Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 29

Precap:10 years leap..

Eyes filled with Kajal are shown(Kajal is mascara).payals are shown(anklets).it is none other than Nikki.nikki has pursued as a classical Dancer.she is 28 years old now.
Aditya:nikks?!?aaja,dev bhaiya needs to confirm our marrige.
Nikki:coming Adi!
The new Nikki can be assumed as sargun mehta/Ravi dubey’s Wife.
Nikki:Adi give me 10 mins I’ll just shower.
Adi:should I follow you.
Nikki:acha,kuch khaana chateho abhi?
Adi:after “we shower” we can go to the restaurant nearby.
Nikki: actually the only food you can get right now is a slap.wait for me..don’t come in warna…bye badmaaash.
Nikki showers and gets into her Long skirt,half sleeve shirt and scarf combo.
Nikki:chale adi?
Adi:ya sure after you ma’m
As they are walking..Adi walks in front of Nikki.
Nikki:Adi,why do boys always walk in front of girls?
Adi:so that they can guide the girls.
Adi trips and gets embarrassed.
Nikki:and girls walk behind to save boys from falling.
Adi:but tumne bachaya?no na?then stop acting so smart.
Nikki:you also stop acting so smart.hmm..kuch bhi.
Adi:kuch bhi.bak Bak…

Radha and Natasha.
Radha:Natasha bitiya, shaadi ki preparation hogayi?
Natasha:no Aunty Ji,actually I want dev to be very comfortable.i think ms bose is very happy
with him and I don’t think we should seperate them.i should already move on.dev jaisa hazaaar ladka milega.
Radha:but dev jaisa paise vaala

Natasha:Aunty Ji,I’m not crazy after dev’s money.i Want him to love me with his full
heart,and he can’t do that,because he loves Ms
Bose.mudje jaana chaiye..
Radha:jo bhi karna hai karo..I will make sure that this dactar nèè will go away from my dev’s

Neha and ranveer.text messaging.the convo..
Ranveer:sorry about yesterday..I shouldn’t have commented on the positions of ours and how the society won’t accept us.i was a bit upset that you rejected me,but don’t worry,I will find another girl.i hope you find a better boy,who is equal to you.
Neha:I hope you understand ranveer.
Ranveer:okay neha,bye.

Adi and Nikki meet dev at this obstacle area.
Dev:so aditya puri,you ready for the test?
Aditya:yes bhaiya.
Dev:bhaiya?im only bhaiya to my sisters.call me sir.
Dev:okay so here are your obstacles.
Adi opens his mouth wide.
Dev:kya Hua?cant do it?cant marry my Sister too.get lost.
Adi:no sir..I mean yes sir..I mean no sir..I mean;
Dev:yes or no be clear Mr aditya!i can’t let my Sister marry such a blur person.
Adi:I’m ready for the test sir.
Dev:okay you have 2 minutes to complete the whole obstacle test.
Adi:2 mins?
Dev:can’t do it?
Adi:I can sir.
Nikki:go Adi!go Adi!
Dev:Nikki shh..there is no need to cheer for him..
Nikki:what bhaiya?aap bhi na…

At the dixit household.
Sona is folding clothes for dev and cleaning the house with Ishwari.she finds an orange shirt and remembers something.

Flashback:(b4 marrige,b4 love confession)
Dev is going out in an orange shirt to meet Natasha.everyone is shocked to see dev in an orange shirt.
Sona:mr dixit..orange?
Dev:Aapka choice Ms Bose.
And he smiles and walks off.
Coming back to the present,sona is touching the shirt,smiling,remembering the tough and sweet times they had before their marrige.
Sona and ishwari sit down to eat.
Sona:Ma,what are you eating,Roti with ghee,dal Maakhni and paneer masala?what?
Ishwari:beta,my health is better now why the chart now?
Sona:firstly Ma,I’m a doctor first,then your Daughter in law,and your health is better not the best..so chup jaap eat this.
Kichu brings porridge..
Ishwari:okay beta.sorry nutrition!
They both laugh.

Bose household.
Elena is jumping on the sofa very happily and shouting: she said yes!she said yes!she said yes.
Sourav and bijoy:ki holo?(what happened)
Elena:sona said yes for shopping.actually I forced her..you know wha;
Bijoy:puckhi,phirse sona ko disturb kiya?she is married now beta,and she needs to commit to
her in laws.
Sourav:but baba..
Bijoy:tu rehene de,tu kache Bej..iss baath main nehe padna..aur puckhi,ek aur baar sona ko
disturb kiya na,I will get really mad at you.
Elena:sorry mesho..

At 7 pm @waterway shopping centre:

Sona is waiting for Elena.(actually Elena forgot to tell sona).just then vicky and some goons
come and start to tease sona.sona takes out a
penknife from her pocket and shows it to the them.
Sona:I Guess tume desperately chaiye.choose
karo,yeh ya..

Vicky:kya my senorita?tum?he laughs.
Sona:peeche mudkar dekho.
It’s dev.he slaps vicky.vicky turns to sona
Vicky:dusre option kya tha?
Sona:agar main dikhao,tumari Jaan nikal jayegi

Vicky:aise kya hai?
Sona shows the pen knife and vicky and
run away.dev hugs sona and asks whether she is okay.she smiles and hugs him back.

precap:dev tells the results of adi’s test..?Devaakshi lovey dovey moments?Natasha-Radha Rani fight and breakup..??Bose household comedy..?And Nikki and Adi romance/happiness/sadness??

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