Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 36

Hi!okay guys this may be my 3 rd last epi b4 I go,and i won’t be writing precaps because I get better ideas when I write.so here it goes..(IT IS NOT ACCORDING TO THE PRECAP)

The episode starts with sona sleeping.dev comes in wearing his black sleeveless shirt and red pants and admires sona.sona is disturbed by the sun and dev realises it.he goes to stand in front of the window.sona sleeps nicely again.dev smiles at her.the sun goes away and dev goes to get ready.he wears his blue shirt and black pants after showering,and goes down to eat breakfast.
At the breakfast table.
Ishwari:where is sona beta dev?
Dev:Soh rehehai
Ishwari:arae Soh rehehai?but 9 am hogaya!tabhiat to teek haina?
Dev:ya Ma don’t worry,she will wake up in an hour if she is very tired.
Dev leaves for office.
At 12 pm..
Ishwari walks into dev and sona’s bedroom and
Ishwari:arae sona be;
She is shocked to see sona still sleeping.
Ishwari:(in her mind)utao?nehe.ya I will.
Ishwari:*goes to sona and lightly touches her*sona beta,bohot der hogaya beta..wake up beta..
No reply from sona.
Ishwari calls her loudly:sona beta!uto!
No reply still.
Ishwari decides to put water.she brings water and she pours it.
Sona mummers:I will remember everything nishad,I will forget nothing.i won’t let you touch me even.dev is there.pls don’t do anything to me.pls pls pls.
She is begging when ishwari:sona beta!kya Hua?its me!Ma,nishad?you won’t let him touch You?kya Hua beta?
Sona:kuch nehe maa.
Ishwari:kuch to baath hoga.
Sona:nishad..is my past..he once tried to rape me in college..and then dev saved me.
Ishwari:it’s okay beta.
Sona hugs ishwari.
Ishwari:acha,okay freshen up,kichu will get lunch for You.
Sona:lunch,din ke pehele khaana breakfast hota haina?
Ishwari:ya,but time Dekhi.
Sona sees the time and gets shocked.
Sona:sorry Ma..sorry sorry sorry sorry.
Ishwari laughs:it’s okay beta.now go get ready we are having guests.dev’s business partner and his Wife and his Son and son’s fiancè is coming.acha wear your new Saree dev bought for You from Singapore.the orange-pink..
Sona laughs:okay Maa..
The guests come

Ishwari:aiye Mahdhu Ji,aiye na shankar ji,hello beta,hi beta!
Madhu:Ishwari meet my Son,nishant and his fiancè deepti.
Ishwari smiles and remembers sona shouting nishant’s name when she woke up.
Ishwari:(in her mind)could it be him?sona beta!come beta!
Madhu:your Daughter’s name is sona?very nice n;
Ishwari:she is married to dev.she is my Daughter In law.
Mahdhu:oh I’m so sorry.
Ishwari:it’s okay!sona beta!!
Sona comes down with the orange and pink half sleeve cotton Saree with teracotta umbrella earrings.
Sona is shocked to nishant and nishant is shocked to See sona.
Sona:*whispers to ishwari*maa,he is the same nishanth.
Ishwari is shocked.
Madhu:kya kus pus jahrahahai Ma aur bahu ke beech?huh?hahah.so cute.
Ishwari and sona:*in a very funny worried tone*huh?

Precap:kya nishanth layega dev aur Sonakshi ke kush zindagi main ek museebat?

Credit to: Nishi


  1. Asmita

    Nice twist dear and one more thng to ask. In your cover pic Dev wearing pink shirt. But in the show he did not till now. Did he ???

  2. Tanya

    Kya tarif karu me tere nishi…..phele to apne super amazing episodes se apna fan banaya aur abb ye precaps likhne ke andaz se……………..I want to say few lines for you…… ( Taarif karu kya es fan fiction ki
    Ya uski(nishi) Jis ne ese banaya)………..

  3. RD

    hi guys….i am new here n i hav a gud news for krpkab tamil fans….soon it is going to telecast in polimer

    • Nishi

      Jab Natasha ayi Thi,Sony tv pooche the that will Natasha cause problem jab hume achi Tara patha hai that yes she will.waise hi,Hume ache rare patha hai that nishanth problem cause karega?Thanks for reading!?

  4. Nishi

    Thank you so much bhoomi di,joyee di,partho di,Annie and aarti di.nishant Kon hai naina batayaha disha!im Glad you liked my precap style!??

  5. Nishi

    Hi I don’t know People who view the articles and publish it can see this or not..but okay I’m just trying my luck.the article which I just submitted(kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi ek aur rang ep 38,I accidentally put ep 38 instead of 37.if the people who view my article cannot see this,my ff reader pls take note that the episode 38 which is there is actually ep 37 it’s just that I got confused by the numbers and accidentally put 38.thanks!!??

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.