Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 68

The episode starts with Elena calling vicky.
Elena:vicky!yaha aajao!!help me hook this in.
Vicky:ya coming I needed to feed richa.
Elena:uffo,I just fed her,u have to feed pragya!
Vicky:what should I do?these twins are so confusing.
Elena:get used to it.now help me hook this in and feed pragya.
Vicky helps Elena hook that in and they leave for neha’s godh barai.

Yes,Elena is married to vicky and they have twins.neha is married to Neil and is pregnant with her second child,although traditionally u don’t do godh barai for 2 nd child,neha is doing it.7 years has passed.dev and sonakshi have been married for 11 years now.sona is 38 and dev is 39.nikki is 27,riya is 31 and neha is 35.
Ishwari is no more.

Dixit house.
Neha:hi Elena!hi vicky!
Elena:wow bhabhi ur looking so pretty.
Neha is wearing a black saree with red and yellow border with nice Gold jewellry.her hair is tied up into a messy bun.
Dev:Elena?kya Hua?
Elena:Jiju..nothing I’m looking for Sona.where is she?
Dev:oh she is upstairs getting ready..
Elena:abhi Tak nehe tayaar hui?
Dev:no?jao jao.
Elena:Okii Jiju..by the way you’re looking dashing!
Dev blushes and walks off..
Elena goes up to sona’s room.
Elena and Sona hug.
Sona is wearing a pink light ghagra while Elena is wearing a yellow saree with white border and sparkling white blouse.
Elena:chalo chalo..jao ab..
Sona:tu bhi aana..
Elena and Sona go down and the ritual starts.
The ritual ends and all the Guess go home except Elena and vicky.neha,Neil,riya,Nikki,Sona,Dev,abhi(on sona’s lap),vicky and Elena.
Dev:so how is your business going vicky?
Vicky:bhai,I’m doing quite well.i got partnership with mr gujral.he and his Daughter,Natasha are doing quite well in the market and doing a merge with me is a great benefit.
Vicky:kya Hua bhabhi?aap ke mu par baara aur bajhe?
Dev holds Sona hand.
Dev:kuch nehe..good.
It’s night time and everyone goes to sleep..
Next morning.
Dev:good morning Ms Bose
Sona:dev?u just called Ms Bose?
Dev:oh my god!what?oh I’m so sorry!
Dev and Sona have a pillow fight and dev accidentally puts his hand on sona’s forehead.
Dev:sona Leto..abhi..
Sona:ki holo?
Dev:tumi kichu jaane na?bukaar hai tujko..
(You don’t know?u have fever)
Dev:abhi Teri temp ko check karthi hu..
Dev checks her temp.
Dev:102β€’?shit..Leto..no work today..
Sona:what dev?bukhar aayega or jayega..but it can’t stop me from doing work..
Dev:don’t teach me what’s bukhar okay?u need rest and that’s it.no discussion.
Sona:dev!!please yaar don’t be so unfair..ure the just like baba..
Dev:acha..now I’m baba..teke..let me lecture like papa..let me see..
Nikki:bhabhi!kya Hua?aap teek to haina?
Dev:tumare pyaara sa bhabhi ko bukhar hai..
Nikki:heh?aap aaram karo..I will bring haldi ka dood..
Sona:Nikki no!!will u listen to me or bhai?
Dev:ofcourse me.
Nikki:no bhai I will listen to bhabhi.kahiye bhabhi..
Sona:*smirks*mujhe koi haldi valdi ka dood nehe chaiye..
Nikki:okay bhabhi..I will tell riya to bring it..she listens only to bhai…
Sona:acha Suno!nikki!neil ko boldo..he will listen to me..
Nikki:okay I will tell Jiju..
Dev:u win in everything na?
Sona: I know right?
Dev:ab tu aaram karle..chup Jaap..
Sona:teke mere papa..
Dev smiles and Sona smiles back..
Neil:bhabhi,aap ne mudje bulaya..
Sona:Neil!okay okay sun..I have fever.and everyone is insisting to have haldi ka dood..please support me na..
Neil:u don’t need to bhabhi..I don’t need to do..it’s your health..fight it.
Sona:see Neil supported me.
Neil:at what?fighting for ur health?
Sona:no haldi ka dood..
Neil:no no..u need to have haldi ka dood..
Sona sits there hopeless..
Sona:tu chup Kar..

Precap:sona recovers and neha runs into labour..neha gives birth to a girl but then the baby girl gets kidnapped..neha and the family try to find the baby..because of finding the baby dev prays to God the first time after his Father’s death..

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  1. Nice one dear πŸ˜‰ BTW, latest news of KRPKAB is Ishwari thinks Sona love Dev for sake of money! –> http://www.tvserialupdates.com/ishwari-thinks-sonakshi-loves-dev-money/


  2. sachi vale last epi ka kiya hua haha

    1. Arae nehe yaar actually kya Hua na..mudje time tha and like Maine alr kaha tha season 2 they just edited the title because I put Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi(ek aur rang)season 2 epi 1(ep 68)

  3. Nice , precau seems interesting

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    Okay wow nishi how can u write a ff for 60+ episodes I cannot even think of a track for my ff that’s why I will end it within 20 episodes πŸ˜› I m like that one all my ff end in 10-20 episodes πŸ˜› (is Korean drama style :P) n what is best is that ur ff got twists n turns n never bores me really gr8 job n I hope neha gets her baby back

    1. Hahahahhaha di?K drama is like my bae?Do u watch descendants of the sun??Omg!!thank u so much!!and btw..it’s all because of all ur support!!esp ur one of my earliest supporters

  5. Awesome

  6. ohh so this is season 2

    1. Yes devaakshi?Nice name tho????thank u ayushi Di!?

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  8. Too good…

  9. awesome but someone was telling sachi me last epi what happend to it but besides it i m glad that u continued

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