching this show I wish I wish if I were doing a role in the show.i know that’s not possible but it is possible in fan fictions so assume I am doing the role of ESME.
Why same name- actually I love two alphabets S and E.Here i wanted E to make it as dual with Elena while writing it I didn’t get any awesome name starting from E so I thought let’s take ESME.

Next one on Wednesday.
Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to hit loads of comments in the comment box. I know first part is a bit senti but next one is full of humour.



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  1. Awesome it’s different

    1. Esme

      Thanks Ayushi.
      There was a girl in my class.her name too was Ayushi. Are you from Don Bosco school??

      1. No esme

  2. Priya9876

    Woo hoo finally ur ff came…bang on start…
    After devna marriage ? lovely…
    Really ur surprise entry is dhamakedaar…nw u r a part of krpkab….
    Teri to nikal padi Esme…Shaheer k sath work in all wahh!!!?
    I must say ur surprise entry will gave a big smile ? on each n every reader…

    1. Esme

      Thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu priya.bada wala thank you. Are you ready to read next one???
      One question Did you laughed at the PRECAP??? I mean I was rolling on the floor laughing while writing it.

      1. Priya9876

        Yaa ofcourse m waiting for nxt one…
        ND precap is really too funny..

    2. Esme

      Priya why there is no comment box in yesterday’s written box???
      Is TU again ‘Talli’???

      1. Priya9876

        Don’t no yaar wats going on wid th

      2. Priya9876

        Really don’t know yaar wats going on wid this tu talli…
        Itna maintenance krte h, fir v sahi nhi hota….
        Aaj hadd hi Ho gya. Comment box hi gayab Kar Diya…?

      3. Priya9876

        N see my phone is also in talli mode…type krte krte khud hi post Ho jata hai..tht bcz ye incomplete msg post Ho jate hai khud se…. Fed up wid my phone

  3. Gud one…gr8 start… Diff. Thinking…

    1. Esme

      Thanks for appreciating my work.

  4. Riyaa

    Super….I dnt xpect ur entry yaar….ncz one….. unfold d fb….ncz…

    1. Esme

      Thank uuuuuu riyaa.a load of thanks to you.

    2. Esme

      Your profile pic is awesome. I just love it.

    3. Esme

      Sorry if i am acting a bit dumb type but NCZ meaning no clown zone???
      Unfold the fb?? I don’t get it.

      1. Riyaa

        Thzz Esme…dev was thinking some kind of accident rgt??I jst asked to reveal wat happened soon.. noo u r nt bumb type…u r going to abbreviation…I dnt think dat much and all..nice=ncz….it’s messaging words….due to dis messing word something i tempt to forget d correct spelling?…..

      2. Riyaa

        It’s k sometimes we do dat….I fact I aam like u only….talk like u….when I am cng ur comment…I thk of myself….waiting for ur ff…update as soon as possible

    4. Esme

      U r welcome riyaa.
      Sorry I was going to the abbreviation zone . Sometimes I act so funny. Ha ha….
      But actually I made dev a bit senti in the starting to show some ‘romantic’ moments. They will come soon…..keep reading and commenting.

      1. Priya9876

        Ok I will never tease u in Shaheer’s name…? ?

      2. Riyaa

        Hey Esme I dnt know why I cNt snd u private msg…dat msg option s nt showing…can u help me??

    5. Priya9876

      Hey Riya ur dp is super cool…
      N this pic is in my phone screen…
      ND u know yesterday when I was changing my dp then I m thinking Ki this pic will be my nxt dp…? now u upload it…??

      1. Riyaa

        Thzz dr…ohhh grt I became first ah….my lock screen home screen WhatsApp wallpaper all s shaheer pics only…I tnk ur also will be d shaheer only..hope so….

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      Yup u r absolutely right ?..?
      Phone lock screen
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      Uc browser background screen
      Fb cover pic
      In lappy monitor
      ND watsapp dp sometimes…he…hrehehee?
      Ringtone is– tu mujhme mujhse jyada hai duet…love love loved this song ?

      1. Riyaa

        Ohhh get dr….me too same ringtone…I too kept Duet only…

      2. Esme

        I too love the song tu mujhme mujhse jyada hai…..
        Actually I love all the songs and bg music of this show.having a crush on DEV DIXIT not SHAHEER SHEIKH. So priya don’t tease me in the name of shaheer sir . However I can tease you in his name. Ha ha….

    7. Esme

      So now you have understood the meaning of talli.must be network in talli mode.he he…

    8. Esme

      You don’t know hindi….maybe I can teach you some….if you want to learn some.

  5. Bhoomi

    Superb??… Hehe precap is very funny ?…. So u r also there very good…
    Waiting for next part ?

    1. Esme

      Thank uuuuuuuuu Bhoomi.Thats my pleasure that you appreciated my work.

    do cont. asap

    1. Esme

      Thank uuuuuuuuuuuuu sooooooo much for appreciating my work.

  7. Amazing ff plz uplaod next part i am waitnig

    1. Esme

      Yes definitely and thanks for commenting.

  8. Simplesweety1

    Loved It! Update Soon! Do Read My FF! Kya Ma Manengi ? …… A Devakshi FF

    1. Esme

      Of course I will read your ff.thanks for loving my ff.

    2. Esme

      One thing ha maa manengi but in the end.

      1. Priya9876

        Jarur maa manegi after some episode ?

  9. Esme

    Thanks to everyone for reading and appreciating my work.

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