Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 28


Okay so ..haha the surprise was devaakshi’s marrige.so it comes back to the present.

Sona:dev,beetay kal ko chodna chaiye.hum uske barame kuch nehe karsakthe,but we can think how we can make our future better.you ,me and abhi.a perfect family.

Dev who is looking down in an upset manner,says
Dev:uss kal ko kese bhoolpayenge sona..
Sona:aasan hai!
Dev looks at her in a *what do you mean manner*.sona pulls down a beautifully made collage.it says I love you so much dev,and beautiful pics of him and them with roses stuck on the background.title song plays.dev is surprised.
Dev:sona!u did this?
Sona:no,padosi ki kuttha karke mujko pyaar se Diya.
Dev:aww..I love you too!
Sona:I love you!and I don’t want to see a sad face on your face ever.got that?
Dev:yes ma’m.

Nikki who enters sees dev and sona hugging and thinks..
Nikki’s mind:bhaiya aur bhabhi ko kese baathadu that main aditya Se pyaar karthihu.(you can assume it’s the current aditya in the serial parrvarish)
Sona:kya Hua Nikki?
Nikki:bhabhi I need to talk to you..
Sona is dragged out by nikki into her room.
Nikki shows sona abhi’ love message.

It reads:
Hi nikks,
You have been a great classmate so far.i don’t know why but I feel that every time I see you,it brightens my day..every time I see you smile ,it makes me smile.

At this point of time,sona gives Nikki that*what is going on here*look.it continues as
Maybe This is love…I love you Nikki..do you?tell me in college.waiting.bye!(sorry guys,I’m not very good in love messages cuz I’m too young and I don’t know much).

Sona:Nikki,it’s not wrong to fall in love,do you love him?
Nikki:yes di!very much..but bhaiya Se baath karna?
Sona:okay..give me a few days..I will talk to dev..
Nikki:you will?thank You so much bhabhi!!!!love You!
Sona and Nikki hug.

A few days later…
Sona and dev dinner date..
Sona:dev,I needed to talk to you about Nikki.
Dev:what about her?
Sona: dev,everyone has to fall in love right?
Dev:ya…so?like we fell in love?
Sona smiles nervously..
Dev:kya Hua Sona?nikki and love?
Sona:Nikki loves this guy called aditya and aditya loves her.
Dev:aditya?full name?what does he do?where does he live?what does his parents do?did he meet you?how does he look?whats his qualification?
Sona:ask Nikki?
After having a wonderful dinner date,sona and dev go home to Nikki.

Dev:Nikki,tell me about aditya.
Dev:aditya bolo..you’re not yet his Girlfriend.
Nikki:Aditya puri is a 20 year old motherless child.his Father is a business man and aditya is very rich..he lives in Paya lebar(Singapore place).
Dev:no qualifications?thats it!stay away from him Nikki.
Nikki:but bhaiya!
Sona:it’s okay Nikki.when u are older,You will find a better boy.okay?
Nikki:okay bhabhi..

Leap of 10 years!
Music is played(classical music).feet with anklets are shown.a nicely draped Saree is shown..who is it?

Precap:who is it?

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  1. I think its sona or may be Nikki….but hats off to ur mind and imagination……

  2. Its our very own sona! What about Natasha n mami? Nice episode as usual

    1. I didn’t want them because it was such a beautiful epi..don’t you think so?

  3. Hello i am disha from agra std class 12th new fan krpkab

    1. Most welcome….

  4. It was really nice..n I think d dancer will b sona or may b Devakshi’s daughter will be shown..

  5. Thank you for your amazing encouragement again guys!!!❤️?❤️?And so sorry I can’t reveal the Dancer!keep guessing guys!!❤️?❤️??

  6. Superb nishi… Waiting for next episode…. 10 yrs leap .. So intresting…

    1. Thank you!the next episode is already there!go check it out and do comment?!

      1. And how do you put a pic for the logo?

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