Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 38


Precap: ranjit,aditya and dev are fighting.a shut is heard,and a grey coat full of blood and a blue shirt full of blood is shown.blood dripping from the head is also shown.
The dixit household:
Elena:hello?jiju?where are you?
Ranjit:tumari pyaara sa jiju,ab Khoon se bara Hua hai,apne sona didi ko bulaogi?im not rushing him to the hospital,so you better come quickly Elena.ss..and don’t even think of calling police,because I can kidnap you u know?
Elena:dev Jiju iS WHAT?okay I’m coming now.
Ranjit:okay babes.see ya.
Elena:don’t you dare you kameena.paer thodungi the next time you call me babes.
Sona is coming down the steps.
Sona:ellu,you are going somewhere?
Elena stays quiet.
Sona Walks closer:kya Hua?
Sona(laugh):kya Hua Elena?
Elena:dev jiju has been hit by ranjit,and he is is unconscious and full of blood now.
Sona:WHAT?!thats it ranjit,you are going to die today.
Sona and Elena rush to ranjit’ house with Nikki and riya.sona sees dev there in a pool of blood.
Sona:dev!!*runs towards him*
Sona places Dev on her lap and:dev,*cups his face*dev,pls aaken kholo!!dev,dev,pls aaken kholo,nothing will happen to you dev..
Dev holds onto sona’s hand.
Sona:ya I’m here,don’t worry nothing will happen to you dev.elena,Elena,call the police and ambulance now.
Police come and arrest ranjit.ambulance comes and picks up dev into a stroller.
Ranjit:I will sue you for this Elena Bose.
Elena:sue me as much as you want in jail.you know how many years of jail warrant are you given ranjit?umm..I think for murder..it’s about 20 years?no..lifetime.got that?so now go rot in hell.sona lets go.
Sona:ya*in tears*dev keep your eyes open dev.have hope dev.
Nikki:bhaiya..pls pls wake up bhaiya..
In hospital
Sona:don’t worry dev,just a few more minutes you will be okay.dont worry.
Sona and dev’s hand separate as he goes inside the operation theatre.
Sona:*cry cry cry*
Ishwari comes there:sona pls control,I know it’s difficult.
Sona:ma*cry cry cry*(she hugs ishwari)
Ishwari:bas beta..shh..bas bas..(cups her whole face and makes her lean on her shoulder)himat rakh.
Doctor comes out.
Sona:Doctor Sinha..doctor how is dev?d..dev..he Is okay right?doctor Sinha how is dev?
Nikki:pls control bhabhi.
Sona:no Nikki,I’m asking the doctor how is dev,I don’t know why he staying quiet..how is dev doctor Sinha?
Doctor:don’t worry sonakshi,dev is fine,he will be shifted to the normal ward now.
Sona:ca..can I meet him?
Doctor:he is still unconscious.but you can sit next to him.
Sona:okay Doctor.Ma,Nikki,riya,come with me to see dev.
Ishwari:no beta..pehele tum dekho.
Sona goes in.She sees dev lying down head bandaged and sits beside him.
Sona:I wish I was with you dev.i would have killed that ranjit there and then.
Sona waits for dev to wake up.she sits on the black couch and falls asleep.
Dev wakes up and sees sona there.he gives a blunt smile and goes to wake her up.dev tries to get up but it is too painful for him.sona wakes up and runs to dev to help him.she falls on him,losing control.
Dev:you were here throughout the night.
Sona:how could I not?
Dev smiles and puts his hand through her hand.they are still in the same position(sonakshi’s face 2 inches away from dev’s)
Nikki from behind:*clears her throat*hai hai,bhabhi, dev has not yet recovered and You want to romance already?
Sona shyly moves away while dev holds her.
Dev:Nikki,loved ones should be with you when you are recovering.its good luck.
Nikki:rehene dijiye bhaiya,sona bhabhi KE paas rehene aap 100 reasons doondo..
Riya:kya arae..bhaiya,you a re not those who believe in all those what will cause good luck things right?
Dev:ya ya right.
Ishwari:kese Ho beta?
Dev:teek Hu Ma.
Sona:kya teek?abhi ut Bhi nehe sakta aur keheta hai that Woh teek hai Ma.
Over the next few days sona feeds dev,daal chawal.
Dev:sona,don’t awaken the nutrionist in front of you.
Sona:I’m not..I’m someone’s Wife and wifeves always makes daal chaawal for Their Husbands if they misbehave.
Dev:acha now I have become someone’s Husband..and misbehave?when did i;
Sona:yes you heard me right.who told you to be such a hero and go fight for my sister’s ex fiancè?i wanted to be the hero!
Elena comes in:but you didn’t,because dev jiju is already there to save me.
Sona:acha teke.
They all laugh.

Precap:sona brings dev home and takes care of him…?Neha falls in love with another boy and he is neil(sona’s fake Boyfriend).ishwari is shocked to see her Long lost Husband,rajiv dixit to come back.

Credit to: Nishi

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  1. So sad I feel so bad fr devakshi especially Dev
    OMG Neil n neha is a pair 😛

    1. Haha yea!!what do you think about their pair?

  2. Haha neil and neha ? .. good .. sad for devakshi ??

    1. Thanks bhoomi for guiding me…u can see the result…

      1. Tanya di I don’t watch other serials so I don’t know whether that’s the co star of anything but is that you?’

      2. Oh no hahaha I just recognised it is it erica Fernandes????

    2. Bhoomi di,profile pic set karne Keliye kuch blog set karna padega..zaroori hai kya?

  3. And guys,my precap is spread over a few episodes and,those few episodes will be my last few episode before I leave and I will come with a very nice plot after coming back!!will miss u all!!!!?Love all of you so much???

    1. Yes ….she’s Erica aka sonakshi of Mr.Dixit..


      1. Of mr dixit!??I like!!!

  4. Omg its dev so saddddd….neil is good for neha

  5. Haha I know rite disha and bhoomi di!!!??

  6. Actually neha wants a lavish life so let her b wid dat more nkey neil..

    1. *monkey neil

      1. Yup.she isn’t going to get back with ranvir..but there is going to be a love triangle btw Neil..neha and someone which I can’t reveal now!?Enjoy!!!

      2. Hmm usko bi jeenedo

  7. Nice episode Nishi

  8. Wow nishi… Great episode… Sorry I couldn’t comment as I am busy with my exams.. Read 4 episodes in one go… I must say the story is going well
    Now Neil n Neha lol! Waiting eagerly for the next episode

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