Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 8


The episode starts with sona in dev’s room.dev is changing and sona barges in talking about how she brought her Best Friend anuskha and she wants to introduce to him.
Sona:oh shit.sorry dev
Dev stays quiet looking at the window angrily.
Sona:dev?dev?!?hello?!?mudjse que baath nehe karreheho?
Dev:kal mere calls que nehe utayi?
Sona:me busy Thi.
As sona moves forward,a glass cup falls on her and the shards cut her.she yells in pain and falls to the ground.
Dev:sona?!!oh my god tum teek Ho?!?
He turns and looks at her injury.he brings the cotton and plaster and wraps it around her leg.he helps her get up and makes her sit on the bed.they both share an intimate eye lock while sitting when anuksha comes.
Anuksha:sona,mr dev dixit Se…;
She starts to get jealous at what she sees.

dev is touching sona(face only).she turns and tries to understand why she is getting jealous.
Once she reaches the Bose household,she takes advice from elena
Elena:Kee holo?tum teek Ho Che?(what happened are u okay?)
Anuksha:Elena,I’m getting jealous that dev is sona’s Boyfriend.
Elena:that will happen only..chaar Saal pehele jab tum aur dev ek dusre..
Anuskha:tume abhi bhi yaad hai?
Elena:ya ofc..
Anuksha:wo pyaar abhi nehe Gaya..
Elena:dekho anuskha ..tum dev Se pyaar karthiti.lekin dev yeh pyar vyar me pasne main..he is not that type of guy..
Anuksha:abhi main dev ko cheenkar hi jaongi..
Elena:dhimak kharab hai?tume shuddi lagthahai that dev tere saath khush Rehe payega..?
Anuksha:ya agar main unko pyar doonge then..
Elena:don’t be so stupid anuskha,he is alr engaged to sona and going to get married..he won’t fall for you.stop it right now.
Dixit household
Radha Rani: Oi doctor nee,yeh khaana ko safai karo.
Sona:par Aunty Ji…

Radha Rani:arae,koi Badi kaam karne ko nehe kaha.blo*dy bengalan kaika(
again no harsh feelings against Bengali people).
Dev :maami stop it!Aap sonakshi Se aise kese baath karsakthiho?
Sona:dev its okay.
Radha:pehele mere Jiji ko Pasadiya..phir dev ko..hmm..hum kya Kare..hum to gareeb ki Beti hain.
Nikki and riya roll eyes at her.

Precap:Elena plans a dinner date for sona and dev.anuskha tries to make the plan a fail but/and…

Credit to: Nishi

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  1. Nice eposode.. But is Elena a +ve character or a -ve one?

    1. Positive

  2. Hey nishi nice episode an yes do read my comment in episode 7

    1. Which comment di?

      1. The opp PLMGS one , yes I really stay there and loving ur ff a lot

  3. Nice ff nishi u r a great writer I wonderhow u write at 7! Nice episode

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