Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 17

The episode starts with the court shown.sona,dev,neha,riya,nikki,ishwari are waiting in the court for the hearing to start.ranveer comes on one side and gives that hatred look to neha.riya and Nikki hold her shoulders and say that they are there for her.the hearing starts.
Ranveeer ‘s lawyer: my honour,ranveer jo bhi kiya,sahi kiya,ek aise ladki ko chodna chaiye.
Dev gets angered.
Sona:*holds him*and says it’s okay.
Neha’s lawyer (Elena):but your honour, ranveer aise ajanak bina vaaja ke neha dixit par inzaam nehe lagasakthehai.
After a Long hearing,the court finally decides that ranveer is the innocent one.
Neha starts to tear.everyone tries to console her.
Elena: neha di,I promise that ranveer ko saza miljeyega.
Neha:but I love him..
Sona:abhi bhi?
Dev:sona..you won’t understand the meaning of one sided crush it’s okay..
Sona recollects the time when she had a one sided crush on dev(current track ).
Sona:tume really lagta hai that I didn’t have a one sided crush?
Dev:how can you proof it that u did?

Sona:I don’t have to,because I know I did I have a one sided crush on you dev,after my
accident,I fell in love with You,but Natasha
came,and she just took you away from me.i came out of that world of love,to face the reality that we only shared a relationship of a boss
and employee.

Dev:but now we are husband and Wife.
Dev and sona smile(nose to nose)
Nikki:*clears the throat*,agar aap log apni romance khatam karchukehai,kya hum shopping jaasakthehain bhabhi?
Sona:ya why not?
Dev:abhi ko kaun samelega?
Sona:obviously dev..
Dev:par sona..
Sona:don’t be such a darpok dev,I know that you don’t like to change diapers,feed the baby food and all..but kya kare..agar baap banna nehe aatha to hum kya kare?
Nikki and sona laugh as they leave.
Dev smiles from the other side.
Bose household:
Elena:oh no oh no oh no oh no!!!!!
Asha(sona’s mom):kya Hua elena?
Elena:my engagement ring?i don’t know where I kept it?
Asha :arae,how is that possible?chalo lets search for it.
Elena:oh no maashi,now kabir is going to be so mad at me.
Asha:lo milgaya.dramebaaz
Elena:thank you maashi!i love you!

Precap:it’s sona birthday..and surprise!

Credit to: Nishi


  1. Peeves

    What’s up with Ranveer. Nikki seems to be at the wrong place at the wrong time all the time.

    Nishi I really wish these episodes come on air. They should start web series or something with ffs.

  2. Hey nishi it’s very nice sorry couldn’t comment last two days as I was super busy with my other activities well I m reading this ff now it’s mindblowing cute devakshi and I feel bad for neha. Keep up the good work, I m sure you are very good in English because I remember I used to score very badly for English in my primary and secondary? Btw u r P1 or P2

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