Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 25


The episode starts with Ishwari getting shocked to see sona.she remembers a hand full of blood leaving her hand.next she remembers a scream.
Ishwari:(completely shocked to see sona),Son..so..sona..sonakshi?
Dev:Ma?sona?do you know eachother?
Sona pulls dev by the side and:dev I will tell you everything..

8 years ago;
Ishwari,asha,sonakshi,Elena are Travelling in a bus.then 3 bikes come and scarily dressed men step into the bus.they pull sona,Elena and ishwari out.asha screams for help and one men applies chlorofoam on her nose.asha stays unconscious for a while while the 3 men Attack sona,Ishwari and Elena.
Sona:Aunty Ji..Aunty ji..pls help me..
Ishwari:darr mat beta..bhagvan humare saath hai.
Elena:sona di!pls help!
Sona:nothing will happen ele;
A gunshot and scream is heard.sona falls down,full of blood.
Ishwari:beta?beta?ele beta iss Beti ka naam kya hai?
Elena:Aunty my name is Elena and she is sonakshi pls help us.
Ishwari:sonakshi?sonakshi beta?beta wake up!
Ishwari and Elena rush sonakshi to the hospital..

After a few hours..
Ishwari:kya Hua beta?are Yiu okay?kya Hua?beta?
Elena:di?are you okay di*hugs sona*
Doctor:dekhiye ms dixit,sonakshi Bose is fine.you can bring her home.
Ishwari:thank you dactar saab.
Sona holds ishwari’s hand as she is about to leave.
Ishwari:kya Hua sonakshi?
Sonakshi:thank you.
Ishwari smiles and leaves.
Coming back to the flashback:
Dev:are you okay?im so sorry I wasn’t there.
Sona:I didn’t know you dev so it’s okay Jaan.
Ishwari:sona beta,tum yaha..
Sona:actually ..me ..
Ishwari:bolo beta.
Sona:I want to..
Dev:sonakshi loves me and I love her,her family has agreed and we want to marry.what do you say Ma?
Ishwari stands still.

Precap:Ishwari is seen in a Jewellery shop with sona choosing Jewelry for sona

Credit to: Nishi

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  4. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    Wow Nishi it’s superb 🙂

  5. Again amazing flashback……sona and ishwari in shop …..precap seems interesting………..

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