Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 72


Scene 1,2:krpkab
Scene:3,4,5 ekdv

The episode starts with sonakshi and dev figuring out their wedding dress.
Dev:how is the sherwani?
Sona:dev,tume ki korcho?(what’s wrong with you?)it’s so dull..I mean it’s your wedding yaar.
Dev:then you select for me.
Sona:ok fine.
Dev:by the way,what did you pick?

Sona shows a beautiful pink lehenga.
Dev:when did your taste change to something so beautiful?did Nikki help you?
Sona:how nice!i chose it ok?
Dev:ya ya..I can believe you..
Dev:ok..ok..sorry*pull his ears*

Sorry to interupt actually if I forget to write in English(the whole thing)please remind me because like maya said she would like to read it in English so yah!!thank u!!!

Okay continue.
Scene 2:(krpkab)
Sona is paying up when she gets a text from an unknown number.
The text goes like this.
Unknown:hi jaaneman,I just saw you,you were with your boss turned Boyfriend turned Husband.he seems more weak from the last time he slapped me in the dixit house.
Sona:who the hell is this?
Unknown:n..n..u Guess..
Sona:neeraj?!?how did you get my number?
Neeraj:oh..I’m still in contact with Natasha.
Sona:neeraj,I know you had a crush on me,and maybe you do still,but I’m getting married like in 2 days.
Elena comes there and :Shona,I just got a call from sumo,and there is some reunion for the DTEA batch of 2003.
Shona:oh can dev come?what about khush?
Elena:ya khush is coming because his Sister,Khushi is studying there.
Shona:oh!ok.so there must be no problem with bringing dev?
Elena:I Guess so..
Sona:ok fine I will come..
Elena:and yes!dress code is girls must wear something blue and boys something light blue with black..
Sona:then it will be easy for dev*laugh*
Elena also laughs.
Dev:I heard my name…what is going on between the two sisters?
Elena:uhh..uhh..nothing Jiju..I was telling Sona how lucky she is to have you..
Dev:that she is..otherwise I would have been someone else..
Sona:don’t make me emotional now..

Scene 3:(ekdv)
Shravan:rhea u got the invitation for the reunion party?
Rhea:ya..is sumo coming.
Suman:yup rhea!
Rhea:hey pops!
Rhea and suman:how can you not know shravan?pops means popular..school’s most popular girl,suman tiwari.
Rhea:shrav..shravan..do you have a date for the dance at the party?
Shravan :ya!rhea..sumo is always my partner after all we are life partners!
Rhea:can you partner me?
Rhea:I’m sure sumo wouldn’t mind?ok then shravan is my partner!
Shravan:rhea,she needs me!
Sumo:shravu,it’s ok..if sometimes some people have to be deceived by their closest friends,it hurts..but nvm..rhea and shravan have fun!
Shravan:who will you go with?
Sumo:I’m not going anymore..
Shravan:what?who will take care of you?
Sumo:pushkar,Preethi,chaachi,papa..everyone’s there!

Scene 4:(EKDV)
Suman is staring at Shraman’s pic..the pic is as such that suman is wearing a blue dress and putting her hands around shravan who is making a “shocked reaction”.she touches it and puts it backs neatly.
At the party,rhea and shravan are dancing and meeting old friends.shravan dosent notice the time.suman is waiting for him and hasn’t eaten dinner(she never eats before him).shravan comes back at 2 am and then suman goes to sleep.
Shravan:what happened chote?
Puskhar:what bhaiya!you made bhabhi wait so much,and she slept without eating dinner.
Pushkar:you know she never eats before you!
Shravan:sometimes this sumo is just impossible.
Shravan takes food and brings it to sumo’s room.shravan makes sumo smell the food and she smiles and gulps down the food.
Shravan:see,you were so hungry..
Sumo:how was the party?
Shravan:are you upset?
Sumo:no!i just don’t eat before you.
Shravan:from now on keep that habit of eating before me.it also affects your health.

Precap:DevAakshi break up,ShraMan seperate.but,rhea,along with Natasha(all the villains)fix the problems.

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  1. pretty preeti

    Erica what a lovely epi loved it
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    1. Erica

      Thank you pretty Preethi!thats a really pretty name!yup I will post my next episode as soon as I can!thank you so much again!love u toots!?

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    Feeling bad for devakshi and sharman ??post soon?

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    poor devakshi and shraman 🙁 but u r fab nishi 🙂

  4. Marie

    Awesome ep nishi….!! Felling bad fr both…….plz make them 1 again as soon as u can 🙂

  5. wow..short but nyc !!

    1. Erica

      Manya,jo and Marie!
      Thanks for reading!!!yep yep don’t worry I will unite the two couples.ibtesam,I’ll try to make it longer next time!

  6. Aaru

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  7. sry again late, Nishi di.
    phir se emotional, sab ne mujhe rulane ka theka le rakha he kya…
    bt phir bhi itne emotional ideas ke liye hi thank you
    by by – Neeti

    1. Erica

      Aaru and neeti,
      Thanks for reading!aaru,don’t worry,aaj Se kuch episodes break up nehe chalega..aur neeti,rulane ke baath,agar khush kabhri sunli tho??Surprise episode 75.after 73 -74

  8. Thx for writing in English…love using much ???

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