Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 35

The episode starts with sona walking in cursing the taxi driver she just got off.natasha is coming and plans to hurt her.she takes a hot pan,takes oil and burns it,and plans to pour it on sona.she does that and she is walking.
She pours it and acts to:I’m so sorry so;
She looks up to see Nikki.
Nikki:you better be sorry.kya yaar Natasha,you spoilt my new dress by pouring oil on it?aur who carries hot oil like that?uff..so irritating.
Natasha just stares at the failure of her plan.
Nikki:why are you staring at my face like that?now just go.mere mood mat Kharab karo(don’t spoil my mood.
Natasha:shit.bye Nikki.and sorry.
Nikki turns to sona and sona stares cluelessly.
Sona:why were you so rude to her,and who;
Nikki: sona bhabhi,be careful of her she is your;
Dev:Nikki!(he shouts really very loudly)

Nikki:what happened bhaiya?im right here.why are you shouting?
Dev signals her to stop telling about nastasha.
Nikki understands and puts a thumbs up.
Sona:ya,what were you saying Nikki?
Nikki:you carry on bhabhi..I will tell later okay?
She walks off without understanding anything.
Dev whispers to Nikki:I have told you so many times not to tell sona bhabhi.
Nikki:sorry bhaiya.chorry(cutely)
Dev:no emotional blackmail.
Dev:go to your room now.

Dev:Nikki do I have to say more?
Nikki:no.sorry bhaiya.
Sona comes,putting her hand on dev’s shoulder:why are you so strict on her?
Dev:*smiles*because she is very naughty.
Sona:arae,u were even very naughty.
Dev:you don’t know how children,teens and young adults’s naughtiness level nowadays in this generation my senorita.
Sona:I know very well.
Sona:having late night parties,dating,lying.right?

Sona:so you mean to say I’m stupid otherwise?
Dev:when did I say that?
Sona:now only.
Dev:sona,tumi ek dum Im;
Sona:don’t use my lines on me got that dev?
Sona:I feel girls are smarter and stronger than boys.
Dev:oh really?okay to see that,why don’t we have a Cricket match at home?girls on one side,boys on another.
Sona:you know you are alone right?
Dev:ya..I need to show that 1 man is equal to the strength of 10 girls.
Sona:wow ,so much confidence?
Sona:okay then,today evening,the dixit household Cricket match.i will tell everyone now.
Dev:done.go now.
All 4:what happened?
Sona:okay,so dev and I have decided to have a Cricket match to see which gender is more stronger and smarter.so dev is alone and we 5 are together.
All 4:smart idea Sona!
Sona:I know.
Sona:ya maa?

Ishwari:ask your family to join,then sourav and bijoy Saab can join.and then Elena and Asha saeba can join us.and ranjit,elena’s fiancè can join also in dev’s team!
Sona:great idea Ma..I will call Ma now.
Sona calls Asha and explains everything.
Asha puts down the phone and,
All 5:ki holo Iss ghar ki maharani?(what happened this house’s queen)
Asha:sona has called us to her house for a Cricket match.
Bijoy:hare deva!kolkata is playing?acha I will wear my Kolkata Shirt and I will wear everything related to Cricket.
Asha:bijoy,we are not going to watch but play.

Asha explains the whole thing.
Elena and ranjit:let’s go let’s go now now now!
They reach the dixit house and see sona.
Elena and sona hug.
Sona:how are you?
Elena:I’m good!!!How is with dev babu!!!!!!!?!
Sona:you will never change.
Elena:aww..someone is shy ah!
Sona:Elena..just shut up?
Dev:come papa,come Ma.hi sourav.
Sourav:hi jiju!

Elena:hi jiju.
Dev takes a look at ranjit.
Dev:who are;
Elena:he is my fiancè
Dev:Elena and serious?wow..not bad not bad..
Everyone shares a laugh.
Nikki :okay let’s start?
Everyone agrees.
(Sorry guys I don’t know anything about Cricket so I m just going to skip how they play).
Girl team wins.
All the girls cheer!
Sona:so now what Dev?what do you think about girls?
Dev:okay fine.they are better than boys.
Just then aditya makes an entry.
Aditya:hi bhaiya!

The dixit family is shocked.
Dev:how dare you come in after You hurt my Sister?
He is going to slap aditya when.
Ranjit:yeh kya badameezi hai?chote,are you okay?
Dev:chote?aditya is your younger Brother?sona you didn’t tell me.
Sona:how should I know..Elena?
Elena:I knew but I didn’t know he hurt Nikki.sory Jiju..
Dev:Elena,are you sure u want to marry ranjit,his Brother almost raped Nikki,are you sure u want to marry ranjit.
Elena:I cancel this alliance.
Ranjit:what the hell Elena,just because some stranger sa;

Elena:watch your tongue ranjit katyal,you are talking about my jiju,my Brother in law,now get out of this house and my life,before I come and kick you out.
Ranjit:fine,lets go Adi.
He pulls Adi away and Adi shockingly looks at Nikki.
Elena starts to cry.
Sona:ellu,it’s okay baba..you can find another guy.*hugs her and cups her whole face.
Dev:(bends down to Elena who is sitting on the sofa)Elena,I will find a guy for you.
Elena:really jiju?
Elena:you are just great jiju!
Dev smiles and sona smiles.sona signals not bad to him.dev signals I love you back.
Ishwari:so now all the confusion is cleared,let’s enjoy!i will tell kichu to make samosa,jalebi and ka;
Ishwari bites her tongue.
Sona:go on maa.with so much difficulty I brought Yiu to such a good state..and Yiu Amat to spoil it again.

Asha:Ishwari Ji,if u want to keep sona as your Daughter in law,then you need to say everything she says about food Consumption.
Ishwari:I don’t want to keep sona as my Daughter in law.
Everyone is shocked especially dev and sona.
Ishwari:I want to keep her as my Daughter.
Everyone is relieved and laughs.
Radha makes an entry.
Radha:hai hai!there has been a very big sad news.
Dev:what Happened maami?
Radha:your Natasha died dev.its okay beta..life will go on like this.
Dev:my nastasha.
Radha:If u love her,then you would say my natasha right?
Dev:I don’t love her.i hate her.we will celebrate on her death.
Everyone agrees.
Asha:ever since You were here,you have been causing problem to my sona and dev.just get out.
Radha:how cheap?poor people can think like that only.

Asha:you are even poor what!stop talking as if you own this house.
Radha:well I do,my plan was to throw Ishwari and dev out after I claim all the money.
She realises that everyone is there.she tries to distract.
Radha:uh dev be;
Dev:just enough.get out of my house.forever.or Yiu don’t know what I can do.just get out.

Precap:Elena meets ranjit again and ranjit acts to be sorry for adi’s behaviour.now the climax is Elena will want to marry ranjit and because of the family’s closeness,aditya will try reaching Nikki but Sona will save her,and in the process sona will get injured,and dev will save her.

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