Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 23


Sona looks at suman’s pic(who is not alive because of the fatal accident)
Sona:di,dekho,aapki choti si Jaan itni badi hogayi..itni badi that I have fallen In love di!!!okay wait,before you start your 1000 word interrogation,pls let me complete.name:dev dixit,age:21(because this was when they were in college),occupation:currently a very dashing and caring boy in college who loves his Mother and sisters a lot.di I have chosen the right person right?
She smiles and lights the diya(candle)in front of suman.
Sona:waise shravan Jiju misses you a lot..Everyday,he thinks about you.okay okay I have to go now,I have college class,so bye!i love you!
In college…
Sona is standing at the corridor while dev comes in with a bunch of roses and a ring secretly.
Sona:dev!actually I wanted to say something.
Dev:me too.
Sona:pehele tum.
Dev:nehe tum.
Both I say I love you together.sona and dev are laughing and then they are shocked.
Dev:will you..will you..
Sona:will I marry you?
Dev:I love you.will you pls pls marry me?
Sona:will I pls pls say yes?yes!!
Dev and sona hug.behind the pillars,shocked Natasha is infuriated and wants to break this relationship.
Natasha:that’s it,dev was mine,is mine and forever mine.
During a physics class,they had to choose
a partners for a project.natasha till now has partnered dev.
Natasha:okay let’s go..let’s sign our names as partners.

Dev:no I’m going with sonakshi.
Natasha:what but why?you always partner

Dev:not always..I’m bored of you Natasha..
Natasha:what???how dare you??
Another nerdy boy comes and..

Nerd(abhinav):hello Natasha ji,would you like to be my partner ?

Natasha:what Ji?get lost!i will kill you for this dev.
Sonakshi:so who is your partner?
Sonakshi:sorry what?
Dev:since we are going to be life partners,why don’t we start Nieto be partners?
Sonakshi:aww that’s so sweet dev!
Natasha:aww that’s so sweet dev(imitating sona).sweet my foot.all this sweetness will go away Sonakshi Bose.my promise.

Precap:will dev and sonakshi’s love story go forward or will Natasha cause a problem?

I’m so sorry that’s it is short,actually I have fever,so I’m not too fit to write for too Long.

Credit to: Nishi

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  1. Nice Nishi….. Get well soon dear….

  2. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    I loved the way u used suman’s character Nishi and as usual u r rocking 🙂

  3. By saying dat he’s bored of Her,Dev ne Natasha ki ego ko hurt kiya h..ab wo for sure revenge legi

  4. Get well soon dear……loved u r epi….that ilu, marry part was very cute…..and nuts being jealous…Lol….

  5. Thanks everyone!!?❤️?And aarti di,what’s ego?

  6. Ego is… A thing that person thinks is his self esteem but is actually how one feels about his importance. If a personsays dat his ego is hurt then he feels dat he is not getting that much respect or attention or importance from the second person… Hope this makes it clear

    1. It’s very clear tks!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. N ya once again nice episode dear nishi devakshi was cute take care n get well soon

  8. nishi get well soon…and vry beautiful epi…. proposing part was very nyc..

    1. Thanks!!❤️??❤️❤️??????

  9. wow awesome Nishi….. n get we soon….

    n tanya n sana i m frm kutch…

    1. That’s great…..

  10. Where’s next part dear?????eagerly waiting yaar…

    1. Sorry di,I’m trying my best to write..but I just can’t because my condition is very critical and I need complete bed rest??

      1. Ohhh….I m sorry nishi….u r in critical condition …take rest dear…and get well soon….

      2. Thanks!?❤️❤️

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