Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 39


The episode starts with dev coming home with sona.
Dev:acha sona,mudjko naashta bana,I will get ready and I need to go office.
Sona:ek tapad dedoongi na,to sab office woffice ka soch jayega.hamesha office peeche paagal hai.khaana khaa Kar soja teke?
Sona:tum mudjse ladna chateho?
Dev:no no no.okay I will shower.
Sona:good boy
Neha is walking on the road:
Neha is looking at her phone while she bumps into someone.
Neha:Oi,dekkhi nehe chal sakthe kya?
The boy is none other than neil.
Neil:sorry yaar.
Neha:Neil?sona ki fake Boyfriend?
Neil:ya sehi pechana..
Neha:how are you(laugh)
Neil:good..how is sona?is she married to;
Neha:dev bhai.
Neil:oh I see..great!!ehat about you?
Neha:nothing much.
Neil:your Husband ranveer..what about him?
Neha:Neil…ranveer and I divorced.
Neil:oh.im so sorry.
Neha:no no…tumari koi galti nehe hai…
Neil and neha hug(just for sympathy)
Neha:okay so let’s exchange numbers and keep in touch?
Neil:ya why not?
Neil gives a number.neha gives a number.
Neil:okay..see you then..
Neha:okay…see you.

Neha comes home.
Sona:neha,what did you see outside that you are smiling so nicely?
neha:bhabhi..I met your fake boyfriend(she laughs)
Sona:you met Neil and?(get excited in the convo)
Neha:kuch nehe,just talked.
Sona:kuch Hua?
Neha:real life main kuch kuch nehe Hota hai.
Neha:aur aap kab aise pyaar ke peeche paagal Ho?
Sona:I’m not,it’s just that being with Nikki made me like be those love types.
Nikki:see neha di,I can influence people so easily.who is that guy?huh?kaun hai wo that tumari dil ko churaliya.
Neha avoids the conversation shyly and runs to her room.she starts thinking about Neil and wonders whether this is really love.she steps back because she does not want to love him because ranveer cheated her.
Neil calls her and neha picks up
Neil:I love you very very very much.
Neil:I know this may Sen awkward but really i love you very much.ever since I saw you,your face cannot go away from my mind,your words keep on echoing in my ears and your smile always reflects on mine.i really love you neha.do you?
Neha:I need to think about this bye ;
Neil:okay neha
End of convo.
Someone before the dixit household door comes.branded shoes,branded clothes and neatly combed hair.ishwari opens the door and is shocked to see the person.yes,it is none other than Rajiv dixit,ishwari’s Husband,whom had gone missing in a debris many years ago.
Ishwari:aap?aap yaha..
Rajiv:dekho ishwari..
Ishwari:Andar mat ao.yeh tumara ghar nehe hai.
Rajiv:ishwari mere baath to sunlo.
Ishwari:Saari baath Das saal pehele sunli.
Overhearing this conversation,Sonakshi understands that this is her ex Husband.
Sona:Ma!!aaja khaana tayaar hai.
Rajiv:who are you and what are you doing here?
Ishwari:she is my Daughter in law.
Rajiv:kya?dev ke Wife?wow itni sundar..god bless you beta..
Ishwari:sona beta,Andar Jao..
Rajiv:okay ishwari..now I won’t forget you..I will convince dev.
Ishwari:agar dev ko kuch kaha..
Rajiv:kya karoge?huh?weak lady.
Rajiv leaves and ishwari starts to cry.
Sona runs to her and
Sona:maa!!maa!!lo panee peelo.
Ishwari:mere kal..mere saamne..dev ko math batana.
Sona:nehe baataongi..pehele utiye or aaram kariye..I will feed you…
Ishwari touches sona’s head:God bless you beta.

Precap:Rajiv calls dev..neha wants to accept Neil’s proposal..sona tries to stop Rajiv from reaching dev but….

Credit to: Nishi

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      2. 20 th June 2016

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