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Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 4


The episode starts with ishwari thinking about sona’s marriage with dev .she is lost in thoughts when Riya and nikki come.
Nikki and riya: Ma?ma?ma?
Ishwari:ha beta?kya hua?
Nikki and Riya are confused and look at each other.
Nikki:kya sochreheho?
Ishwari: wo,umm…wo..wo..
Riya:come on ma aagaey…wo?
Ishwari:sona aur dev ku shading Ji bareme soch rhethi
Nikki and Riya laugh and leave the room.
Sona and dev are looking at the stars lying down on a mat in the night in a nearby garden.
Sona is staring into the sky looks at her and smiles
Sona:dev,main to taare dekhar smile karreheho tum kya dekar smile..?
The serial’s title song plays

The Bose household
Sona ‘s mom:elena,sourav,bijoy,ma sab aaja khaana thayar hai.
Elena:maashi sona kaha hai?
Sona ‘s mom:wo dev ki saath dinner khari hoge
Elena and sourav:ooooo,didi aur jiju ki romance shuru hogayi
Sona ‘s Mom and dad:chup kar.aur elena tu,kabhi samajdari ke Baath karo na?
Elena:waise naisho aur maashi,Sona ka shaadi kab hai?dev babu ke saath?she laughs
Sona ‘s parents:kya?itni jaldi?na gudiya na.shaid ek saal baath
Sona enters in after hearing this and directly goes to call dev .
Next day at dev’s house,sona comes in looking at her phone and bumps into vicky.vicky does a smart glance and struts along the corridor .
Sona mummers to herself :yeh kabhi nehe suderega
Dev comes running to sona and grabs her hand and takes her inside.they both have a convo over their marrige.
Sona:dev,agar..agar tum ma ko samjade to wo maanjayegi
Dev:saasu Ma ko manana itna muskil hai
Sona:nehe mere jaan.agar tum usae promise karoge that tum mudje kabhi akela mehsoos karne nehe doonge to wo bas.agle maine humare shaadi hoge pakka
Mishti and vicky overhear this and is definitely not pleased.
Mishti:dekh tu sona par focus karo majn dev par.agle maine unke shaadi zaroor hoga,lekin ek doosre Se nehe.mudjse or tumse .
Vicky smirks

Nikki and riya overhear their conversation and are shocked.
Nikki and riya:mishti di aur vicky bhaiya,nenenene.ab unki rokna hoga

Precap:nikki and riya try their best to convince Ishwari and the whole family,including sona,but in the end only sona and dev try to understand them.nikki,riya,sona and dev are driving to watch a movie (can assume it is as kapoor and sons).at the theatre,dev goes to the washroom and some goons are troubling sona.nikki and riya have gone to the washroom the time dev,riya and Nikki come back…..

Credit to: Nishi

  1. This mishti..I tell can some1 wid such a cute name b so bad n evil.. Anyways, d episode was superb. Dis type of Ishwari is a must in d show too. I mean she wants Devakshi 2 get married asap..wwwwwwwoooooowwwwww

  2. I can’t even imagine dev and sonakshi romancing…. Waaaohh ! How beautiful it vll be when this all segments will happen in reality… Gr8 jon nishi…. Such a positive plot… Liked it !

  3. Reading part 3 and 4 and is awesome

  4. Nice and innovative

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