Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi FF (Funny Mood Swings) #14


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RECAP-No ‘izzat’ of Dev.


Whole Bose family is in the hall.Elena sees Sona coming inside. She thinks to tease her.

Ishwari comes with the photo albums of Dixit family. While everyone is busy turning the pages of the album, Elena drags Sona to Devakshi room and locks the door.

Elena-Now, Mrs. Dixit…Tell me everything in detail.
Sona-What thing ??
Elena-Oh hello…Don’t act. I am not a fool.
Sona- Tu kya bol rahi hai..mujhe kuch samaj nahi aa raha.
Elena-Burping surping in the night when jiju in full mood. Shhhhhhooooonnnna.
Sona*blushes*-chup kar warna…
Elena-Warna…hoooooon warna….kya warna…
Sona – Warna…
Elena raises one eyebrow.
Sona – Warnaaaaa…haan mai tujhe Kutta bol dungi.Samjhi.
Elena-Jiju mazak karna sikh gaye. Sona…tu gaali dena kab sikhegi???
Sona-Rehne de. Rehne de. Mujhe nahi sikhni. Chal ab bahar ja.
Elena-Kyon?? Jiju se baatein karni hai kya…
Sona – Tu jayegi ya mai kutta bolun.
Elena- Hyper kyon ho rahi hai ja rahi hoon. Jaise Devdas sharmila waise hi uski paro sharmili.

Elena starts leaving but then stops.

Sona – Now whotttt???
Elena-Tu moti ho gayi hai.
Sona – Elena ki bachiii… (throws a pillow at her)
Elena hides. Then she appears again.
Elena*teases sona*-Motiii…
and runs away.

Mr. Gujaral enters Natasha’s room who is talking to someone.
Natasha-Ritwik…yaar try to understand.
She hears the footsteps.
Natasha-I will talk to you later.(ends the call.) Yep dad.
Mr. Gujaral-I think you should talk..
Natasha-No dad..nothing more important than you.

mr. Gujaral-You look tired. Take one day leave from work. Take some rest.
Natasha-Okay dad…tmrw
He leaves.
Natasha-Rest. Sounds waste. How to convince dad ?? Ritwik is right but…but…

Sona peeps into her room and…
all grumpy Dev working on the laptop.
She enters the room with KHATT KHATT noise…
She imagines Dev saying “shor mat machao”.
No reply from Dev in reality. He watches her as she arranging some stuff in the cupboard. She can see him looking at her from the corner of her eyes…moves with a jerk to face him and he quickly averts his gaze.
She walks to him and clears her throat.

He ignores her.. switch off his laptop and keeps it on the table.He pretends reading some important papers. Sona intentionally throws the newspaper on floor.
Sona*kid voice* – Dev…newspaper gir gaya.
Dev-Toh mai kya karoon.
Sona – Utha do na. Plzzzz
Dev comes near to pick the newspaper. She hugs him from behind.
Sona-My husband looks damn killing when he is angry….its so hard to control…only god can save him from me.
Dev-Bhagwaan ke liye mujhe chod do.
Sona – Itni pyaari cheez bhagwaan ke liye kaise chod doon.
Dev in childish tone-Accha aur jo subah mujhe chawal ke kankad sa nikal pheka tha….uska kya???(puts his hand on sona’s belly)..Hey kiddo daiddy loves you sooooo much and ur mom….hate you. (Still putting up the angry pretense.)
Sona – It seems I am not in this room.huh…
Dev*raises one eyebrow*-Jealous. You should be jealous. Hayee..mai hoon hi inna hot n handsome ki ladkiyaan mere compliments ke liye tarasti hain.
Sona-He he hath kangan ko arsi kya, padhe likhe ko farsi kya…Jab compliment dene waala hi mere paas hai toh mujhe compliments ki kyaaaaa zaroorat hai.

Dev-Accha.. (comes closer)I am not warning my love….I am threatening you…you can’t even imagine….how mad I can get..

He moves closer nuzzling his face on her cheek and neck.She smiles and then pinches him making him retreat…Ouch! What’s that for

Sona-Punishment for your naughtiness…now sleep else we will be late for…
Dev * in full mood*-we will be late for…
Sona-Whole day same mood…huh
Dev-Whatz wrong in that??
Sona-Chup chap so jao…
Dev-I’ll sleep as soon as I hit the bed.
He jumps on the bed as and lies down. She switches off the light and cuddles next to him.

After 5 minutes….

Sona turns towards and finds him asleep. She caresses Dev’s forehead then his cheeks with her knuckles. Then strokes his hair.
Sona-I love you. I can’t imagine my life without you. One glance at you has the ability to make my heart flutter.
Dev who is ‘sleeping’ smiles. She kisses his forehead.
He turns to face her.
Sona – What you weren’t asleep??
Dev-Sote paraye mard ko dekh kar niyat phisal gayi kya??
Sona – You don’t even know how to flirt.
Dev-Then teach me.
Sona – Ha ha…in your dreams.Learn yourself. I am very sleepy.
Dev-When I stopped you from sleeping??? Ek baar bhi batao jab maine tumhe jagay rakha.
Sona – Abhi kya kar rahe hain…
Dev-Bak bak…
Sona – Toh..
Dev-Tum inne saare questions ek hi baar mein puchna band nahi kar sakti.
Sona -Kya pucha maine?? Kab pucha?? Kahan pucha??Kyun pucha?? Ek baar bhi bataiye jab maine itne questions puche.
Dev-Abhi kya kar rahi hain.
Sona – Bak bak..
Both laugh.

