Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 18

It’s early in the morning and sona just woke up.
Dev:good morning Jaan!coffee?

Sona:dev?tumare tabhiat teek haina?
Sona:no,u usually wake up later than me,and expect me to serve coffee,so I’m just asking mata nehe kharab hena?
Dev:ya ya very funny.
Sona giggles.
Sona:kya khaas hai?(she knows it’s her birthday but she wants to c if dev remembers)
Dev:aaj?aaj ummm..mr Khan,mr shrivastav,mr hooda ke saath meeting hai.aur kya?
Sona:tume yaad nehe hai?

Sona:kuch nehe(in an upset manner),get ready for office I will make breakfast for you.
Dev smiles when sona is gone.dev comes out of the room behind sona and signals Nikki to start the plan.nikki is just done signalling him when,
Sona:Nikki,what will you have for breakfast today?
Nikki:nothing bhabhi(stammers)
Sona:arae,aise kese?i will make some sandwich or something light.
Nikki:no no..

Nikki:ok fine.
Sona:that’s like my girl!abhi laathihu.umm Nikki aaj koi khaas baath hai?
Nikki:no?actually ya,(sona gets excited),mere dost Sonali ka kuttha ka birthday hai,or katrinaki wedding ki anniversary!!
Sona(in her mind): inae sab yaad hai,mere birthday nehe yaad hai.
Nikki smiles and signals riya.
Sona is going to riya’s room expecting her to remember her birthday.but she doesn’t.
Sona sadly sits on the Swing outside,when everyone surprises her with cake,gifts and hugs and kisses along with wishes!
Sona:OMG!tum logo ko yaad tha!
Dev:obviously!mere Jaan ki birthday bhoolsakthehain?

Nikki,riya,neha:ya ya we can’t forget bhabhi’s birthday!
Everyone cuts the cake with sona and does the cake rasam(tradition)(the putting of cake on the face).everyone laughs.

Sona and dev are walking down the road talking when a explosion is heard. Dev goes to see the explosion and takes one step away from sona and that’s when sona is carried and thrown into a van.the kidnapper’s mask accidentally falls off and dev sees vicky as the kidnapper.
Dev mutters:abhey kameene,besharam,apni bhabhi ko utaake legaya.ab to tumare vaat Lagne vale hain.i promise I won’t let anything happen to my sona.

Precap:Not revealing.wait and watch!

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  1. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Wow very cute episode but the ending :O sona kidnapped stupid Vicky can’t wait for next part Leh . And btw Nishi oh yes my friend is in sec 1 express and her name is Ismat btw what is your sister’s name I will ask her

    1. Oh ismot!!!my sister’s name is ananya.she is 1.6!ananya is not my actual Sister but my Cousin but still she is my Sister..I know ismot!!!but she doesn’t..my sister’s Friend knows ismot too!!

      1. And my Sister has met ismot in school definitely.tell ismot to tell her that she knows joyee.ananya di knows you because she used to comment on pyar ko Ho jaane do articles.

      2. Ananya didi wrote ff’s on reporters?huh?but she never used to watch it?she was so busy in her PSLE prep she only watched PKHJD which started after PSLE.

    2. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

      Well yes she knows my name as Joyee because her mother and my father are relatives so I am seeing her family since childhood as we stay nearby and go to mother tongue school together we used to be very close with each other but now my schooling end I study in NYP which is why I don’t go to mother tongue school anymore so I meet her very less these days but I will ask her about u when I meet her. Btw , I know ananya I read her reporters ff but I read first few only as I didn’t watch reporters much last year was my o level so I used to watch very less hindi serials like Manmarziyan, Ishq ka rang Safed and Pyaar Ko Ho Janne do only that too sometimes. And I started wtaching hindi serials again after my o-level exams ended and I think watch almost all was so bored lol 😛 now I only watch the two sony shows and dehleez i watch sometimes

  2. Now Vicky is gone..sometimes radha Rani n sometimes Vicky..dis mom-son duo cannot sit quietly for long.

  3. Stupid Vicky….nishi dev had use such harsh words first time for Vicky.. Wow it shows his care for his preety sonakshi….

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