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Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 69


Hey guys!!so this is Nishi!!hehe!!im back because I got my registration done after like so Long and my comment name will be erica because like they only accepted erica and not Nishi so like hey!!im back!!okay so let’s clear this Out I wrote my episode 69 so Long ago that I don’t even remember what I wrote hai rabba!!okay so I’m gg to start afresh don’t worry like not from scratch but like from dev and sona’s engagement life because I think that’s where I stopped the last time?okii so enough of my Bak Bak and let’s start!!!!!

Scene 1,3,5:KRPKAB
Scene 2,4,6:EKDV(inclusive of shraman and preekar)(jo Di,I’m sorry if u think I’m copying u but I’m not i find this a real smart way to write your ff)

Scene 1:the episode starts with sonakshi admiring her ring.
Elena:*peeps from behind*so finally dev babu ne churaliya Teri dil ko..
Elena giggles
Sona:very funny ha puchki.teri to..
Elena:meri to?kya?oh blushing and all ah!!
Sona:acha Elena ki bacchi…main to Teri band bajnevaaihu..
Elena:tumari shaadi main..
Sona blushes and leaves for work..
Sona enters the dixit villa where it is empty..
Ishwari comes out from the kitchen.
Ishwari:nutrition?aaja beta..aaj que late Ho?
Sona:sorry Aunty Ji..actually kya Hua tha..
Ishwari:shravan tume pick karne nehe Aya?
Sona:Jiju que mere ko pick karenge?
Ishwari:ha..teke..fatafat naashta bana!
Sona:teke Aunty Ji..
Ishwari:Aunty ji?izzat Se..maa Hu Teri..
Sona smiles and goes to kitchen..
Just then suman’s call comes..
Sona:Di ka call…hello Di?
Sumo:shona!!come to PCT now!!
Sona:kya Hua Di?is everything okay?
Sumo:it’s good news baba!!bring Ma and baba and Elena and dada and dev too!!
Sona:ok..but Hua kya hai?shravan ko bulao?
Sumo:no no..don’t..just come..

Scene 2:(EKDV)
Sona comes to PCT.
Sona:ki Holo Di?
Sumo:arae Shona meri Jaan..shravan has got me back my PCT with double investment!
Sona:kya?*big smile*oh my sumo I’m so happy!
Sumo:I know right?pushku and preethu are coming!
Sona:pushku kaun hai?
Sumo:pushkar Preethi!!tum log aagaye!
Pushkar:bhabhi..kya Hua?PCT??
Sumo:tumare bhaiya ne..mere PCT khulvaaya!!
Preethi:kya?bhaiya ne..aise kiya!!?
Sumo:ya Preethi!!
Preethi:oh I’m so happy for you Di!!
Sumo,Sona,Preethi,pushkar hug..ek duje ke vaaste plays..

Scene 3(KRPKAB):
Sona is waiting for dev at home to be dropped.
Dev comes.
He sees the house fully decorated.
Ishwari:kya Hua beta?
Dev:yeh ghatiya decorations kisne kiya?
Ishwari:be;beta yeh ghatiya nehe hai..yeh s;
Dev:Nikki ya riya ne kiya kya?itna stupid sa lagrahahai..
Sona:to Maine kiya iss stupid sa decorations..
Dev:sonakshi..I’m sorry;
Sona starts removing them and she slips and falls into Dev’s arms..krpkab plays..
Ishwari:wahi Hua na baath..meri dev-Sona..kisi ka nazar na lage..
Scene 4:(EKDV)
Sumo:patha shravan..aaj na..Sona itni khush thi!
Shravan:acha!thats good..
Sumo:tu to hamesha phone par lagerehehethe..quality time koi bhi cheez hothi hai..
Shravan :yeh cheez nehe..Chinese clients hai..Korea Se..
Sumo:jo bhi..if u don’t put your phone down I’m going to take it away..
Shravan:try .
Sumo tries but she can’t..
Sumo:zarurat Se zyaada que lamba Ho?
Sumo and shravan smile and hug..

Scene 5:(KRPKAB)
Sonakshi is walking home with dev and some goons tease Beats them up(pretty bad)(uffo don’t imagine it as Bollywood types)
And his nuckles start to bleed..
Sona:dev!tumi ki korcho?(dev!whats wrong with you?)
Dev:I love you..
Sona:that dosent mean you hurt yourself..patha hai shravan bhi aise ek baar ki..jab sumo usse PCT ka papers nehe liya or adi Se liya..
Dev:Woh 6 saal puraana hai..
Sona:u mean six months dev..
Dev:ya right..
Sona:hogaya patti baadna..
Dev:patti kaha Se?
Sona:hai meri paas..

Scene 6:(EKDV)
Pushkar:Ma,I want to move in to a different house with Preethi..
Kaamini:teke bhi…
Preethi:really Ma?thank u!!
Kamini:Oi middle class ladki!kabardar mudje Ma kaha tho..
Preethi walks away sad and pushkar consoles her..
Pushkar:preethu it’s okay..mama is like that..
Preethi smiles and pushkar..*at the same time cry*

  1. Aaru

    Awesome one..n nice name..hehe

  2. Y.balamirra

    Nice nishi, keep writing

  3. really awwsmm.luved it

  4. Update it soon…as i loved it…

    Add some hot romance DEVAKSHI…

  5. Manya

    Hey nishi i am ayushi i also registered myself โ˜บand nice epi but a lil romance between devakshi๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Nice one ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Esme

    First of all nishi a very warm welcome to u. Finally u r a registered member. Ur FF is good not good actually very very good….I wanna see u writing d 100 th episode.
    N yes plz read my FF too. I know iiz ny as good as urs bt still. …FF is “”Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi FF ( FUNNY AND ROMANTIC )#8″””” Thanks

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