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Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang)ep 43


Recap: sona returns home after 7 years.

Dev and sona are sitting on the bed,and sona is still tells sona to tell what happened,and sona starts.

It’s the morning during breakfast.
Nikki:bhabhi!!my pyare bhabhi!!my sweetheart my Favourite Sister!!!!my;
Sona:what do you want?no way,I’m not coming shopping with you.(laughs)
Riya and neha smirk and control their laughter. boring bhabhi!!!you have;
Sona:okay fine,emotional blackmail huh?
Nikki:you know me..
Sona:okay I will come..Nikki tu bhi na.
Riya and neha:not fair bhabhi!sometimes come with us also.. time okay my sweet sisters.
Nikki:okay,I will go to college now,I will meet you at the nearest shopping mall at 3 pm okay?
Sona:okay go otherwise your dev bhaiya will not allow us..
Nikki:but you can convince him right?
Sona:Nikki..go now..

At the mall @3 pm.
Sona is waiting for Nikki.
Sona:yeh ladki bhi na,she never reaches on time?
Just then sona’s phone rings.its Nikki.
Nikki:bhabhi bhabhi teacher told me to stay back because I failed my Hindi exam and I need to retake it,so..I can’t come shopping..or I can come at 5.or never go home..okay?
Sona:yeh ladki bhi na..
Sona is about to go home..she is walking to search for a cab..she gets a cab…but the driver seems suspicious..
Sona:bhaiya,MG road please,ishwari villa.
Once she reaches the ishwari villa,driver speeds across the villa.
Sona:bhaiya that was the area..pls stop the auto..
Driver drives..
Sona:hello?are you deaf..pls rukhiye.
Driver drives.sona tries to get off but it’s too fast for her..
Driver brings to a place..driver pulls her..
Sona:yeh kya badameezi hai?haath chodiye..

Precap:flashback-sona is brought to a den where small small kids are brought to..what can be the reason?why did they bring sona there?why did they even capture sona when she is not a child?

Sorry it’s so short..❤️Hope you all liked it❤️

Credit to: Nishi

  1. Vry nice

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  3. Amazing episode waiting for next

  4. Partho

    Nisi nice episode

  5. Partho


  6. Nice episode full of suspense…

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow nice Nishi 🙂

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