Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 70


Scene 1,2,6:(KRPKAB)
Scene :3,5(EKDV)

The episode starts with sonakshi singing prayer songs with her sweet voice.she is holding the prayer plate in her hand and showing it to God when dev comes from behind and holds the plate on top of her hand.

Sona:dev tumi..
Dev:kya tumi tumi?
Sona:aap 27years ke baad,pooja kamra mein aya…
Dev just realises that he has worshipped god after 27 years..from his childhood..ever since he lost his papa..
Dev:i didn’t mean to do it sonakshi..I mean to talk to u..
Sona:jo bhi..at least u came in …
Sona:Chalo I need to prepare breakfast.
Dev:acha teke..
Sona:kya acha teke..aat bajgaye..abhi tak tayar nehe hue?office kaun jayega?maa?
Dev:teke baba ab subha subha mat daatho..
Ishwari:dev beta?kisse baath karreheho?
Dev:Ma sonakshi Se..
Ishwari:beta sonakshi to abhi Tak nehe ayi..
Dev realises that sonakshi was never there and all he was doing was just imagining.

Scene 2:(KRPKAB)
Sonakshi truly enters.
Dev:Ms Bose!
Sona:Ms Bose?
Dev:sorry dr Bose!
Sona:dr Bose?
Dev:phir kya bulao?
Sona:ki holo?teri mata garam que hai?
Dev:nehe to..shaid garam paani ke saath nahaya..
Sona:nehe dev..per or haath bhi tand hai…
Sona:bhukaar hai baba.
Dev:uffo,abhi to Ma Se escape kiya..
Sona:mujdse escape nehe karsakthe..
Sona:chupjaap letja..
Dev:acha teke jo bhi..

Scene 3:(EKDV)
The house is sparkling in the occasion of preethi’s baby shower.
Preethi is wearing a blue sari,while sumo is wearing a black and pink sari.
Manju:ini soni laghrahihai meri gudiya.nazar na lage.
Preethi:Ma!dont make me cry now.
Manju:arae,rona Teri dhushman..meri bitiya to hamesha muskuraaathi rahi bas!
Puskhar:Ma,Saari muskaan usi ko dedho..
Manjiri:nehe pushkar aaja beta..Tero ko bhi..number one..khush?
Pushkar:dekha preeti,Teri Ma mere ko zyaada pyaar deniya..
Manju:oh chup,meri laado Se zyaada me aur kisi Se nehe pyaar kita.
Pushkar:teke Ma..
Preethi:awww so cute pushkar…*pressing his cheeks*

Scene 4:(KRPKAB)
Sona is sitting by dev’s side.
Sona:kya Hua dev?feeling better?ruko I’ll call maa…
Dev:no..I need you..don’t leave me sonakshi..
Sona:acha baba mein kahi nehe jarrheheo…
KRPKAB plays..

Scene 5:(EKDV)
Suman is folding saris..
Suman touches one sari softly and makes a sad face..
Flashback(5 months ago)
Its shravan and suman’s wedding.
Adi comes with Nirmala.
Adi:Ma,that’s the girl I like.
Adi:oh you know her?
Nirmala:adi..yeh shravan ka fiancè hai..aaj uski shaadi hai..
Adi:Ma..I’m sure you’re mistaken..
Nirmala:when shravan is my Son,how can I;
Adi:meaning suman is going to be my bhabhi?
Adi gets drunk and ruins Shraman’s marrige and breaks the bottle on sumo’s leg.the glass breaks and pricks sumo’s toe.
He bandages sumo’s toe and growls at Adi..
Shravan starts to hit him.
Suman:shravan stop!stop!shravan!
Nirmala:shravan stop!stop hitting him!
Adi:aap beech me mat bolo.
Shravan:meri maa Se aise baat ki na,I’ll break your bones..
Suman and Nirmala are surprised.
Suman:shravu,you just called Aunty maa…
Shravan hugs Nirmala and the Mother Son are united.comes back to the present.
Sumo keeps in the sari.

Scene 6(KRPKAB):
Dev recovers and Sona goes him.
Sona reaches home and her family is waiting for her.
Bijoy:yeh koi time aane ke?ghar?
Asha:ya Shona this is not done!12 bajgaya.
Sona:actually dev ko bukaar padega ya..
Asha:Toa,that dosent mean you don’t come home on time.
Sona:maa,I think you need to understand that dev is my fiancè and he needs me.
Bijoy:not more than us..Sona today was elena’s birthday.
Sona:margaya..sorry maa..sorry baba..ill go give Elena her gift now..
Elena and sona’s room..
Sona:happy birthday ellu..
Elena:don’t talk to me Sona!you forgot all about my birthday celebration.
Sona takes out the gift.
Sona:tera birthday gift nehe chaiye?
Elena:shuddi?oh my Shona you’re just kamaal!
Sona:I know
Sisterly bonding.

