Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 21


Recap:sonakshi and dev remember what were the problems they went through before sonakshi became preganant.

The episode starts with dev looking outside at the window.
Dev is lost in thoughts.
Dev comes to his senses:yes?

Sona:kya Hua dev?
A tear rolls down dev’s cheeks.
Sona:dev?tum teek to Ho na?kya Hua Jaan?itna parishaan que lagtheho?*cups his face*
Dev:I was thinking about college.natasha,you and me..
Sona:come on dev,it’s the past.okay.tume pathahai,that If u share it,the stress or pain would lessen.tell me about it!

A black car makes a stylish entry in st Jonathan’s college.a pair of blue jeans are shown,and then followed by a half sleeve black t shirt. It is none other than dev.dev was the most popular kid in college,because of his charming looks,and ofcourse,his money which girls used to be giggi gaaga about.
Girl 1:oh my god!he is here!dev!!!!so cute!!!
Girl 2:*screams*mere to abhi good morning shuru huihai!

Pearl earrings a shown.then a white simple top with a green skirt and a red scarf on top.she is a very beautiful girl and she is none other than Natasha.
Natasha:hi dev.
Dev:hi nats.did you miss me?
Natasha:no hahahaha.
Dev:you didn’t miss your Boyfriend?bad manners.
Natasha:dev?!?[suprised tone]acha have you heard,there is this new girl called sonakshi Bose.she is quite pretty.she was actually waiting outside the principal’s office.i don’t know whether she is still there.lets go meet her.
Dev:okay let’s go.
Outside the principal’s office.
Dev:hi,I am dev.
Sona:hi i am sonakshi.nice to meet you dev.and you are?(pointing at Natasha)
Dev:she is my Girlfriend,Natasha.okay have to go,see you around.
Sona(in her mind): aise ladko ko aisehi ladki chaiye.itni style thi uss..kya..kya naam tha..ya Natasha..hmm..
Dev:wo sonakshi quite pretty hai.
Natasha starts to feel jealous.
The day at college is over and sonakshi is going home.
Sonakshi turns:ya?
Dev:you want to go for dinner tonight?like me and you alone…
Sona:and what about Natasha?
Dev:Natasha?who Natasha?

Sona:dev,u very well know that which Natasha I am talking about.
Dev:ya,so dinner?
Sona:Natasha bura nehe manegi?aur aapka family?
Dev:waterway restaurant,sharp 8 pm.see you there senorita.
Sona smiles and walks away.
She turns and looks at dev who is walking straight.when sona turns back,dev looks at her.
When dev is thinking about sona he gets Natasha’s call.
Natasha:dev,would you like to go to waterway restaurant today at 8 pm?are you free?
Dev:no I’m not
Natasha:kya karreheho?
Dev:wo…wo..mere Ma ka Cousin ka dost ka padosi ka kuttha margaya to uska funeral par jarehehai.
Natasha:are you serious?
Natasha:okay never mind.i will be at waterway anyway.
Dev gets worried.if Natasha sees dev and sona together,mahabarat 3 shuru hojayega.dev calls sona.
Sona:ek aur ganta hai.
Dev: we are not going to waterway we are going to minton restaurant.
Sona:why change of place?
Sona:(she thinks that Natasha has come and puts down the phone)
Dev:hello?hello?sonakshi?hello?kamaal hai?aise hi call kaatdi?oh no,ab main kya karu?i will just meet her in waterway and bring her to Minton.
Sona meets dev.

Dev:mere call que kaatdi?
Sona:que ke Natasha ayi Thi!
Dev:kya Natasha?
Dev looks.
Dev:mudje patha nahi that whether Natasha ayi Thi ya nahi.abhi chalna padega.i wanted to tell you not to meet here because Natasha is coming.agar hum saath ko dekha..
Sona:oh no!pehele que nehe bataya dev?
Dev:batana koshish kiya..but tumne call kaatdi..
Sona:oh no..ab kya kare?

Precap:dev and sona find methods to run away from Natasha.[comedy and romance sequences]

Credit to: Nishi

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  1. I’m sorry about the locations of the restaurant,because I don’t live in Delhi so I don’t know..but Minton and waterway are places in Singapore so pls pardon me for using non existed names of restaurants in Delhi

    1. No problem abt restaurant names dear..u worry a lot..chillax

    2. who is ananya di?????

      1. Ananya di is my Cousin.actually joyee didi’s Friend studies in the same school as Ananya di!and joyee di lives opposite Ananya didi and my school.

      2. Actually nishi I’m not on instagram…..so sorry for that because I m going to busy after when my results of 10th declare……..

      3. But I will never forgot u in future….we stay in touch here…..with all frnds….

      4. Awww that’s so sweet di!!thanks!!!

    3. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

      Well I am Joyee it’s my nickname Fatarajo is from the first two alphabets of my name in my full name mixed like jo is from Joyee 🙂 and yes I also live in singapore

      1. Joyee di are you on Instagram?

  2. Precap looks interesting..running away from Natasha..hehe

  3. what a comedy epi!!!!!!hahahaaaaa…………keep entertain us with ur next part soon…………waiting….

    1. Thanks!!

  4. Ishram aka Pevees

    Epic comedy. The phone convo was really good

  5. Nishi dear it was awesome….. u write so well at this young age…
    sorry i could not comment for previous episodes as i had an exam yesterday…. so i read the previous 4 episodes now…. nice episodes….

    1. I hope your exam went well nita di! Thank you so much!love you loads??❤️

      1. love u too baby…….
        u r in which class dear?!

      2. P1!umm grade 1 I think???❤️?

  6. Nishi it’s awesome as usual and Wah u use waterway in this ff sia 😛 and yes cant wait for next part
    And btw where do u live ? I live at blk 124 🙂

    1. Sorry di,it’s not that I don’t trust you but didi is very protective and would not like me to expose my personal info like my address and all.i hope you understand!?

    2. Singlish and all ah!!!nice!!loving it and loving you❤️❤️?!i love you all for supporting me so far!!!tanya,joyee,aarti,nita and a bunch of others!!!i love you so much and I hope to bring the best ff to you!!

  7. nice episode and phone convo

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