Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 42


Recap:(will be changed because I thought that I was dragging the Father-Son meeting too much.)
New start:
7 years leap.
A lot of pictures,nicely hung are shown. It has sona’s pic,dev’s pic,nikki’s pic,neha’ pic,Riya’s pic,dev and sona’s pic,Neha and Neil’s pic(they are married now),riya and nikhil’s pic(they are engaged).
Dev is looking at it and is starting to tear.
Dev:sona,when will you come back?its been 7
years and you..you never have come back..I hope you are okay…I wish I knew where you were…
Nikki:bhaiya,aap..aap don’t focus on the
past..bhabhi..if bhabhi is safe…she will return..if not..
Dev:Nikki,you don’t understand..I love sona very very much…and if I don’t see her for a second..it feels like I’m dying..
Nikki:bhaiya don’t say that!i know how it feels…
Dev cries..
Ishwari:beta…sona will come back..she is safe only..with god’s protection..nothing to happen
to your/our sona..

Bose household:
A small 4 year old:mumma,who is this?is it Maashi?
Elena:ya beta..it’s your sona Maashi

Yes,Elena is married and has a 4 year old kid..
Elena:sona,I wonder when you will come home..we all miss you yaar…
Saurabh: Elena,don’t worry sona will be back..I don’t know what those people are doing with her…
Asha: kuch nehe hoga maari shona ko..ekdum chup.
She breaks down and Elena and saurabh console her.

An unknown place
Voice:so,Mrs Sonakshi dixit or maybe oh..mrs Sonakshi khanna..Wife of aryan khanna…right?
Sona,who is weak and dirty:no,never,dev is there to save me..
Aryan:you have been saying that for the past 7 years sona..just admit it that you are marring me..
Sona:no..never..she falls unconscious.
Aryan smirks..
Just then….Nikki comes with a boy..yes..the Boy is Aryan khanna’ brother,ayush khanna.he is dating Nikki,and Nikki is going to meet aryan,to discuss about the future of their relationship.. And just then she sees sona..
She is so shocked…
Nikki:bhabhi?ayush..you are part of my Sister in law’s kidnapping?
Aryan:chote,who is she?
Nikki:whoever I am now,you don’t need to care,because I’m breaking this relationship with your Brother,because he has given pain to my family for 7 years..that’s it..
She unties sona and is about to leave..
Ayush:bhaiya,I don’t want to do the wrong deed,so I won’t live with you anymore….bye bhaiya..
Nikki leaves with sona who is lying on nikki’s shoulder.
Nikki reaches the dixit household..(it’s a Saturday)
Nikki:bhaiya,maa,riya,neha sab log aaja!!!
Ishwari:kya Hua qu;sona!?
She rushes down
Riya and neha comes down and are shocked..
Dev comes down and sees sona and is very very very shocked..
He rushes down..
Dev(cups her face):sona,open your eyes,open your eyes sona..sona..
Ishwari:I will call the doctor..
Doctor comes and:mr dixit,Sonakshi will be fine..she just needs these medicines and rest…
Doctor goes and dev sits by sona alone..
Sona starts to mummer: I won’t marry u Aryan,I will never marry you..
Dev:sona,sona its okay its me dev..your dev…
Sona:dev..?im fine..
Dev:ha ha..you are fine..tell me what happened..

Credit to: Nishi

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    very good Nishi. Keep it up

    1. Thank you angell di,saan,ammu,bhoomi and asmita di!!!im very Glad you liked it!!!mamta di,actually i kinda forgot that devaakshi has a child,but okay thank you for reminding me!!

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    Nisi lovely episode

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