Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 31

The episode starts with neha staring at her childhood pic.it is her in a green light dress with polkadots and one ponytail ,with Nikki and riya,both wearing white and red shiny ghagra chulis (an Indian traditional outfit)*info for non Indians who are reading this*.
Dev:neha have you se;
Neha is still lost in the picture.
Neha:I promise not to leave Nikki and riya alone Ma,they are always my responsibility.pls pls don’t take them away from me.
*she squints her eyes and says that in worry.
Dev:neha,it’s me!dev bhai.
Neha:bhai,I’m sorry.
Dev:kya Hua?
Neha:beetay kal ko;
Dev:yaad kardiya?
Neha nods sadly.
Dev:beetay kal ke saath jab kuch nehe karsakthehain,toa uske barame sochna kya faida?hone vaale ache cheezoko dhyaan doa!okay?
Neha:wow bhai,aap to badi “quote bazigaar”nikhle!
Dev smiles and remembers sona saying this.

The dixit household doorbell rings.
Ishwari shouts:sona beta,pls check who it is!
Sona:okay Ma!
Sona who is wearing a white kurti with yellow patiala suit and yellow duppata (drape)wears back her duppata,which she had removed for the meantime in the kitchen while cooking.she opens the door.she is shocked.
Person:hi my love,what a surprise huh?i was thinking whether I could meet you and ofcourse your darling majnu,your Husband,mr dev dixit,or maybe,the reason why we hate eachother today..no no..the reason why you hate me today.
Sona:one more word against dev,your life is gone.got that chap?
Person:oh!im so scared!oh no I’m going to die!aaah!or rather ahahah.what do you think Sonakshi Bose,I forgot you?i forgave you for that bastard(sorry guys I need to use vulgarities because this guy is a bad guy,a very bad one)dev.
Sona:don’t you dare vikram.
Vikram:oh,so much protection I see,okay let me meet your protectionist?
Dev comes down then.
Sona and Vikram act normal.
Vikram:dev my Friend!Long time no see!what are you doing now days,other than loving m;your Sonakshi?
Dev:who are you?
Vikram:you forgot me?how bad!im sona ba;sonakshi bose’s and your college mate.
Dev:vikramchand thapar?
Vikram:don’t call me by my full name,it’s a bit embarrassing.
Dev:why?acha khaasa naam to hai..vik;
Vikram:*walking towards dev and putting his hand around dev’s shoulder*woa kya haina,it’s actually quite old fashioned.
Dev:oh I see.and you don’t like old fashioned stuff?
Vikram:ofcourse I don’t.
Dev:then get out.you have no relation with this house then.i thought you liked sona and I thought of giving her up for your happiness but since you don’t like old fashioned stuff,and sona is old fashioned,you get out of my house now.
Vikram:dev bhai,I will get sona somehow.
Dev:you will not get sona anyhow.now get lost vikram.
After Vikram leaves.
Sona:*retardedly angry *why did you call me old fashioned?and you wanted to give me away to that kameena vikram?
Dev:kis gatha nehe kaha?
Sona:acha,so apne aap ko gatha bolreheho.
Dev:aisa tho nehe kaha.
Sona:but tumi t;
Dev:sona,sona,sona!i did it for you.if I hadn’t called you old fashioned,then he wouldn’t have gone out from your life forever.what did you think?i knew nothing in college.
Sona:dev!i love you.
Dev:but I don’t love you
Dev:i don’t love you,I love you very much.
Sona and dev hug and title song plays.(female)

Nikki and Adi at a restaurant.
Adi:so,shaadi plans?
Nikki:itni bhi jaldi kya hai?
Adi:I want to get married fast,and have kids fast.
Adi:what you don’t want kids?*he gets slightly violent*.
Adi squees nikki’s cheeks and Chin and whispers:you know what Nikki dixit, I will make sure you will give birth.even if you die while giving birth,I don’t care.i want kids so that my parents get the money that your Brother has.
Nikki runs away home.there sona and dev are sitting.
Dev and sona get concerned seeing Nikki.
Dev:Nikki?kya Hua Nikki?
Sona:Nikki?beta kya Hua?
Nikki:*crying*aditya is not a nice boy.he said that he will force me to have kids when I don’t even want to,and doesn’t care if I die,he only wants your money after marrige.
Dev who is angered now mummers:that’s it aditya puri,your death is calling you.you hurt my Sister,I hurt you now.aditya puri ka end.
Sona:dev pls calm down.
Sona follows Nikki,who is still crying.they go to her room.
Sona:bas..bas beta..shh..no crying*hugging her*sab ki saath hoti hai..even I had a heartbreak.you know his name was sameer.he loved me I loved him BTAOD(BTAOD-before the arrival of Dev).he left me one day.
Nikki:bhabhi,you don’t need to cook up stories with one guy.u used the name sameer when I was addicted to drinking and smoking when I was 20.
She starts to laugh.sona and Nikki hug.
Next day..
Sona:actually my Friend is coming over.
Dev:oh which Friend?
Dev:joyee?quite a nice name.and very unique
(Haha main credit to joyee di(fatarajo))
Sona:ya,and she is coming over for her Mother’s reports,which I have.
Dev:oh I see.
Sona:and ofcourse some talk talk/gossip because we are childhood friends.

When joyee makes an entry,dev is shocked.he drops everything in his hand.joyee is shocked to see dev.
Joyee:dev?!!!!Omg how are you my little flower?
Sona who looks at joyee with disgust:hello?how do you know eachother.
Joyee:sona,tumari pati..we were lovers in 7 th standard..and then he left me for that dumb fashionista Natasha.and then I heard he left Natasha for you?quite lucky man.
Sona: thanks..*looking quite sad*

Precap:kya hai dev ki ateet joyee ke saath,jo layega Sonakshi aur dev ki prem kahaani main takraar?

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