Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 32


The episode starts with dev and joyee coming down the stairs.
Joyee:sona I want to tell you something.*she says while giggling*i don’t know dev!its the first time I’m meeting him,I just wanted to prank you and dev played with me when I signalled him.you got shocked right?hahahhaha
Sona:will you do this again?huh?will you?(she says this while hitting joyee for fun.
Joyee:now stop calling me joyee,it’s my nickname call me my real name.
Sona:okay ridhi.so kaam pe chale?
Ridhi:okay show me mumma ‘s reports.
Sona:okay(she shows her reports)everything is fine).
Ridhi:okay I better go now.my Husband is waiting for me.and my 2 kids also.
Sona:wait wait..you are married?and also 2 kids?whats your Husband’s name?what dose he do?what are you children’s name?how old are they?when did you marry?why didn’t you call me?who all came?did nidhi come?did tanya come?did;
Ridhi:okay enough baba,I will tell you everything.i got married 2 years ago,and everyone except you came.my Husband,ankush,is a business man selling cotton yarn,and my Two children,Khushi and arav,Both aged 2 and 1 respectively.
Sona:oh my!okay go go,make dal chawal(Indian dish)for your family.
Ridhi:okay haha bye.
Sona:bye ridhi!love you!
Ridhi:love you too.
Nikki from upstairs:sona bhabhi!sona;
Sona:what beta?
Nikki:i can’t find my red and pink and yellow scarf.i don’t know where I kept it.
Sona:it’s under your bench in front of your bed.
Sona digs in.there.she finds it.
Nikki:oh bhabhi you are just great!
Sona:*short laugh*

Sona looks at her watch.
Sona:dev,I need to go my maternal house,today is elena’s birthday.
Dev:but I will miss you.
Sona:me too.aww…okay I will go now..I’m already late.
Dev:okay bye love you.
Sona:love you too!

In the car:
Sona:bhaiya my house pls.
Driver:okay madam Ji.
Radha from behind a wall:now this girl will go away from dev’s life,hopefully forever.let her rot in hell.
Sona’s car is overturned by another car,and it is revealed to be Natasha in the other car.sona is bleeding and the driver calls the dixit household.
Dev:hello?ya keshav.
Dev:sona?sona what happened?sona?jaan what happened?
Dev:what?what?what?okay I’m rushing to the point now.where are you Jaan?hello?hello?
The call cuts.shit.

Sorry this epi is quite short.
Precap:kya Hua sona ko?

Credit to: Nishi

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  1. Radha always creat problems….but sona’s accident i hope sona is fine

    1. Oops..sona will not be fine sorry…..?

  2. awesome episode

    1. Nishi |author

      Thank you so much!!!!!?❤️

  3. Good Nishi, nice twist. but want to say smthng plz dont mind. You said tht joyee got married 2 yrs ago and her one child is of 2 and one is of 1year. How can it possible ? Plz dont mind Nishi.

    1. Ya,okay so..in 2 years of marrige,the first child was born in the first year of marrige and the 2 nd child was born in the 2 nd year of marrige.how is that not possible di?can you pls explain if my understand ding is wrong?thank you!?

  4. Nice nishi…. good going…..

    1. Thank you!

  5. Hey Nishi as usual u r awesome n u made me a mother of 2 lol 😛 jking jking anyways ridhi nice name actually one of my close friend name is ridhi 😛

    1. Oh wow!what a coincidence!and haaha?Ya ahaha I needed to make u a Mother of two because u needed to have some reason that you cannot marry dev.thanks for reading!!!??❤️I’m really Glad u liked it!?

  6. hiii nishi,……now i cant comment reguarly as i m stuck with studies of 11 sci…..hope u will understand…….but whenever i get time you found me here……..so sorry dear……

    i read ur epi 31&32 together both r wonderful……but what’s this “gatha”????and the tone in which u r giving precap wow!!!!!its seems like original one………….when i read tanya i m laughing with shying together…..lol………U r just awesome………..

  7. And ur new cover pic was also awesome…………i like it loads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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