Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 41

Hi guys I missed writing and all of you so much that I wanted to continue writing by getting good wifi!but I won’t be updating very frequently!!

The episode starts at the rajiv house
Ankush(look a like of dev):dad.
Rajiv:come beta.
Ankush:dad,I have planned everything.look,Mom will distract everyone in the ishwari villa by saying that she is
advertising something while I come and kidnap dev.then I will send dev through a van to this house and I will stay there.i will get into his
clothes.like that,I will impress my sona,and get
that dev in your life.
Rajiv:perfect plan beta beta perfect plan…
Ankush:okay let’s proceed.

Nirmala dresses up as a beauty parlour advertiser and goes to the dixit house.
Nikki,riya,neha:wow!!!beautiful parlour wo bhi free of cost!!chalo chalo chalo!!bye Mom!!
Ishwari:yeh bache bhi na..
Ankush goes in by the back door and kidnaps dev.
Dev:what the hell?who are;
Ankush:your bad wisher..now shut up and come with me..
Ankush:I told you to shut up..lets go..
Ankush dumps him in the van from the window and then sona comes there.
Sona:ya dev,did you call?
Sona:and yeh Kya pehenreheo?tshirt and jeans?
Ankush:wo actually,ummm..I was trying out like something I found when I was in college.
Sona:okay…teke..I need to go to the
hospital..doctor Sinha has called me to collect one of the reports.
Ankush:hospital?youre a doctor?
Sona:dev?kya Hua tume?are you okay?
I’m a nutrionist!
Sona:tumi ek dum impossible Ho.
Ankush:that means I’m impossible?
Sona:dev,you are acting really weird.you know the meaning very well!oh Gosh dev.
Nirmala who is very confused brings Nikki,riya and neha to the Rajiv mansion.


Nikki:shit bhaiya?what..what are you doing

Nikki untied his ropes.
Dev narrates the whole thing.
Nikki,riya,dev,neha escape.rajiv is angered by this.
When dev comes back home sona is with ankush.
Sona:dev?to phir yeh kaun hai?
Ankush:I’m the original dev.
Dev:no sona I am.
Sona:okay wait wait wait wait.i will ask questions about me and the person who gives the right answer will be the real one.
Sona:when is my birthday.
Dev:3 rd September
Ankush:4 th October.
Sona:the other dev is right,3 rd September.so he is my original Husband.okay?get out imposter.
Ankush:have you ever understood my love sona?
Sona:it’s doctor Bose for you.
Ankush:I will be back.dad will be back.
Sona understands that his dad is Rajiv and ankush is dev’s twin Brother.

Precap:Rajiv meets dev and emotional time

Credit to: Nishi


  1. Bhoomi

    Yehh.. My princess Nish… Welcome back dear.. missed u soooooo muchhh…. Superb episode…… ??

  2. Asmita...

    nice Nishi….. you can do anything in FF :-)…….its beyond our imagination dear…….

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