Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 15

2 years later in the dixit household.

A 1 year old boy is shown and he is trying to walk and he falls.elena makes an entry and carries the child..
Elena:ololo my bacha..did you miss maashi?(she is the maashi/aunt)
Dev comes down buttoning up his coat and
Dev:Elena?tum yaha?
Dev takes the baby from Elena.

Dev:how are you my baby?did you sleep well?did mumma sing a lullaby for you?awww my sweetie…
Elena:wow Jiju,aap itni ache Father Ho mujde nehe pathatha!sona ki training hai kya?
Dev:Elena,tu chup re,mudje ache baap banna aathai.
Elena:*makes that oh as if face*
Sona makes an entry wearing a red patiala and white kurti and a messy bun.
Sona:yeh abhi bhi na ..dood nehe peena chaata..badmaash ladka..
Sona then stops to see Elena and dev.
Sona:Elena?omg!i can’t believe this?its you!ek saal baad…Omg!
She hugs Elena.elena hugs back.

Elena:chalo,I need to rush off to college,I just came to say hi since your house was on the way!so bye!!
Sona and dev:bye!!!
After Elena leaves,dev is about to leave for office,
Sona:dev wait!you are foregetting something!
Dev:oh really?is it a kiss from my Wife?its been so Long sona!!come on!!
Sona:stop being such a flirt and go to office.you forgot to eat curd from mumma.aaj tera bohot important meeting hai na?jao mumma ka haath Se dahi khaake jao.
Ishwari:*shouts*dev beta! Main deepti Aunty se baath karreheho..mudje disturb mat karna!dahi sona Se khao!

Sona:mr obodro she laughs,and imitates dev’s chal.
Dev:one more thing.


Dev comes closer to sona and sona starts to
shy away.

Sona:dev no you are not going to tickle me.
Dev:revenge to milna padega.
Sona:dev no*giggles*dev I’m very ticklish.

Dev:so next time don’t laugh at me.
Sona:yes sir!
Both hug and dev leaves for office

Sona:chal iss anshu ka bacha dekna padega.anushu!!!!
Nikki:bhabhi yaha aaja!!
Sona:kya Hua nikki??
Nikki:just come!
Sona reaches Nikki’s room,and sees the beautiful collage that she made of dev and sona’s journey.
Nikki:happy early anniversary bhabhi!!!

Sona hugs Nikki:thank You baby!!

Precap:Radha again makes an entry with mahi,a girl who was crazy for dev in college.

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  1. Iss radha ka problem kya hai.

  2. Nice episode Nishi

    1. Thanks peeves.tanya,joyee,aarti where are all of you?acha nehe tha kya?

      1. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

        Hey sorry nishi couldn’t comment as I was busy yesterday n today was busy due to co-curricular activities and also my relatives r here that’s why 🙂

      2. Ohh nishi dear..here I’m. that’s not matter that I not like u r epi.. its awesome yaar…but actually I have just read it..and now I’m busy with classes….that’s why now I can’t comment daily..but I assure u that I will definitely comment and read all ff’s whenever I get time….hope u understand..

      3. Sorry…

  3. Dis radha mami is an irritating pest..but Devakshi’s son..wow yaar so cute

  4. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    It’s awesome nishi just read episode 14 n 15 together loved devakshi parts so cute 🙂 loved the devakshi son’s part awww

  5. nishi gr8 is radha rani apne aapko kya samaj kar baitha hai abhi toh devakshi ka shaadi hogaya aur bacha bhi is paagal maami ko kisine mar do na

    1. Haha,don’t worry do you really think I would allow dev to allow mami in the house?

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