Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 7


Sona and dev are happily getting engaged and exchanging rings.BOOM!an explosion is heard.everyone tries to escape.dev is out but he realises sona is not.
Dev:sona?!?sona!!??he shouts.
Nikki:Kya Hua bhaiya?bhabhi ko kya Hua?
Dev:sona Andar hai!!!pls Nikki kuch karo pls pls pls..pls Nikki.
Nikki:oh no.okay mainabhi fire department ko phone karthihu.
Fire department arrives and rescues sona.sona comes out burnt and unconscious.
Dev:sona?!?sona aakhen kholo!sona??!?!shona?!?!jaan aaken kholo..
Riya:bhaiya apne aap ko samaliye
Dev and his whole family rush sona to the hospital.just then dev gets a business call from his client Ms Sharma.
Ms Sharma: mr dixit aap abhi mudjse mil sakthe..do theen files go through karna hai.
Dev:look,I’m not interested in this right now and please don’t call me because this is my personal time and I have something else to be concerned about so pls understand.
Dev cuts the call and is waiting for the doctor.
Doctor:mr dixit,ms Bose is compeletely fine she just needs some rest.
Dev nods his head and goes to visit sona.
Radha mummers:hai hai.iss dactar(doctor)itni jaldi teek hogaya.uske upar me nande Se dev ko Pasadiya.befakoof bengalan(no harsh feelings on Bengali people).
Neha:maami,aap bhabhi ke khilaf kese hosaktheho?
Radha: hai ram!uss bengalan ke khilaf?nehe baba nehe!!!hai hai!!anaab shanab bolke…hai hai!!
Neha:teke never mind maami.
Dev is talking to sona.

Dev:sona!?!sona ?!?!(barges in)
Sona:dev,I’m okay..
Dev:where are you okay?itna bada chot..ab tum teek Ho kahonge na to main ..main tume bohot daatongi.
Sona gives a blunt smile and says: dev dev dev…I’m completely okay!!!
Dev and sona hug.(the serial title song plays)
Sona comes home.she sees no one is at dev’s house but there is a letter.it reads.
Welcome back sona !!!!get well soon!!!we love you!!!
From:Aunty ji,Nikki,riya,neha and dev.
Sona smiles.some unknown identity makes an entry.her silver slippers are shown.next her silver dangling earrings are shown.next her pink lips are shown followed by her curly Long hair. Her yellow and red salwar is shown.sona screams in happiness.it is her Best Friend anuskha.sona and anuksha hug.
Anuksha: how are You sona my jaa;are kee holo(what happened in Bengali)??chot kese lagi.
Sona explains the whole accident.anuskha and Sona talk for a Long time and they go to sona’s maternal house.
Sona’s mum: sona!!!!kya Hua???arae anuksha?
Anuskha:hi Aunty!
At sona’s room.anuskha and sona are talking about relationships.
Anuskha sees dev’s magazine.
Anuskha:wow sona!kitni hot hai!!mr dev dixit aur main!!!wow !!!what a pair.
Sona gets very jealous.elena pops in and says to anuskha that dev is sona’s fiancè.anuksha apologises and they talk about other things .

Precap:anuksha comes to dev’s house to see dev and sona romancing.she doesn’t know why she gets jealous.has anuskha fallen in love with dev despite knowing that he is engaged to sona?will sona and dev continue in a relationship?will anuksha break devaakshi?

Credit to: Nishi

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  1. Nice , i.f. lovely nishi.

  2. Thank you❤️

  3. Nice but plz don’t separate devakshi for long

  4. wow nishi…. ur ff is awesome…. just started reading it today….
    plz update next part soon…n try for longer updates….

  5. Awwwww..Dev cares so much for Sona.. No power in d world can separate Devakshi.. So who d hell is dis anushka..n ya dear next time plzz make d episode bit long

  6. Thank you so much for your love and support guys.by the way b4 anyone asks me I’m 7.
    1.reply to tani-yes sure even I wouldn’t devaakshi to stay separated for a Long time lol.

    2.nita-yes I will try but because I cannot track how much I have written so I really don’t know how Long I have written.but k will try writing Long.

    3.aarti-anuskha is sona’s childhood Friend who falls for dev despite knowing the fact that sona is engaged to him and going to get married to him soon.but don’t worry,anuksha would be playing a very short and positive role.she would bring devaakshi closer with the help of elena

  7. Loved ur ff nishi only 7 wow. Btw where r u from 🙂

    1. I was born in Bengal but I moved to Singapore

      1. No haha I’m not nidhi..I’m born in kolkata..I just moved to Singapore about 3-4 years ago

    2. Hey that means r u nidhi ? Well r u born in Kolkata or bangladesh? Btw I also live in Singapore 🙂 and Wah your ff very good

  8. What nonsense is this?you are a horrible writer Nishi.if u can’t write ,just leave it to the others to write fan fictions or even just read and watch the original one.your story is complete bullshit.what Anuksha,mishti and shit?mata kharab kardiya mere

    1. Areh Ajay why scolding her she is a fan that’s why she is writing ff and despite being so young she is doing a good job don’t scold her.
      N wow so many Singaporean KRPAKB fans wow which school do u study at? I study at NYP

      1. Are u asking me di?i study at Paya Lebar Methodist girls school

      2. OMG I stay Opp paya lebar girls school 🙂

      3. Oh wow really di?

  9. Nishi stop writing pls!ami mata kharab rakliya.your story is nothing more than a piece of shit so I Guess it would be better if you stopped writing and spooling the track of such a nice serial.i request you just to read others ff and watch the original one.

    1. If you don’t like my ff,then don’t read it.rather than insulting me like this,you rather speak to me nicely.oh pls!main khud chunsakthihu whether I want to do write an ff or not.i have my own mind and you are not my dad or mom or Brother to tell me what I’m supposed to do so pls.

      1. Tum Bado Se baath karne tameez nehe hai?badameez kaika

      2. Ajay tum usae que daatreheho?wo tho bacchi hai.nishi beta,tum bohot ache likthihu.itni si choti Umar main itna ache likreho.i think I should recommend you for writing scripts for th shows and movies once you are of a suitable age.you are so good beta.god bless you.

      3. Ma’am, thank you so much for thinking of reccomending me but I am just doing this for fun.KRPKAB is just a part of my entertainment.and ma’am thanks but I alr have a job and a lot of responsibilities.

    2. If she was a bad writer as u think, then why r u reading her ffs. Why r u wasting ur time ajay?? And if u think that u r a good writer than nishi and start writing ffs. Don’t down her moral

  10. And nishi u r good writer.go ahead

    1. Thanks so much for your support di

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