Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 40


Rajiv enters dev’s office.
Rajiv:interesting dev.very,interesting.
Peon:sir,how can I help you sir?
Rajiv:I want to meet dev.
Peon:okay sir,I will call his secretary.
Rajiv:although I know meeting his secretary would be equally beautiful,i want dev.
Peon:no one can meet dev sir like that.
Rajiv: I can.
Peon:aap prime minister ki bete nehe Ho,that you have the power to meet anyone.tina ma”m!
Tina:kya Hua Ramesh?
Peon:Tina ma”am,he is here to meet dev sir
Tina:hello sir,what work do you have from him?
Rajiv:hello my lovely lady,I would like to meet dev dixit.he is my Son.
Tina:but sir,dev sir dosent have a Father.i know that about my boss.
Rajiv:you are not his Wife to know everything about dev.
Sona from behind:but I’m his Wife and I know everything about dev.and as Long as I know dev dosent have a Father.
Rajiv:Sonakshi beta tum?
(Rajiv can be assumed as pankaj dheer)
Sona:nahi main aapka Beti Hu aur nahi dev ka koi baap hai.
Rajiv:I know better.
Sona:oh really?i know dev for the past 14 years.how Long do you know him?you left him when he was born right?
Rajiv:but I’m his Father according to law so no one can deny that fact.
Sona:rishta kaanun Se nehe,dil Se banta hai.aur aap dil ke barame kuch nehe jaante mr Rajiv.kuch nehe.to mudje lecture dene keliye koi zarurat nehe hai.
Rajiv:badi badameez ladki Ho tum.
Sona:badameezi aur main?uss word mat Bolo.there is lot of badameezi in you than the power of the word.
Rajiv:I wil deal with you later.
Rajiv walks out insulted.
Tina:Sonakshi,why did you do that?
Sona:Tina,you go back to work.its okay.
She smiles.
Tina goes inside dev’s Cabin.
Tina:sir,you have a meeting with agarwal’ dalnia’s between 3 to 4.you have a lunch appoinment with your Wife at 2 sir.and it’s already 1.45.would you like to go sir?
Dev:oh no,I forgot..okay let me leave now.
Tina(laugh):yes sir.
Dev leaves and reaches at 2.15
Sona is sleeping on the table while waiting for him.Dev smiles and dosent want to wake her up.sona jerks and wakes up
Sona:dev?come sit.
Dev:so have you ordered?
Sona gets a call.
Dev gets worried and puts his hand on top of hers.
Sona:okay baba..ya I’m coming..
Dev:kya Hua sona?all ok?
Dev:Elena ko kya Hua?
Sona:Elena has been kidnapped dev.
Dev:kya?okay okay let’s go now.
They leave for the Bose household.
Bose household:
Sona and dev enter.
Ma:shona*cry cry*
Sona:kidnapper kitne paise maangrahahai?
Baba:3 lakh.humari puckhi to humari haath Se nikal gayi.
Sona:aise bola na baba..I won’t Talk to you.
Dev:I will give the money.
Sona:Dev how can I take the money from you?
Dev:we are all one family,and Elena is my Sister in law.i will give the kidnapper the money,bring back Elena safely and deal with the kidnapper.
Sona:please don’t fight dev..you have just recovered..
Dev:okay I won’t.i promise I will bring back Elena safely.
At a restaurant.
Neil and neha are sitting.
Neil:so neha,what’s my reply to yesterday..
Neha:I love you too Neil.
Neil:really?wow!i mean;okay shaadi?
Neha(laugh):pehele dono families humare rishta ke barame patha chadne ko do.
Neil:right.okay I don’t have a family,and You talk to your family okay?
Neha looks at her phone
Neha: 95 missed calls?from Ma Nikki and riya?neil I have to go.
Neil:I will drop you.
Neha:let’s go.

Dev gives 3 lakhs to the kidnapper and removes the ropes from Elena.
Elena:Jiju mere baath;
Dev: Maine kaha chup.lets go home.
Everyone in the Bose household is relived after hugging Elena.
Sona:thank you my hero.
Dev:anything for my princess and her family.

Rajiv’s house.
Lady’s voice:so Rajiv have Yiu decided how to woo dev?
Rajiv:no,I will think nirmala.stop pressuring me.
Nirmala is his new Wife.
Nirmala:fine.im going to call Radha and plan something with her to woo dev.
Rajiv:koi zarurat nehe hai
Some boy comes into rajiv’s house.
Rajiv turns and :come beta.
The boy is a look a like of dev!
Rajiv:ankush,have you decided how to capture dev?
Ankush:yes dad.
Rajiv:good boy.
Rajiv,Nirmala and ankush smirk

This is the last episode for this month. I will resume on 20 th June!i will miss writing and all of You.?Bye!
Precap:can’t tell you now,wait till july?It’s a suspense?!!oooooo.!!!!

Credit to: Nishi

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