Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 14


Recap:dev and sona are confirmed to get married after some nice and embarrassing moments.they are at the marrige venue and are about to get married.

The episode starts with dev and sona taking 7 nuptial rounds vowing that they would take care of their life partner and never leave them or betray them.finally the ceremony is complete smoothly,much to the chargrin of Radha Rani.
Radha(mummers):iss bengalan ko nikaal na padega…vicky ek acha ladka hoga..ek sadi hui insaan ko aise hi ladki milna chaiye..bekar ki.
Nikki overhears this..:oh no,shit,maami is planning to kick out bhabhi,I should do something.

Dev and sona come home.sona kicks the rice bowl(don’t really know what’s the ritual)?And ishwari welcomes her in the house.
Ishwari:samaal ke bache..aaja..
Dev and sona both put their right feet together in the red syrup(oops I’m so sorry I really don’t know what it is).
Radha is on a phone call:chudail ji,aap ki beti anikka,kitni Umar ki hai?
Chudail Ji: 25.que?
Radha:dev aur uske jodi..
Chudail Ji:Oi Radha saeba,mere dev ko sonakshi Se alag karna hai.kabardaar aise kiya to..
Radha puts down the phone and mummers:mere to kismat aise hi..hai ram…
Radha is on a another phone call:hi neeta Ji?
Neeta:kabardaar mudje phone kiya tho..abhi abhi chudail Ji ka phone aye..dev aur sona ko alag karna chaati?hai ishwar!tum bhi na gareeb ke

Radha sighs..she is 50% given up.
Nikki,riya and neha:maami,aap ko kya lagtahai?that hum log sun nehe

Radha tries to act innocent but riya tells her to stop and plays the recording they recorded about her attempting to break dev and sona’s
relationship.they threaten her if she continues then they would play the recording to ishwari dev and sona and they would get to know her true Colours..Rani gets scared and plans
Rani bumps into sona who tries to get water.
Rani:bahu,tu yaha?hai hai chori?dev,jiji sab ajaye..dekiye apne haramzade bahu kya karrehehai!
Dev and ishwari:kya Hua maami?(bhabhi)
Radha:yeh ladki chori karrehehai!!
Sona:no maami;
Radha:Oi chup Bengali chor!
Dev gets very angry at this and starts to Shout at maami.dev and ishwari oust maami out of the house.

Precap;another problem arises when Radha comes back with another girl who wants to marry dev and that is none other than natasha

Credit to: Nishi

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  1. Devakshi got married wow!!!! that red syrup is red kumkum mixed with water….as per my information..stupid Radha rani hahahaaa….all 3 sisters chad gaye Radha par wow

    1. Thanks for your info di!sorry I really didn’t know

  2. It’s not at all nice!i have been noticing and reading your ff’s Nishi,and they are ekdum boring.where is the original track going and where are you going?i think you should stop.angel,asmita and many others who may wish to write an ff in the future all the best I rely on you because I think that all of you are older unlike Nishi,who is a 7 year old immature writer

    1. Then you should stop reading I Guess?i have a bunch of supporters who really appreciate my effort unlike you. I’m sorry if you find me rude,but it’s okay if u point out my flaws in my ff and help me to improve it,but what do you get out of insulting me?

    2. Don’t know why u not like her ff. But don’t tell her to stop writing . she’s doing best at age of 7. I think ff r only what the fan’s think about original track..

      1. i can’t understand why r u comparing her ff’s with other?…no doubt that angel di’s ff r also awesome….but as u said that u r noticing nishi’s ffs and felt that they r ekdam boring…then why r u spending ur time while reading it ….i m saying this just because i love nishi’s ffs….

      2. Thanks so much Tanya di!i really appreciate that you love my ff’s!

  3. i hope nishi that u not stop writing……….

    1. Ofcourse I won’t stop writing!when I have a bunch of supporters then why should I stop?i really don’t care if 1 or 2 ppl hate me and my writing

      1. That’s the spirit. Haters gonna hate.
        Gr8 job at the age of 7. Can’t remember if I could tell ABCD in one go.
        U have exams in 1st? All the best

      2. They are not exactly like exams but choti choti tests

  4. Ffs r meant to b different from d original track..if an ff is similar to d original track then its not an ff..so Dats not a reason to complaint about

  5. Hey nishi the thanks for using my suggestion BTW the rice bowl is called kalash and red thing is called ‘aalta’
    All the best 4 Ur exams dear hope u score well

    1. Thank u!!

  6. just couldn’t stop muself from making a comment when i came to know that it’s written by a seven year old!! like really? all this stuff going on in a 7 years old mind?? whatever i appreciate your efforts..but i think the story is too predictable….n conclusions are shown too soon …u got to add some twists ..hope this helps..n all the best!!

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