Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 20


Hi guys,actually there has been an error in my article,actually I forgot to put in flashback when sonakshi started to get dizzy and all .so for a few episodes,I would be writing about sona’s pregnancy and problems during her pregnancy caused by Natasha.im starting as a flashback just to avoid confusion.

FLASHBACK(1 year ago)
Sona starts to feel dizzy one day when she wakes up,and ishwari assumes she is preganant.when they go to consult the doctor about the pregnancy,the doctor says that sonakshi can never become a Mother,and after they leave upseted,the doctor calls Natasha,and says
Doctor: yes nats!you a genius.ab dekhna,dev aur sonakshi kese ek saath rehenge..
Natasha laughs over the phone
Natasha:(mummers under her breath)you are only mine dev!only mine!you get that!she hugs the picture that dev and her took together when they were a couple in college(will tell the college flashback later).
Sona reaches home with dev and ishwari asks,
Ishwari:sonakshi beta!kya Hua?reports Kya hai?(in an excited tone)
Sona is quiet and bends Down her head
Ishwari:(comes closer)and sonakshi?kya Hua beta?
Sona starts to tear and rushes up.
Ishwari:kya Hua dev beta?(worried tone now)
Dev:Ma,wo doctor kerehethi that sona kabhi Ma nehe bansakthhai.
Ishwari: oh no!bichari!abhi usae baath karthihu.
Dev:Ma nehe;I will talk to her.
Ishwari:khud ki baath samaal nehe sakthahai,ladki yo ke baath me nehe pasjana teke?im her Mother in law just like a Mother who understand a feeling of a Mother so chup kar.
Ishwari goes up to see sona crying:
Ishwari:sonakshi!*sits beside her*beta it’s okay.sometimes in life,jo humko chaiye wo nehe milta.so,just Cheer up beta!
Sonakshi hugs Ishwari and
Sona:pathahai Ma,Maine aur devne sapne dekthethe.aur Jab wo sapne tootjatehai,bohot dard Hota hai.i feel I have not been fair with dev.im so sorry dev.*cries aloud*
Dev comes in:sona,aise baat bolegi na to main tapad maarunga.
Ishwari leaves.
Sona:I’m so sorry dev!i couldn’t give you our dream,our abhi.
Dev:don’t worry my love.sab teek hai!there is nothing more important than you.

1 MONTH LATER(still in flashback)
Sona starts to get rashes.
Dev:*takes a look at her hand*sona?kya Hua?yeh rashes?
Sona:I don’t know it’s been there for a month.
Dev:chalo,Doctor ke paas chalthehain.
Sona:dev,itni si choti baath keliye;
Dev:shhhh..we are going go get ready sonakshi.

At the clinic.
Doctor:*after Analysing sonakshi’s report*congratulations your Wife is pregnant
me dixit!congratulations Mrs dixit.
Dev and sona look at eachother shocked.
Dev:look doctor,there has been some error I think,because last time we went for a check
up,the doctor said that sona can never become a Mother.
Doctor: look I don’t know,but you see sonakshi’s results are positive.she is 4 months pregnant.who is doctor You consulted?i know all the Doctors.i will complain about her.
Sonakshi: dr Anuksha kothi?
Doctor:sorry Mrs dixit,but there is no doctor
like that,you have been tricked I think.
Sona and dev:aise kaun karega?anyways thank you so much Doctor

They find out Natasha is behind all this when sonakshi eavesdrop Natasha’s planning with Anuksha(the fake doctor).

Dev:how dare you ms Natasha gujral?how dare you upset my Wife?huh?i won’t spare

Natasha:oh wow,dev,so smart,ab mere Sacha rang pathachala..to kya karoge..oh so sad..dad ke saath business deal sign karna was not a
good idea na?
Sona holds dev’s hand and nods.
Dev:I will declined business partnership with

Natasha:do whatever you want,but just don’t take revenge from dev,I’m a really bad girl my

Dev:firstly,only my loved ones like my Sister,Wife and Mother call me dev,for others,I am mr dixit.got that ms gujral?

Natasha:yes sir!oops?just get lost dev.
sona:you get lost because this my Husband’s,my Mother in law’s,my Sister in law’s and my house.so You get lost ms Natasha.got that?
Natasha:zyada smart mat banao sonakshi.well well wait for revenge now babe.gotta go.c ya.
Dev is lost in thoughts and sona disturbs him.
Sona:kya Hua dev?
Dev:nothing ,I was thinking about my past..Natasha and me and You..I can never forget that.
Sona: dev,beetay kal ko aise yaad nehe rakna chaiye.come on share it out you will feel Better.

Precap:dev shares his past with sona.

Credit to: Nishi

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  1. HI nishi… a request plz make ur dialogues more clear dear…and write carefully, there is no space btwb so many words… plz take care of ths dear…

    1. Sorry asmita di,but my phone is like that.it automatically creates spaces but I can’t mend that because I can’t track back what I have written.but okay,I will try my best to write without many spaces.

  2. Ur r doing very well….ur ffs r going interesting day by day…… And I love flashbacks……

    1. Thanks so much Tanya di! I love you loads❤️❤️

  3. Nice..u r much more talented than normally children of your age r

    1. Thank you so much aarti di!

  4. Fatarajo(KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    OMG Nishi what a twist really I love ur writing

  5. Ishram aka Pevees

    Hey Nishi just read it. It is really good.

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