Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 26

Ishwari and Sona are at a jewellery shop choosing for sonakshi for her engagement with dev.
Ishwari:yeh Kesa hai beta?
Sona:aunty ji..yeh 54600.00£ hai..zyada Nehe hai?
Ishwari:ek heera keliye aise hi jewellery pehenna chaiye.*makes a flower shape with her hand on sona’s chin*
Sona smiles.sona brings home a set of jewellery and shows it to dev..dev smiles and gets very engrossed in it.
Sona:*while playing with the curtain*dev,agar tume gehne ko shaadi Karna hai na,to shaadi karle..
Dev:*holds her hand and pulls her*title song plays and you will be only men sona.
Sona’s phone rings..it is sona’s college crush/the antagonist of my ff.the person is playing ritvik in my ff and you can assume that ritvik is Karan Patel…

Ritvik:hi sweetie,how are you?
Sona:how dare you?who the hell are you?
Dev is worried seeing fear in sona and snatches the phone from her.
Dev:hello?!?hello?!?!who are you and why are you troubling my fiancè?
The phone gets cut.

Dev bends down to sona…
Dev:Shona,are you okay?
Sona:ya I’m fine.im going home.
Dev:but itna bada baarish horahai…pls don’t go…
Sona:I’m fine dev,I need rest
Dev tries his best to convince her but she doesn’t listen.she leaves.stuck in traffic,soma walks out to check the delay..

A hand full of blood falls.it is sona who met with an accident.in dev’s house,sonakshi’s pic breaks and dev gets worried.dev tries to call sona.this random woman picks up.
Dev:hello?hello?aap Kaun?where is sonakshi?
Woman:look,sonakshi Ka accident hua hai..pls calm down and come to SSS hospital(sorry but I didn’t want to publicise any hospital).
Dev:what?how?when?okay I’m coming now..
As dev is leaving ishwari comes.
Ishwari:Kya hua dev?
Dev:ma,sona ka accident hogaya!im going to the hospital

Precap:the nurse comes out and says they couldn’t…dev is devestated and thinks what to do now.he calls Tina for help.

Credit to: Nishi


  1. Juhi

    Kya shona mar gayi??
    I mean ‘they couldn’t ‘ n bla bla ..
    Devakshi finish? ???????

    • Nishi

      No juhi di chill.do you think I would like sona to die…there is another climax..I currently won’t be able to write so frequently..because of personal issues…but you will get to know devaakshi’s fate next episode!

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