Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 30

Sonakshi wakes up not to find dev next to her.
Dev:good morning.coffee?
Sonakshi:*makes that what happened to you face*tumari tabhiat teek hena?
Dev:ya I’m okay..mudje kya Hua?
Sona:nehe..umm..coffee..mudjse pehele utaana..it’s not normal you know dev…do you want anything from me?
Dev:ek kaam karo,romance ki ek book ki naam hai.usae doondo..tume Saari questions ki nawab aayega..
Dev:uffo..shona..I was trying to be romantic..
Sona:??you are so cute dev!i love you so much.
Dev:I love you too!acha I need to go,to the obstacle course park opposite wahirnagar.
Dev:you know that aditya,nikki’s lover,I need to test him and see whether he is the right guy for Nikki.
Sona:tumi ek dum impossible.
Dev:I love my Sister.i can’t let her marry anyone.so impossible hone koi sawaal nehe hai.
Sona:haha okay I will make breakfast?
Dev:no no,I will go now.
Sona: dev,I’m not going to listen to you.chup jaap Khale.
Dev:okay meri daadi ma
Devaakshi moments?

At the test area.
Dev is waiting with Nikki.
Aditya comes running:sorry sir.
Dev:you are 3 seconds late.i cannot tolerate my Sister waiting for anyone.
Aditya:sorry sir.
Dev:last chance.
Aditya successfully completes the test and Nikki cheers for him and hugs him.
Aditya:thank you sir.
Dev:call me bhaiya now you have passed the test.
Aditya:thank you so much si;I mean bhaiya.
Nikki:thank you so much bhaiya(cheerfully)

Natasha and Radha.
Radha:ore natasha bitiya,mudje dactar nee ko bahar bijwaane keleye ek chaka chak mast plan tayaar karchuki Hu.ek baar suntho.
Natasha: Aunty,I alr told you,I’m not interested in separating dev and Sonakshi.dev loves sona and sona loves Dev.do you not understand.just get out of here.sar ki upar betna chatihai kya?jaa.nikal ja.
Radha:teke beta,main to ek garee;
Natasha:stop blackmailing me with Your dumb catch line.kya gareeb ke Beti gareeb ke beti lagarakhahai?security!security!take this woman out.
Radha:par beta..beta..
Natasha-Radha Rani breakup?✌?️
Dixit household
Ishwari and sona
Ishwari:beta,where is dev?
Sona:Nikki ka lover test karne gaya.
Sona:obstacle test!
Ishwari gets emotional over her past.sona hugs her.
Sona:jaisa maa,waisa bahu.have Yih heard about this?even dev think about his past.beetay kal ko chodna chaiye.okay Ma?
Sona Ishwari lovey dovey bonding?❤️

Precap:neha-ranveer bonding?,devaakshi cutie moments?,Ishwari-sona bonding?. Nikki-Aditya love moments?Brotherly-sisterly emotional convo btw neha and dev?

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