Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang)ep 44

Okay..so guys..you maybe mad at this..but I feel like my ff is like not doing so well(in terms of ideas),so basically I would be changing the ideas and the theme quite frequently if I cant think of a continuation,so I won’t be giving precaps,and don’t worry,I won’t change that frequently…thanks if u understand!

Recap from episode 40:(exclude 41,42 and 43)
Devaakshi live happily ever after,but more problems are there for them.

The episode starts with abhi(dev and sona’s Son)running to nikki’s room.
Abhi:maami*with sucking salaiva into his mouth*
Nikki:*carries abhi*yes my hero?what can I do for you?
Abhi:maami,mumma and papa are not spending anytime with me,because papa goes to work and mumma,don’t even start,nutrition,nutrition,nutrition.
Nikki:Oi hello,don’t talk like an adult..bhabhi and bhaiya spend time with you,it’s just that when they do,you don’t realise it,and when they don’t,you get angry..it’s always the relationship between parents and children…
Abhi(with a pretty annoyed face):*sulk*nevermind maami,u won’t understand relationships..
Abhi runs from there.and Nikki sits down to cry,
Nikki:ya abhi,i don’t understand relationships,that’s why I always get cheated in a relationship..
Tanya(Neha and ranveer’s 8 year old kid):nikita maami,why are you crying?
Nikki:no Tanya,I’m not…
Tanya:actually,it’s pretty evident that you are crying,so better tell me or I’m telling sona bhabhi and Mom..
Nikki:Tanya,don’t tell anyone and especially your mom..
Tanya:if you don’t want that,tell me why you
are crying…
Nikki:you should give me sympathy I’m crying..not lecture me Tanya.
Tanya:well,people can cry on small issues
,so until you tell me why you are crying,I’m neither going to be sympathetic on u or neither scold you .
Nikki:abhi told me that I can’t handle
relationships,I just remembered my broken relationship with aditya…
Tanya:uffo maami,whatever that theen foot ek inch will say,you will believe?i mean he is a
small small kid and I’m sure he dosent even know how to spell the name relationship leaving alone maintaining one..maami,you are the coolest.i don’t want to see you cry okay?

Nikki:okay..thanks Tanya..
Tanya and Nikki hug..
*if you want to visualise the ff,pls imagine your own Tanya,because I don’t have anyone in mind unless you can help me!!❤️❤️*
Sona is working in the kitchen.
Sona:kitchu bhaiya take the oil please..
Radha comes there and takes the oil from kitchu signalling him to stay quiet..in the meanwhile Sona is facing the other side writing down ishwari’s lunch chart..Radha purposely pours the oil on the floor and leaves..
Ishwari:sona beta!!can you come up??
Sona:yes Ma coming now..
She walks without noticing the oil and is about to slip when dev catches her.the title song plays(female)sona gives a blunt smile..
Dev:agar tum girti Toa?
Sona:then you are there to catch me..
Dev:if I’m not there?
Sona:I know you will always be there for me..
Dev and sona have an eyelock?
Radha sees this behind the wall and gets irked..abhi comes and starts to pull her saree(abhi dosent like her).radha gets mad and pushes abhi away..abhi falls and gets hurt..
Abhi:ouch mumma..
She panics..
Sona:abhi,*looks at his elbow*dev!Ma!nikki!neha!riya!
Dev and ishwari:sona!!kya Hua??
Sona:Ma,dev,abhi got hurt…*panics*
Ishwari:oh beta,you panic when your child gets a small bruise..what will you do if your Son goes away from you?
Sona:I will die Ma….abhi is everything to me..
Dev:*bends down and helps sona up*
He makes her sit on the sofa.
Dev:sona,*putting his hand on hers*i will not let anything happen to you and abhi..as Long as I’m there..nothing will happen to you and abhi..
Radha:(in the mind):now,perfect plan…I need to kill abhi to get rid of sona..then only my choice can marry dev..
Radha rushes to her room and takes out a paper and pen..she lists down the procedure of how to get rid of sona..
1)take sona to sea,saying that it is an outing…
2)find out whether sona can swim..
3)if yes,change place to building terrace,if no stick to the plan…
4)kill sona and manipulate ishwari for dev’s second marrige with sania(her Long lost Daughter,details will be revealed later)
5)get sania married to dev and get 3.5 crore from sania as stated in the contract of the kopikar industries(sania’s dad’s company)
Dev comes up and sees Radha writing…
Dev:what are you writing maami?
Radha hesitates and says bhajans..
Dev gets fooled and walks off..Radha gets relieved..she hides the plan in a book..
Nikki comes there when Radha is not there and takes the book(because it is hers)..she opens it to find a paper..she gets shocked reading it…is it the same paper that Radha wrote or is it a different one?will radha’s plan of killing sona be successful?

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    Superb Nishi…. U always surprise me …. Nikki is not Abhi and Tanyas mami … She is Tanyas masi and Abhis Bua…. Cool episode….

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    hey nishi i missed ur ff a lot and this radha rani as usual irritating

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