Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 34

The episode starts with dev trying to signal Natasha to get lost.
Sona:dev I’m feeling very dizzy.*holds her head*
Dev:sona?sona you okay?first sit.okay drink water.better?
Dev realises that if she sees anything related to her past,headaches are minor side effects.
Dev:sona better?
Dev:you want to sleep now?
Sona:no,I want to go play dandiya.
Sona:no duffer..I want to sleep.aww you are Super Super cute!
Dev:I know.
Natasha:(from upstairs):u r so cute dev!(imitates Sona in a high pitched voice).all this cuteness now na,will go.forever.
Vicky:natasa,come here.
Natasha:*with irritation*its natasha for goodsake vicky kameena.okay,now,we need to aim at Elena.
Vicky:she threw water on me,it’s time for payback time.
Natasha:okay,so here is the plan.
Nastasha explains the whole plan to him(which obviously I won’t reveal now)?
Vicky nods
Vicky:nastasha,you are great!
Natasha:I know,I know,I know.
Vicky:now that Elena will regret.
Elena is sitting with her fiancè ranjit in a cafè when vicky comes.
Vicky:hi,Long time no see for like 2 years!
He sees ranjit.
Vicky:oh hello,elena’s Brother,you lost a lot of weight.
Elena is just shocked.
Ranjit:Ellu,is everything fine?
(Elena’s look now:Long straight hair and she is wearing Long sleeve shirt and jeans).
Elena:ya Jaan,everything is fine..he is the guy who teased me about2 years ago.dev’s Cousin.
Ranjit:oh,him.hey Vicky ,meet me outside,I would like to Talk to you.actually Elena talks a lot about you.
Vicky:oh that means she likes me,bhaiya,pls get me married to her na?such a nice item.
Ranjit:*slap*how dare you tease my fiancè?how dare you disturb my family?how dare you?i will kill you right now.
Vicky:what?ellu is your;

Ranjit:got that right.she is my fiancΓ¨ and we are going to get married in 2 months.and don’t call her ellu,if you dare,you die.so watch your
Vicky:woah bro.okay I need to go.
Ranjit comes Inside.
Elena:ranju,what happened outside?

Ranjit:nothing Jaan,u eat.
Elena:ranjit I’m asking u.
Ranjit:okay fine.he won’t trouble you from now
Elena:aww..so sweet..I love you!
Ranjit:I love you too!
(Too many love stories??)

Bose household
Asha:ki holo?(what happened)
Bijoy stays quiet.
Asha:kichu bol be?(will you say something?)
Bijoy:today Elena is coming so she will cook.
Asha:okay get ready to sit in the toilet for 2 hrs.
Asha:If Elena cooks,you will have constipation.itna ghee dalegi.(she will put a lot of ghee)
Sourav:baba,I can cook.
Bijoy:idiot get lost.
Sourav:Ma,baba insults me like hamesha(everytime)
Bijoy:Asha?okay take sourav’ side.mudje kya?(what does it mean to me)

Heylo,okay okay..so this may be a bit sad..I’m going overseas for a month with my Sister Ananya,and I will not be taking my phone..so I won’t be able to update articles..I will be gone for 1 month from 4th June to 20 th June to meet my nana,Nani in Kolkata.i will miss all of you and your comments and ofc other’s ff so badly ?.i will try to update as many as I can b4 I leave?And i hope you will miss me all too!love you all so much!

Credit to: Nishi


  1. Tanya

    It’s nice……really too many love stories….. Enjoy ur vacation a lot……………..we will miss you….come back soon

  2. Indu

    Can anybody please tell the timing of this show and channel on which this show is telecasted. Plz update.

  3. Nishi

    Thank you everyone for your lovely wishes!i will be back very soon with hopefully very good and lovely articles and stories!i will miss you so badly!?

  4. Bhoomi

    lovelly episode nishi…. Enjoy your trip… Have a safe and happy journey πŸ™‚ will miss u a lot… lots of love … come back soon … πŸ™‚

    • Nishi

      Sure!i will try my best to update as many articles as possible until I go,and then when I’m back,I will update the day I’m back

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