Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 27

Precap:sona’s accident.

The episode starts with dev waiting outside the operation theatre for sona’s condition.
Doctor:mr dev dixit?
Dev jerks:yes doctor?
Doctor: Ms Bose…
Dev:I swear If something happens to my sona,I will sue your hospital.
Doctor:pls calm down,ms Bose is fine.
Dev:I’m sorry doctor.
Doctors:it’s ok,I can understand what you are going through.so now sona can be admitted into the normal ward,and you can meet her.

Dev:okay doctor..
Sona is waiting for dev.dev barges in.
Sona:dev,I’m fine b4 u start your 1000 word lecture on how I should take care of myself.
Dev:haath main cast,paer pe caast,sar pe bandage aur tum teek Ho?kya Shona?look,stop putting your life in danger.now your life is mine.so if you want to end it,you are ending me.
Sona puts her hand on his mouth.title song plays..
Sona:aise bola na,to main tume maardungi.
Dev and sona nosy nosy!!!!❤️

At Natasha ‘s house.
Natasha and maami are talking.
Maami:so,tumari shaadi kab hai dev ke saath?
Natasha:uff Aunty,I’m not yet getting married to dev,pehele Sonakshi ko begna padega..stop being so annoying.
Maami:annoying?is it some oil?acha beta 2-3 cartons mere ghar bijwana..woh kya hai na,I’m trying to be a paegent for Ms world.so Baal achi honi chaiye.
Natasha:rehene dijiye,waise bhi,agar aap ms world Hogaye na,mahabarat part 3 shuru hojayega.
Maami: gareeb ke Beti kar bhi kya sakthehai?
Natasha:ya ya..

Neha and ranveer on the road..
Ranveer:so shaadi ke barame kya Socha?
Neha:I can’t marry you because I don’t want to be poor again.
Ranveer:This is the problem of positions in the society…
Neha:par ranveer I thought you said you would understand me..
Ranveer:no..I’m not..bye neha..
Neha:another rejected guy..bekar kaika..

Bose household
Bijoy:Elena!sourav!asha!aaja aaja!
Elena:ki holo mesho?(what happened)
Elena sees some card and:etaki?(what is this)
Bijoy:sona ki shaadi ki card..dev ke saath..
Elena and Asha:oh no!sirf aur sirf doa saal hai!itni Kam same main kese sab kuch kare?

The screen seperates into 4.one is neha worried about what just happened …one is sona and dev cute devaakshi moments?,one side is Radha and Natasha and one is the Bose house!


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  1. Wow nishi finally u r back r u feeling better now? And nice episode really this Radha rani n Natasha r quite irritating

    1. Hahah tks and yes I have recovered!!

  2. thank god u r back with ur awesome ff…..devakshi marriage ahaaaa!!!!!surprise for us wow!!!!!!!but this is flashback right??????

    1. Yea it’s a flashback❤️?❤️?I won’t reveal the surprise di!

  3. Nice nishi… Good going… How r u feeling now ?

    1. I have recovered di!!thanks for all your wishes

  4. Hey wats nosy nosy??

    1. Nose to nose?cute stuff?come on di!nose to nose cute romance!how can u not know that??Okay chill chilll…nosy nosy is like when two people rub their noses together.it is considered cute as well as romantic!❤️?❤️

      1. Ya mere ko laga tha but still wanted to confirm it..

  5. Another wonderful episode nishi…. Bit I didn’t understand that Bose family did not know about devakshi’s marriage n why they said do saal itna kam..
    BTW take care n interesting precap

    1. Haha it was supposed to be a joke..like sirf 2 years..like for girls they take forever to get ready..so for Elena and Asha,since they are girls,they need that much time to prepare for the wedding,first starting with clothes.haha sorry maybe I won’t write in Bengali..but thanks for reading!

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