Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 37


The episode starts with sona and nishanth getting shocked to see eachother.
Ishwari:*whispers*daro mat beta.as Long as I am here,I won’t even let nishanth talk to you.and dev will be coming soon.you relax.
Sona:Ji..ji m..Ma.
Nishanth:so Sonakshi,are you;
Ishwari:beta,what do you do?
Nishanth:Aunty,I’m a business man.just like papa.so sona,you are the Daughter of this house eh?
Ishwari:she is my Daughter in law,and she is married to dev,my Son who loves her a lot.
Nishant:oh shucks..sss..I thought thoda thoda line maru.
Deepti:nishant,agar tume ek tappad khaana chateho mudjse,tum zaroor line maarsaktheho.
Nishant:oh come on deepti,get used to it.i will defitinely have affairs with other girls after marrige,and..ouch..does that hurt you?oops..I didn’t know.well,too bad..you have put the ring on the wrong man.and sona is my past,why not try it with her.
Deepti:Chi!apne ghatiya soch aur ghatiya attitude khud ki paas rakna you sucker.tujhe kya laga?that main roounge iski baath that tumne mudje choddiya?agar main chaoo,I can file a case against you mr nishanth agnothri.tere kya?mere peeche ek ladke ke line hai jo mudje shaadi karna chatahai.apne shakal aaj ke baath mat Dikana warna tum Nehe jaanti that deepti kapoor kya karsakthihai.
Nishant’s father(mr agnothri):Chi nishant,iss Harkat ke liye,hum tume kabhi maaf nehe karenge.khud ke paise thodi Kamao aur phir ek khud ki ghar banao.aaj Tak,tum mere paisa ki under reheraheho na?ab main tuje dikata Hu,baap ki paise aur menat ki wagaer jeena Kaisa lagta hai.
Nishant:wow dad,dhamki?
Dev:just shut up,after hearing so much,you should be ashamed of what you said to my Wife.just get out of my house now.mr agnothri,I’m sorry but I decline the partnership with you.
Mr agnothri:I understand mr dixit.chalo madhu,chalo deepti beta,aur tu nishant…is ghar Se nikal ke khud ki naam bano,until then,na mr dixit ko ya mujko apni shakal math dikaana.
Nishant:fine dad.give me 2 years.in 2 years,I can prove to you that nishant agnothri Is not weak.bye Dad.bye.
Madhu:sorry ishwari Ji.sorry Sonakshi beta.sorry mr dixit.
Ishwari:it’s okay ma’m
Dev:it’s okay Mrs agnothri.
Sona:it’s okay Aunty Ji.
Nishant looks back and smirks at sona and looks back Infront:*mummering*i will be back Sonakshi .you are mine,and not dev’s.just mine.
Sona:dev,I’m scared.he will come back for me again.i know him very well.
Dev:don’t worry Jaan,I will deal with him if he comes back.just give me a text when you are alone and if he troubles u.im always on my phone at work as you know.if I’m very busy,I wil also come my self.
Sona:oh dev!i love you.
Dev:I don’t love you but.
Sona:you love me a lot right?
Dev:yup u got me there.
Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi title song female version plays.
Elena calls Sona.the convo
Elena:sona,Iss ranjit mudje bohot tang karrahahai.
Sona:kya karrahahai?
Elena:he is continuously calling me and messaging me,he is spamming my Instagram photos and he is texting me meet me in every social media site possible.
Sona:block him in everything.

Ranjit’ house.
(Structure:big bungalow like palace,with 2 black BMW cars and 104 servants all wearing white pants and white full shirt.)
Ranjit is checking his laptop where he is trying to message Elena through Instagram.it appears on his screen..sorry the user is unavailable..he checks her on Facebook..it comes sorry there is no user like that..he checks her on Twitter..sorry there is no user like that..he checks her on WhatsApp..there is no contact like that on WhatsApp,would you like to invite her/him?ranjit calls her and ..sorry,the Customer is currently unavailable..pls try again later..
Ranjit:acha Elena..great effort in trying to avoid me.now you are going to get it from me..
Elena:I’m scared sona.
Sona:don’t be scared.
Sona shares this with dev.
Dev:don’t worry,I will deal with this ranjit..and saath saath aditya too.
Sona:be very very careful dev
Dev:don’t worry i will.

Precap:dev goes to ranjit and adi’s house and deals with them.a shout is shown and a grey coat and blue shirt is shown..blood is dripping from the head too..the shoes are shown..who is it?is it ranjit or…?

Credit to: Nishi

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  1. OMG suspense?

  2. Nice Nishi. Good going. First love now action too.

  3. Lovelly bonding of devakshi.. Hope its ranjit only not dev ? … u r fab nishi… love u … waiting for next part….

  4. Wow nishi awesome yaar when u will update next episode tell me the timing pls

    1. Haha neela di,i upload when I’m free.no specific timing?

  5. I think its ranjit

  6. Aghh..ranjit, adi..then after 2 yrs nishant..koi devakshi ko khush rehne dega ya nhi!?

  7. ??? Ranjit or adi….dev to never…… U r now expert in creating suspense…..wow!!!!!

    1. Tanya to change your dp u have to create account on gravatar …. Sign up there .. fill all the details .. after completion u will get a email frm gravatar on your email id for verification … open it and then click on the link there to verify your account… after that u can change your dp … here is the link of gravatar


      Hope this info will help u .. if u have any doubt u can ask … sry for the late reply and thanks for the compliment… 🙂 🙂

  8. 104 servants?! U should make it a bit real.

    1. Real main people do have 100 Plus servants!

  9. Good one Nishi

  10. Thank you joyee di,bhoomi di.neela di the show timing is Monday to Friday 9.30 pm on Sony tv.thank you partho di and Tanya di!!aarti di,abhi keliye if there are no probe for devaakshi,then there will be no serial,so I hope u enjoy the problems!!!keep your suspense disha di!!!could be dev or Adi too?

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