Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 16


The episode starts with maami entering the house with mahi,a look a like of natasha.
Abhi (devaakshi ‘s child):haw mummy mummy!chudail maami aur chudail nastasha agayi!
Sona and dev Rush down:sona carries abhi and says:haw,bado aise baath karthehain?bad manners right?say sorry baby.chalo chalo.
Abhi:sorry daadi,sorry nat didi.
Mahi and radha:it’s okay beta.wo beta,yeh nat didi nehe hai,yeh mahi didi hai.
Dev:yeh kya bolreheho maami?yeh natasha hi hai.
Radha:nehe beta,yeh natasha ka judwaa hai,mahi.tum dono ek saath college main padthete.
Mahi looks at sona and says:radha aunty Ji,yeh kaun hai?
Dev:wo meri;
Interrupted by radha:iss ghar ki naukar.
Dev:no mahi she is my wife and maami dislikes her so she treats her like a servant but for me sonakshi is like a gem.
Maahi:but radha aunty kehereheti that tumare shaadi abhi tak nehe hue?oh no!main itni buddhu ho!tumare baath pe aagaye?sorry dev,sorry sonakshi.bye
Radha:par ruko!mahi !mahi?!
Dev:aap jabbi mujko or aur sonakshi ko judaa karne ki koshish kartheho,then hum kareeb athahai..thank you maami.
Radha leaves.

Bose household:
Saurabh,asha and elena are watching tv when bijoy comes and mocks him about his business content again.they get into a ‘Father-son bonding time fight’ and that’s when the girls of the house stop the fight.
Saurabh:ruko baba,main abhi sona ko phone karthihu is mahabarat 2 keliye solution le aayegi.
Bijoy:aise tum kuch nehe karega.sona itni
se ek ghar main settle hui hai..aise hi buladiya mutlub?maar pitegi teri.
Saurabh:okay baba.

Elena:mesho,aap me kabhi pyar main pas..
Asha:elena,u can’t think of anything else can

Everyone shares a hearty laugh.

Dixit household
Sona: maami mudje que nafrat karthihai?
Dev:sab teek hojayega!dont worry jaan..
Dev and sona are hugging when Nikki comes.
Nikki:*clears throat *
Sona and dev separate in embarrassment.
Nikki:I will come later.
Sona:no no Nikki what is it?you look quite worried.
Nikki:neha di ayi he..luggage ke saath..wo bathaareheai that ranveer aur usne parivaar ne usae ghar Se nikaal diya.
Dev and sona:Kya?que?
Dev and sona rush down to see neha crying.they all console her.

Precap:ranveer tries to file a case against neha saying that she asked money from him(because of her affluence and his poverty).sona helps neha fight the case with Elena,who is doing a lawyer course.

Credit to: Nishi

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  1. Is it okay?is it not good?

  2. Tanya?joyee?

    1. Hi nishi, I’m here, very good yaar baby of dev sona superb…. I think if baby of them is girl in future then her name would be DEVAKSHI…. MISS DEVAKSHI DEV DIXIT.. how’s it???….pls tell me all of u….

  3. ?? ?? really Very nice… Waiting for the next part…precap luks interesting!!!!

  4. its awesome Nishi…. sorry i m not able to comment regularly…. but yes i read all your episodes….

  5. It is nice Nishi

  6. Nishi awesome episode.must say original writer of the show should take some ideas. Surely show will gain some trp. Btw how to upload a ff.

    1. Thanks!
      Steps to submit an article
      1.go onto the TOP left hand corner of the home page of kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi and click on submit article.
      2.type in your name,email and article,and type of article(fan fiction/episode analysis or whatever.)
      3.captcha concept: just do some math and answer what s the question.the answer is 5.

      All the best for your article and can’t wait to read it.nita,swen woni,peeves,thank you so much I hope to entertain You with more of my ff’s.

      Suman,If u have a problem in submitting tell me I can help You!!

  7. Hey nishi the episode was nice the track is very much different from the original keep it up

  8. Luvd d way abhi said chudail mami n chudail Natasha..d episode was comic, emotional, cute, awesome.

  9. hey Nishi let me comment genuinely here..nothing to dishearten u but just to open ur eyes…u r unnecessarily putting efforts..it ia very weird story..i mean who brings a look alike of a side character…u r simply spoiling the track in the worst way possible…pls stop..everytime i am about to read tellyupdateas ur stories appears nd then i end up closing the site without reading tellyupdates for krpkab…there is so much to do in lyf then why to waste ur time this way…ur gonna hate me for this but i wrote what i felt that too because it was affecting me…sorry

    1. Neeti di , thanks for openly expressing your opinions.im sorry for being the reason for you closing tells updates. Sorry for spoiling the track.i don’t have much to do in life,because I’m only in standard 1, and this is a thing none of you know, telly updates is my entertainment source and I have nothing else with me. God snatched away my parents, pls don’t tell me to stay away from this now neeti di?i really respect that you openly said u don’t like it but maybe I can restart from another POV?what say?

      1. really appreciate your spirit…the way u handled my comments 🙂 Standard 1..well this is something i really can not digest…i take tutions nd i know the mental level of 1st stdrd kids…even my niece who is born nd brought up in US is in 2nd stdrd…so i know that at this age u can learn facts/figures but the level of behaviour/reactions that are included in ur story comes frm experience whicj is very less for a kid of age 6-7 yrs….sorry to hear u lost ur parents….you said its source of entertainment for you..for me to tellyupdates is the same..but u know what is thw difference…i work in ofdc, take tutions then at the EOD read tellyupdates….but for you it seema you keep thinking about the serial story and all that is obsession dear not entertainment…i had same in my school time..but i realised on time that it was affecting me and my studies…in case my suggestion helps…njoy..play..meet people..expolre things..learn as much as you can.. gud luck 🙂

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