Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 19


recap:sona gets kidnapped and dev sees the kidnapper who is vicky.

The episode starts with dev following the van sona has been kidnapped with,and dev ends up in a filthy den.there,hiding behind the doors,dev sees sona who is unconscious because of chlorofoam.vicky is seen giving money to someone,who has devilish looks.
It is none other than Radha Rani.
Dev(mutters in a confused tone):maami?vicky ke saath iss?huh?oh no..mudje sona ko bachana hi padega.
Vicky and maami go inside,while dev enters and carries sona in his arms and goes out.he brings her home.ishwari,Nikki,riya,neha are all very concerned.
Ishwari:dev!kya Hua sona ko?sona beta?uto!!sona aaken kholo.sona mere taraf dekho beta.
Nikki:bhabhi!!pls wake up!!bhabhi!!??
Neha and riya utter the same.
Dev:main Doctor ko bulatahu.
Dev calls the doctor.the Doctor arrive.
Doctor:what happened actually mr dixit?
Dev:hum road par walk karrehethe and actually ajaanak ek van aya aur sona ko utaakar Andar daalke bhaaggaya.
Doctor:oh my god?who is that kidnapper?did You see his or her face?
Dev:vicky and maami.(says in a Low tone)
Everyone is shocked.
Ishwari:bhabhi itni girihui hai mudje nehe pathatha.aur vicky bhi?
Just then doctor goes and sona wakes up.
Ishwari:arae sonakshi,how are you feeling beta?
Nikki:bhabhi how are you feeling?
Sona:I’m okay Ma,I’m okay Nikki,don’t worry!
Dev:tumne mudje daradiya.(says in a retarded tone)
Sona:*pinches her two ears*and says sorry.
Dev hugs her.everyone hugs her.
On the other side when maami and vicky come back to the place where sona has been placed they are shocked to see sona Not there.
Maami:ek bhi kaam dang Se nehe karsaktha!ekdum nalayak.hmm.(annoyed tone)

Next morning,sona wakes up to see everything blur.she tries to rub her eyes,but the blurness doesn’t go away.she starts to feel giddy.when she gets up to go to the washroom,she faints.thats when dev comes up to see sona on the floor,again unconscious.
Ishwari,neha,Nikki and riya come there.
Ishwari:kya Hua beta(worried tone)
Dev:(runs to sona and puts on the bed and calls the doctor again)
Doctor comes and says after testing:don’t worry mr dixit.this is very common case when you are of a age span of 27-30.sonakshi feels dizzy again during breakfast and ishwari senses something.sonakshi ends up vomitting after brekafast and ishwari says that she might be pregnant.when dev and sona go to consult a doctor for confirmation of pregnancy,after results,doctor concludes that sonakshi can never become a Mother.this deeply upsets sonakshi and dev consoles her with much difficulty.
Sona:dev,look at our dreams and look at reality.we had dreamt that we would have a Son called abhi,and his nick name would be anshu.im so sorry dev.im so sorry.
Dev:*cups her face*hey,(soft tone)(wipes her tears and says:don’t worry sona.even if we cannot have a baby,we have eachother,don’t even think that I’m not happy without a baby.you are there for me and that’s enough.

Precap:sonakshi and dev find out that the reports were fake and Natasha who is still crazy after dev,changed the reports,thinking this would upset dev and dev would go away from sona.

Credit to: Nishi

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  1. What is this ??? In previous episodes u told that devakshi has a child… And now this …. If u dont know how to write a ff then dont write it… U r dissapointing people…

    1. I think its flashback..from morning…she forgot to write or may be she had definitely any surprise for us which nishi reveal in her upcoming episodes……because from 15th ff nishi started story after 2 yrs….sooo I thought now she started story between devakshi’s marriage till their son…

      1. Possible

      2. Haha you revealed everything di!that was exactly what I thought.sorry sana di,maybe I wasn’t so clear.and I forgot to put the words flashback.

      3. Sorry nishi dear, I expose ur idea but really at age of 7 such a great story and twist came in ur mind…hats off to u dear nishi!!!!!

    2. I m sorry nishi if i hurt u … Plzz keep it up..

      1. Don’t say sorry di!im sorry for boring you!i will make sure all of you love it.

  2. What happened to the kid in prev episodes. Nishi think u got confused. Pls clarify.

  3. Confusing..but still nice

    1. Thanks and sorry

  4. Good work Nishi, as you only & and writing this, that should be appreciable. Try to improve your writing skills and make things more clear dear.

  5. Agree with u asmita but nishi u have nice ideas n keep up the good work

    1. Thanks!

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