KRPKAB-Dev and sonakshi’s wedding date gets fixed and dev and sonakshi get ready for their wedding,(buying clothes,buying the cooking items and the decorating items)

EKDV-sumo and shravan have a fight and sumo gets out.on the way home to the Bose house,she gets stomach cramps and dizziness and faints on the road.a new girl is introduced and helps suman.who is this girl?

Promo for KRPKAB:dev aur sonakshi ka horahahai dhoom dhaam ka shaadi,par,Sona ke past ki vaja,Iss shaadi hone Se rukh jathahai…

Promo for EKDV :kya iss nehe ladki ka aane Se,shravan aur suman ka “ek duje ke vaaste Kam hojayega?

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  1. Nandini aka Nandu

    Wait…hi nishi! How all of a sudden u posted ur epi on edkv page as well? Will even edkv play a major role now??? Lots of love

  2. Aaru

    Soo amazing..

  3. Nice luv it..

  4. Waiting for the upcoming episodes with full of romance..


    1. Erica

      Hey thank you so much ashriti,princess(that’s a beautiful nickname),aaru and nandu.hahah nandini di,I have included EKDV several times in my previous episodes before,it’s just that that I took them out but like now I wanted to add them in!!!yep they r playing a major role!!

  5. Neeti

    hey di ap itne dino ke bad dikhe (I used to read dis ff earlier)….Main bhi kya bol rahi hu main itne dino ke bad dikhi
    yeh, diziness,..preg he kya Sumo???
    pls pst it regularly (main dono shows ke lia hi bol rahi hu)
    I think ab ye larki tufan layegi
    woh ho I forgot to introduce myself, I’m Neeti, I was a silnt reader bt Ishwari ka real show me negative role ke bad se I stopped watching d show and its ffs also
    love from choti si behna- Neeti

    1. Erica

      Hi Di,please don’t call me Di because I’m surely younger than you..haha first of all thank you so much for reading and commenting because you’re a silent reader.youre right about that ishwari thing oh my I just feel like stop watching but I can’t. ?Sumo pregnant hai ya nehe main reveal nehe karsakthi but ha aise kuch..kuch Toa twist hoga na?

      1. Nandini aka Nandu

        OK..so his old are u?? Am 13… Post soon. Am so excited that even edkv will play a major role now????? lots of love????

      2. Neeti

        no I’m younger than you nt only you I’m younger than all of you

      3. Nandini aka Nandu

        Hey neeti, cmon yaar u 13 right? But if u don’t wanna reveal ur class then its ok? but nishi aren’t u too young? I mean just 8. No offences yaar. Lots of love.

      4. Erica

        My next episode will be tommorow!!!!thank u for all your support!!love ya!!?

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    wow awesome nishi krpkab and edkv love both these shows a lot

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    finally u registered and the epi is awesome and yeah i watch krpkab, edkv and there is this show in star plus name ishqbaaz only if not I m fed up with all the shows right now makes me angry one and krpkab ishwari makes me angry these days i feel so bad for devakshi 🙁

    1. Erica

      Hahaha Di!!oh I watch ishqbaaz too!!vrushika is so pretty oh my!!ya I know right ishwari is just Too much

  8. Manya

    Awesome nishi post asap

  9. pretty preeti

    It was a nice epi
    Seriously 8 years
    I m 13
    Love u

  10. Bhoomi

    Superb yaar Nishi?… Sry for not comenting on previous episode .. maaf kardo…
    Nice name?.. happy that my younger sis is back?

  11. Esme

    Seriously u r 8 years old !!!! Wow amazing writing skills at such a young age…aap toh surely JK Rowling banoge

    1. Erica

      Hahahaha thank you so much bhoomi Di!!i missed you so much too!!aww!!so sweet thanks for calling me your younger sis!

    2. Erica

      That’s so sweet of you esme!JK ROWLING baapre!!!mein Harry Potter ka bohot bada fan Hu coincidentally?Thank you for reading!!

      1. Esme

        I m a big fan of jk rowling. Can u plz read my FF “”Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi FF ( FUNNY AND ROMANTIC ) #8″””” ???? Plz plz read it n do comment ok..

      2. Erica

        Yup I have read it..do u see that name erica?yup that’s me?THE ESME LUNA GREENWOOD YUP YUP ITS RLLY GD?

  12. Simplesweety1

    Loved it! Good u r back! ??

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