Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 22

Recap: sonakshi and dev go for dinner at a certain restaurant when they find Natasha going in the same restaurant.

The episode starts with sona and dev’s sweet fight.
Sona:oh no! Ab kya kare?
Dev:Maine phone par bataya to tha..that Natasha is coming lets go somewhere else.
Sona: dev ek dum akadu Ho tum,tumi jaano yeh baath,maari batayana Che?(sorry guys my Bengali is horrible)
Dev: sona,I know in stress you will curse me in Bengali but even in stress,I don’t understand Bengali!!hindi or English pls..
Sona:u are just impossible..ab Kya kare.
Natasha is heading towards them and to prevent Natasha seeing dev or sona,dev starts to kiss sona so that her face would be covered.
Sona:how dare you!(she whispers).
Dev:I’m so sorry but there was no other way out sonakshi.
Sona:there were 1000 other ways..u just didn’t think dev.
Dev:okay you want to fight or run away from Natasha maharani?
Sona:okay let’s run.

Sona and dev are going to go out and dev sees Natasha with another guy.
Dev:yeh kaun hai?
Sona is shocked looking at Natasha and the guy.
Sona: dhruv?
dev:who is dhruv?
Sona:the one with Natasha.dhruv.my Brother.
Sona and dev look at eachother shocked:don’t tell me,dhruv and Natasha…no no no no..we need to stop them..but how??kuch Socho dev!
Dev:you think I’m Einstein..even I’m scared…let me think.
Dev:ya baba wait.
Sona:or chod,hum college me baath karenge..Natasha se
They both leave without the realisation of Natasha,who is now buried in dhruv’ arms.
On the way..
Dev:oh no ,we came here by a cab..but we won’t get Any cab now..
Sona:okay let’s walk then.but pavement me,actually jab me choti Thi na,I had a Sister called suman.i lost her when she was walking with her fiancè and she met with a fatal accident.
Dev:Oh no!im so sorry!who was her fiancè?actually I know a suman and a shravan as her fiancè.whats the full name?
Sona:tumi jaano?
Dev:sonakshi kya jaano jaano?
Sona: how do you know?
Dev:oh my god,that means your sister’s fiancè is my Best Friend,shravan malothra,lawyer.right?
Sona:are you serious?omg this came as a surprise.
Suman and shravan make an entry.

Precap: suman helps sona express her love for dev,and shravan helps dev express his for sona?will dev and sona be together?what happened to Natasha and dhruv?

Sorry guys if it is short..actually I am not feeling well so I really can’t type for Long so pls excuse me if you find my article short.and also I have included suman and shravan not as ekdv characters but as krpkab characters.so this is not a combined serial ff.thanks?

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  1. Is Suman dead or alive?

  2. started readinh ur stories..its good keep it up…ur good at story telling…lyk u say bout ur age nd all nd den support d same using fake profiles of fata,ananya… watever it was….gal i am in singapore from last 2 yrs…with full confidence i can tell u dat u nd ur age story is lie….could you pls tell me ur school name…juat want to check if a school of its kind exists where 7 yr old kid can think and write to this extent..u r funny nishi….u know what one comment where i read aboiy this 7 yr old thing forced me to read all the comments on ur ff and was surprised to see the way u r fooling people over here.

  3. might b wondering how come i be so sure..look at the commenta of fatarajo and tanya..content might be diff but u will feel that they arw coming from the same person…using ‘ Wow’ xactly this way for both . using ‘love’ . also if they know each other they can contact each other thr social sites .why would a writer wan to spoil comment section wid her relatives description unless she has intention to prove something so desperately.

    1. Haha isn’t it so funny gp?okay firstly I’m from Paya Lebar Methodist girls school primary.its funny about the fact that none of you can forget Ananya di and you guys literally see everyone in Ananya.no one else has the right to write an ff?im sorry if I’m rude but I’m tired didi.why can’t I have a talent.and joyee didi and Tanya are are my accounts according to you?how should I prove it they are not?and what’s your problem if I say I love them?must I only love my relatives?tanya,joyee,aarti,nita didi have all been supporting me from the start and I think I have developed that closeness with which I think u can’t judge.look,I Guess I’m being rude here,but can u just forget Ananya di n let others do it?tanya and joyee di pls say something

      1. Pevees aka Ishram

        Gp, I hope u have heard of the word child prodigy. If u can accept ppl like Sachin Tendulkar played excellent crickect as a kid why cant Nishi write soo well at her age. Child prodigy is for every field singing dancing sports and yeah even writing. And I think ppl are not jobless to have multiple accounts here and comment and reply to ur accounts.

        And Nishi good that u dint reveal ur details.

      2. and nishi u dnt need to prove anyone that u r innocent …let the people say what they r saying leave them and say them to go to hell !!!!!! u just keep writing such awesome ffs….

