Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 9

The episode starts with dev waiting for sona to come out(the are going on a dinner date).sona comes out in a pink gown and blushes.dev is mezmorized at her beauty and stares at her.
Dev continues to stare at her.sona snaps her finger at him.dev comes to his senses.they both leave.they are talking happily to each other when anuksha comes there.(you can assume anuksha as aishwarya sakujha last seen in maina bhoolougi).
Anuksha’ mind:dev,tum sirf meri Ho.main bhi dekthihu,kab Tak tum sona Se chipakthi rahonge.

Dev and sona leave the place and are on the way home.just then sona’s mum calls.
Sona:ha Ma?
Sona’s mum:gudiya,hum 4 din keliye gurgaon jarehehe.tari dada ko job offer aye Che.
Sona: main akeli kya karungi Ma?
Sona’s mum:aur sun,chaavi him saath lechukehai to tum Andar nehe aa sakthehai..
Sona:Ma?to phir kaha..
Sona’s mum:dev ki ghar..

Sona is shocked and asks dev whether she cans stay.he says ofcourse and both leave to the ishwari household.radha Rani is coming down the steps wiping herself with her pallu.she sees sona and plans to insult her again.
Radha:Oi dactar(doctor),tu ek naukar hai to naukar ki thara rehna.mere dev ki saath chipakmath.teke,aur itni achi kapade que pehenehuiho?ja badal aur yaha Se nikal ja,apne bekar ki ghar Mae…
Sona starts to tear…dev sees it and gets very angry.he starts to shout;
Dev:(in a very angry tone)maami bas.aap itni cheap kese hosaktheho.mere sonakshi ki barame ek aur shabd me bolana..tume ghar Se nikal doonge.
Radha:teke beta..jo marzi karo.
Anuskha comes there ;
Anuskha:sona tumare phone raast;
Anuksha and dev look at eachother(shocked).
It goes into a flash back…
7 years ago:excel college.

Dev Is a smart and handsome boy and the most popular guy in school.anuksha is the most prettiest girl in school.dev and Anuksha are nominated for prom girl and prom boy on prom night.as a result,both fall in love.but dev backs off as he wants to focus on his career.
2 years after the flash back: dev gets a court notice that Anuksha has alleged a case against him and he has to pay her 3 lakhs to free himself.with much difficulty,he freed himself.anuksha and dev hate eachother and never talk to eachother now.
Back to the present:darmiyaan plays….
Sona:wait wait what’s going on in here?anu,tum dev ko Kaise;wait what?dev?what?can someone explain what is happening here.
Dev explains everything.sona gets upset by this and goes up.she changes and is reading a book when dev enters.
Sona:koi safai dene ke zarurat nehe hai thanks.
Dev:u don’t understand sona.i don’t love anuskha now.
Sona:how can I believe you?
Dev bends down b4 sona and looks into her eyes and says I love you.sona gets convinced and hugs dev.

Anuksha gets very jealous seeing this..
Mummering to herself:dammit..
Dev sits next to sona and talks to her for a while.
Dev:tum itni khoobsurat que ho(says while looking at her)
Sona:ami ache Che?
Dev:Maine fesliya kardiya that main Bengali seekdoonga.
Sona:aww..so chweet..you are my darling..I love you!!
Dev:I love you too sona.promise that you will never leave me.
Sona:kabhi nehe I promise.
Dev and sona hug.
(By the way ishwari,Nikki,riya,neha,vikky,mama Ji have all gone to a wedding.)
Next morning dev and sona are walking along the road when she sees an ice cream shop.
Sona:ice cream!!!dev pls lets eat na?
Dev smiles and tells her to buy.
Sona:which flavour??
Dev:white choco
Sona:okay abhi laathihu

Sona buys the ice cream and is waving the ice creams at dev in the middle of the road.dev smiles and tells her to come.a car comes at a high speed and hits sona.the ice creams fly from her hand and she falls on the floor.
Dev shouts:Shona!!!!
He runs to her and tries to wake her up.but no reply.
Precap:dev rushes sona to the hospital.doctor says her chances to live is very less.dev is heartbroken and shocked to hear that.radha and Anuksha hi five eachother.will sona survive?do you think dev will be able to live without sona?do you think Radha and Anuksha are together?

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  1. That ice cream and accident part it’s seems like from the movie Raja Rani. Sorry if I hurtshould you

    1. No I’m sorry it’s not from Raja Rani,or even if it is,I haven’t taken it from there.

      1. If possible write small recap of previous epi. Actually, nowadays I read all ffs as a result I forgot previous tracks. By the way sona stay at dev home and now dev learn Bengali for sona wow!!!!superb

  2. Too good yaar..these accidents always prove to b useful in TV serials..I’m more than happy bcz I love white chocolate n Dev chose white chocolate flavor for ice cream so I’m really happy..although I know its all your imagination but still I’m happy..all thanx 2 u Nishi.. I might b sounding crazy..but kya karoon KRPKAB ki fan noon soh bhi pagal wali

    1. *woh bhi pagal wali

  3. wow awesome episode….

  4. Too good

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