At midnight Sona gets up.
Sona – Dev…Dev…wake up na…
Dev sleepy-What happened??
Sona – Utho na..
Dev gets up- bolo
Sona – I am feeling something. I wanna eat chocolate cake.
Dev jokes-Where is my Sona?? You kidnapped her again!!!
Sona angrily looks at him.
Dev-Come with me.

….In kitchen…

Dev googles..how to prepare chocolate cake. He starts collecting things.
He pours water in the glass vessel and turns to open the fridge, takes out some other things. Then he searches for the glass vessel filled with water. Glaas vessel found but wait without water!!!

Dev-Shaitaan apni harkaton se kabhi baaz nahi aata. Shona….
And she is sitting on the chair with a naughty smirk near her lips.
Dev-Sona ye kyaaaaa tha??
Sona acts- Maine….maine kya kiya??
Dev-Accha toh paani jameen nigal gayi …ya aasman kha gaya.
Sona – Why would I do that??? You are the cook. You should be careful.

Dev-Wo toh mai hoon.
He locks her using his strong arms.
Dev-Ab bolo mai careful hoon ya nahi. Prisoner ke bhagne se pehle hi usse lock kar diya. Chalo ab jaldi se mujhe de do.
Sona – Milega milega lekin flour ka kiss.
She throws the whole flour at him. Container falls down with a BANG.

Nikki comes there running and sees the ‘ghost’.
Nikki shouts-Bhoot!!! Aaaaah…maa…
Ishwari too comes there.
Dev sneezes.
Sona – God bless you.
Dev-Arre dhat tere ki. Aisi bhootni biwi mili hai. Mujhe Devrath se bhoot bana hi diya.
Ishwari-Khabardar meri Sona ko aise bola toh. Kaan pakad kar das baar uthak baithak karwaongi. Samjha…Sona beta ye tujhe tang toh nahi kar raha tha na.
Sona – Haan maa bahot tang kiya aur mere saath bahot ladai bhi ki. (Jhooti liar)
Dev-Jhoot bol rahi hai maa.
Ishwari- Tu toh chup hi kar. Chal kaan pakad.
Dev-Arre maa maine kuch kiya hi nahi hai.
Sona – Dika..I mean bata doon KYA KYA kiya hai. Maa mere liye toh time hi nahi hai inke paas aur mujhe bahot bhook lagi toh mai halwa banane ke liye kitchen mein aa gayi lekin Dev ne mujhe bahot daanta..ooon….oon.. (fake tears)…aur aur pata hai mere liye khud halwa banana shuru kiya lekin halwe ke naam par cake banane lage…aur..aur ab bhoot ban kar khade hain.
Dev- Khargosh…
Ishwari- tu chup kar. Sona aa tere liye mai halwa banati hoon aur tu Dev punishment ke taur par tujhe halwa nahi milega.

Ishwari goes to prepare halwa.

Dev-Maa….pyari maa… mujhe rona aa raha hai.
Sona (low tone)- Mujhe inna rulane ke baad tum kaise ro sakte ho dear. Subah ka badla samajh lo!!!
Dev smirks-Ok then SEE you in the room.

PRECAP:- Answer of all the questions.

Oh God. Dev in 13th September’s episode….mind blowing. Inna loose shirt. Betartib baal. Loose coat. Ekdom bacche ki tarah ro raha tha.Sona mat jao. Mujhe Sona chahiye. Mujhe pata nahi tha koi bewda inna cute,innocent ho sakta hai!!! Waah Dev!!!



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    Ab … coming back to your ff. ..WHY DO YOU UPDATE 10 10 days ke baad ??????….. exam khatam hote hi… please thoda late lateef banna kam kar dena naa.. cause we literally wait for your ff..??????

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  15. This episode was as always amazing ?????????☺️?. Dev ki sahi band baaj rahi hai. How clever Sona is ???

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    coming to ur episode…. just super cute naughty romantic …….. just loved it…….
    whn sona said “Whole day same mood” haahahhahaa seriously dev u r soo naghty haa……..
    this feeling is soo good n calm,, sona became a mom,, n our cute meshy hairs became dad waoooooooo
    super duer episode keep it up
    N BDW bst of luck dear 4 ur test

    1. Esme

      Yaar sab mujhse yahi puch raha hai…kal test hai kya?? Actually mera test ho chuka hai wo status toh maine sabko hasane ke liye likha hai. Waise mai top 5 students mein hoon n teacher ne hum sabko congratulate bhi kiya.
      Waise agar abhi maine Dev ko apna paper likhne ko kaha hota toh wo answers ki jagah Sona…Sonakshi..Sona…Sonakshi hi likh kar aata aur inni acchi writing ka mujhe koi fayda hi nahi mil paata. Lol…

      Yaar pata hai one day I saw Dev in my college!!! But in my dreams. Hadh hai!!!

      I just wanna go and pull Dev’s cheeks n say GOOGLI WOOGLI WOO….This meshy is driving me crazy.

      1. Priya9876

        O god…. Sooo funny u r….
        Sahi khaha avi to bas dev- sona sona hi likh Kar aata…hahahaha
        N u know Mai khud aise kitne sare dreams dekh chuki Hu..?❤
        N esme plz mujhe v GOOGLI WOOGLI WOOSH karna hai….kitna majaa aayega….? chal na sath me chalte hai…

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    and about episode. It was awsm. devakshi are so naughty. Loved it. And eagerly waiting for ur next ff.
    and don’t worry i will not ask u.
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