    2. hey gp!!!!!i can’t think that a person think so cheap like this extent and say that a ff writer(nishi) for increasing her comments use fake accounts…..u r really narrow-minded person gp…….u noticed in nishi’s previous ffs that my and joyee’s di comment might be same….its just coincidence….u r saying that nishi was using sympathy of all by telling that she’s just 7 yrs old….but have u ever notice that she had reveal this only when someone ask her about her std or age….and i m not relative of nishi or joyee di……i m living in gujarat and a well mature 16 yrs old…..and u gp can see my comments on other ffs too i love all ffs equally…because i love devakshi…….and u said tht we r using words like “love u loads” its very common…..in our gujarat come once u became surprise because here with any person we interact we call them”kem cho bhai or bhen”(how r u brother or sister) so same here also i m close to all ff writers and gradually we all became frnds..and in frnds its natural to use word “love”……and yes i m always there to appreciate nishi because she is really very talented at this age compare to me cause when im at age of 7 i was very bad in english even now also….u gp can see example of her maturity that even when joyee di ask her about home address she didnt reveal….

      1. And we have no time to make accounts and reply on them…….and after reading ur funny comment i came to conclusion that u r jealous of our very talented nishi….haahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….and don’t even dare to doubt or say like this to nishi or any person…….GOT THAT GP

      2. and sorry if anyone felt that my words are harsh……but i cant control my anger….so sorry…….

  4. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Hey gp I m not related to Nishi at all and I m speaking the truth actually the fact is I don’t find anyone from singapore so finally I found Nishi that’s why I m talking with her see I m very talkative and I got even more surprised when I see her awesome ff like how can someone write so well at a young age honestly speaking if u read this ff based on her Age it’s too good and if u see this comparing with other ff maybe it’s because tey are good in their own way. I can’t write so well when I was 7 I used to pass English with difficulty 😛 I was quite curious how some writes so much better despite so young
    Thanks for clearing and Tanya I really really don’t know her in real life don’t know why u r saying like this

  5. And Nishi I saw ur comment in previous episode I m happy you did the wise thing it’s better not to reveal personal details and really you are very matured and say Hi on behalf of me to ananya too miss her comments and yes I just mention my blk no. Well there are so many flats in this blk that one will take a year to find me 😛 so that’s why I never give unit no. I hope I can somehow see u accidentally at the bus stop lol 😛

    1. Haha yes!i will surely

    2. U can spot Ananya didi because I take school bus,but Ananya di takes public bus so maybe you can spot her.

  6. Nice episode.. Dev’s idea of escaping from Natasha was really awesome;)

  7. Funny epsode Nishi…

  8. Compltly different Dev… nice n funny

  9. again a comic and amazing epi…..very good and love u loads nishi dear…….

  10. Hey, nishi im tanya’s frnd..u r brillint . Ur stories is so nice at this small age u wrote vry nice stories and let the world say anything to u . U will not stop on writting this and im fully satisfied wid tanya ……Keep it up ….nishi..god bless u

  11. And yes i also think that gp is really jealous from u . U had wrote, uhave to writ and u will write….im also wid u tanya

    1. Thanks didi!!!thank you all for supporting me!

  12. Hello Nishi, dont feel bad if smone not saying good abt you, you just keep it up. I the starting I was too wondering tht at the age of 7 how can you write such story. But i though why not. If you are talented you can do anything. Age is no bar. So i also support you like others. And the way you write someshere itself shows tht you are a kid..?

    1. Thank you?❤️?❤️?

  13. Ya nishi after reading all the comments n appreciation surely gp is jealous but u don’t get disheartened dear… loved the episode n yaa take care of Ur health

  14. jealous…as if she is doing a nobel work….lolzzz….i already praised her for her writing in my very first line of my comments…reason for my reaction was the story in the comments..especially the 7 yr old thing and comments like she is my frnd..she is my frnds sister..she is my sister’s frnd..no actually she is my cousin.. nd bla bla….better do it on fb or twitter .Comment section is meant for commenting on the story. not for anyone to create stories or discuss families….enough sites are avlbl for that.

    1. I think we r not here to take ur opinions that what we should talk and not ……..and what problem u have if we talk about our age or place……and if u have any problem then why r u wasting ur time here to teach us about sites and reading our alllllllllll comments……..

  15. Nishi dear its awesome…. at this small age u write so well…. keep it up…..

    n tanya u mind if i ask u from where in Gujarat???? Actually i m also from Gujarat so….

    1. I m from Vadodara

      1. And in which city u live Nita??

    2. Hi nita and tanya i m also frm gujrat … I m frm surat… Where u live in gujrat??

  16. Nice one…. Where is next part??

    1. Di,I have submitted my next episode..i wonder why it’s taking so Long to upload..and guys pls forgive me cuz I have fever and I’m not feeling to strong to write Long articles so my articles are at a average length..sorry?

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