Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 3


The episode starts with dev and sona confronting mishti and vicky. Vicky is seen signalling somebody when someone attacks sona from behind.she is lifted and thrown into a van much to the shock and disgust of dev.as the van rushes off,dev tries his best to catch up with it.when he falls he hears a gunshot,and sees a hand full of blood hanging out.he shouts “shona!”
When the van stops much to dev’s shock,sona steps out unscathed and dev runs to her and hugs her tightly.sona says that she shot the man who kidnapped her with the gun she saw in the car.sona tightly hugs dev again.
Dev:agar tumko kuch hojata tho?

Sona:hua to nehe,lekin ajeeb hai na,main ek doctor hu, aur log mudjse kethehain that ms
Bose bacha .lekin ab tum kahoge dr Bose
The reunited couple walk back and share a heartily laugh.at the forest,vicky and mishti are waiting desperately for dev to carry sona,who is supposed to be shattered now according to them.they see dev and sona hand in hand walking normally smiling as they pass them
Mishti:vicky mere pyaara sa nanda sa gatha…tum itna ullu kese hosaktheho?
Vicky:tumari samne tumki ke alava aur kuch nehe diktha senorita.
Mishti:oh pls,apni cheesy or filmy lines Khir ko paas rakho..mudje main may waste karna okay?mere peeche saw ladkha kadarahehe..tum bhi uss line ko join karo..
Dev and sona are walking home when sona slips and falls into dev’s arms. The dilwale tune plays.

Elena is waving heavily at someone and sona sees her.it is many months after Elena came to Delhi after she went back to bengal 6 months ago when sona’s accident took place .sona is surprised to see her and is about to hug her but Elena passes her and goes to a boy to the disgust of sona and dev.the boy is revealed to be vicky.
Sona: elena?tum..vicky…kya?
Elena: shona?jiju?omg I can’t believe this!actually vicky mera business partner hai..
Sona and dev look at each other and is about to laugh and say:par,vicky koi business ka kaam nehe karrahahai.saaf saaf bolo elena.tum yaha?
Elena:ohho,tumse kuch chuppa nehe Sakthe.actually ishwari ji mutlub teri saasu Ma ku birthday arehehe to him wo plan karrethe
Sona:ma ke birthday?elena choir bolna bandh karo or saaf saaf batha
Elena:didi I’m getting a call bye bye
Sona:Elena rukh;
Sona is disturbed the whole day and when she is asked by her mother (sona ‘s Father is overseas) what’s the matter she shares the Elena incident
Sona’s Mom:ore mere gudiya,kem Cho itni pareshan?calm down and think from the positive side
Sona:par ma;
Sona ‘s mum: koi par var nehe tu abhi soja bohot late hogaya
Sona agrees and goes off to sleep.
Next day at dev’s house.ishwari is asking sona to add one cup more ghee and sona scolds her for asking.they both laugh .nikki comes in and says “sona mere jaan,Mere laado mere bestie mere behn ”
Sona:siddu baby ka ek aur movie release hogaya aur tum mudje lena chateho?
Nikki:arae va.ditto di!

Precap:ishwari starts to think that dev and sona should quickly get married because she wants to stay with sona.but on the other side sona’s family is hesitant to rush marriage.

What will happen next?will dev and sona get married?

Credit to: Nishi

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