Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 13


The episode starts with dev sitting at the mandap waiting desperately for sona.
Nikki whispers:bhaiya!bhaiya!

Dev turns:ha?
Nikki:aaja..bhabhi ko dekhna hai?
Dev:ab mil sakthehai?
Riya:traditionally no,but if You want to meet her then we can make make it possible because bhabhi is with us after all,
Dev:to cha;
Nikki:wait wait bhaiya..you have to pay us umm 100 rupees.
Riya:ek heera Se milreheheo to..
Dev:vishwak monsters.
Riya and Nikki giggle:chal

There dev enters sona’s room where he sees a girl on the bed(her back is facing)
Dev:sona!!!!!!tum itni sundar Ho..apna muu to dikhana..
The girl turns and the girl turns out to be neha..
Sona from another side tries to get out to meet dev but Nikki stops her..
Nikki:apaapap…bhabhi…shanti..shanti …shanti
Sona:he he he add kiya?
Nikki:bhabhi,I’m not that Bhagwan devotee Bhajan type.
Nikki and sona laugh.
On the other side dev is embarrassed..

Precap:sona comes out in a beautiful red ghagra with pink jewellery…and dev and sona take the 7 nuptial rounds and promise to keep eachother happy forever.

Credit to: Nishi

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  1. Sorry it’s short

  2. Finally devakshi r getting married..I hope no one spoils it..

    1. me too hope that no one spoil this marriage

  3. Ngkrishnakumari

    Finally dil ko sukun mila bcoz devakshi going to be married

  4. OMG Nishi so cute episode finally devakshi getting married wow m excited btw is there any other show u watch besides KRPKAB?

    1. I used to watch pyar ko Ho Jane do

      1. Me too same hi-5 loved that show a lot

      2. Haha I know I saw you comment!!!whats your real name by the way?is it fatarajo?oops?

    2. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

      No my nickname is Joyee u can call me that n my actual name will reveal that later 😛 and yes Fatarajo is the first two letter of my full name is each and Jo is from Joyee 😛

    3. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

      And yes I used to write a ff on PKHJD but as my lessons began I stopped writing but now only in weekends I write a ff on PKHJD n 3 other shows combined and I publish it on Sundays only n I mention which scene is meant for which show

  5. ohh my cutiee nishi, its ok if epi was short… but don’t stop to write…. interesting precap that they take nuptial rounds … lol when dev embarrassed after complementing to his small sister…waiting for expressions of neha….

  6. nishi did u wrote ffs on edkv????if u wrote then pls send link of ur 1st epi….

    1. No?Sorry I don’t but I can start if you want me to!!!

      1. pls start

      2. I just submitted an article

  7. nice yaar.

  8. nice episode….

  9. Nice episode.. Btw do write a recap as it gets easy for us to link up with the previous episode

    1. Sureeeeee

  10. Hi guys actually I submitted an article but it’s quite short again!!sorry my articles are short because my exams are going on and I try my best to write so I’m so sorry if they are short

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