Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 33

The episode starts with dev rushing to the hospital.
Natasha:dev,kya Hua?you seem very worried!dont we need to discuss the sales tax improvement with singhania’s and mansingh’s?
Dev:I don’t care about that now Natasha.my life is in danger.
Natasha:your life?but u seem safe and okay?
Dev:my sona is in danger.sona is my life.
Natasha:what?okay where is she?lets go.
Dev:I will go alone.if I need company,I will take Nikki.not you.get lost.
Natasha:but de;(she smirks)sona is going to dev.so you need company to attend her funeral right?
Dev leaves for the hospital(LLS hospital)
Dev:Doctor Sinha..my sona,what happened to my sona?sonakshi!sonakshi!(he forces himself to barge in to the operation theatre but the Nurses don’t allow him.
Dev:my Wife,my life,pls let me go in.pls I beg you.sonakshi!
Nurse:pls Sir,pls control yourself.i know it’s difficult.
Nikki runs there.
Nikki:bhaiya,pls control yourself.
Dev:sona is fighting for her life inside and I..I can’t do anything..my Sonakshi(he cries)
Nikki:bhaiya,nothing will happen to bhabhi.she is a fighter.she used to fight with you a lot right?nothing will happen to her.
Doctor comes out and tells Dev to take a seat.
Dev:Doctor,can I meet Sonakshi,is she okay?
Doctor:mr dixit,pls take a seat.okay look,Sonakshi has…
He shows dev her Reports.
Doctor:Sonakshi has a brain clot from her accident.so,she cannot stress her brain.stressing her brain means like seeing everything related to her past,especially bad things.
Dev is shocked.

Doctor:by the way,from the cctv outside my hospital where the accident happened,I saw a lady purposely bumped into sona’s car,and remember last time you brought nastasha for a leg surgery,ya i saw her as that lady’s face.
Dev:what?(very angrily)
Doctor:otherwise,everything is okay.sonakshi is still unconscious,you can go meet her.
Dev:thank you doctor.
Dev goes out to meet Sonakshi,and on the way,he remembers flashback’s which could lead to the nastasha being the culprit.dev stops at sona ‘s ward,and he sees her face through the transparent circle on the door.sona is bandaged from head and hand,to leg.a tear drops from dev’s eyes.
Dev:(whispers)I promise I will make sure you get the best operation done,get the best medicines,and get the best for your recovery,and I will deal with nastasha.
Dev comes home with Nikki,and Natasha acts to be concerned.
Natasha:dev,sona?oh I’m so sorry for your loss Dev.she couldn’t survive could she.actu;
Dev:just shut up you b*******.first you conspire against my sona,next you think she is dead.now wait for your death.now You will rot in hell Natasha gujral.what do you think?u will become Natasha dixit?oh maybe yes.come to my house during Raksha bandhan.tie a Rakhi for me,u will be nastasha dixit by becoming my Sister.happy?the only Mrs dev dixit,will be,Sonakshi.got that little chap?now go away before I get more angry and file a case against You.i have the best lawyer with me.your Brother,shravan malothra.oh ya..so sad..you are his step Brother right?so he won’t fight for Yiu right?oh too bad.
Natasha:you Son of a;
Dev:call yourself that.
(Sorry guys I have to swear a lot,actually nastasha and dev’s relation is too sour to have nice words)sorry?
Dev gets a phone call.
Doctor:hi mr dixit.
Dev:yes doctor?
Doctor:Sonakshi has gained consciousness,you can come to meet her.
Dev:okay coming now.

Dev reaches the hospital.reaches sona’s room..
Dev:sona?!*what is this yaar again*tone.
Sona:sorry baba*pulling both her ears.ouch ouch.
Dev:careful.is it paining a lot?
Dev:sona,you know I cried.
Sona:what why?dev,I hate tears.
Dev:what if something happened to you?
sona:let’s go home I’m very hungry.
Dev:okay let’s go.slowly..
Dev:ouch.okay slowly..slowly..
They reach home and Natasha sees sona.she gets angry that sona is alive.dev sees Natasha and remembers the dcctor saying that sona may die if she sees anything bad in her past life(b4 her accident).dev tries to distract sona and signals Natasha angrily to get lost.

Precap:a full comedy series of how dev distracts sona from her past memories which were bad.

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  1. very good, I like the rakhi part too.

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  2. Awesome episode nishi

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  3. lol…..rakhi scenes………..actually its comedy too see dev and nuts fight………………..loved it….
    keep going this way…….

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  4. Wow…. Natasha deservs this 😛 😛 Dev is so caring for sona 🙂

  5. Great episode

  6. Thank you bhoomi and partho.yes bhoomi di,nat really deserved it.i may kill her soon.cant wait for it?

    1. As I did in my ff ?

  7. OMG I feel so bad for Sona and rakhi part was very funny haha lol

    1. Hah!i m so so happy you liked this epi too di!

  8. Rakhi part is very good natasha deserves it

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  9. Nice ep ????

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