Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 67 (sach mein,last episode)

The episode starts with dev talking to Sona before going to work.
Dev:sona I’m going now okay?
*no reply*
Dev stands Infront on a pic with a garland,it’s none other than Sona.
Dev:don’t work too much today and don’t miss me too much..yea..I know u miss me because you can’t meet me.but hey,I talk to u Everyday!isnt it fair?i text u Everyday,read it from your phone,and I know u hear me right?main har roz..tu zinda hai me sochthahu..Sona please come back..I know it’s not possible but ..main Teri bina Jee nehe saktha..
Ishwari hears this from behind the doors
Ishwari:mera beta ka sara paya hua rang khogaya..use vaapas karne..sonakshi ko nehe..kisi aur ko doondna padega..lekin wo jistara priya ko reject kiya,baaki sab ko reject karega..aur aur mera beta..mera beta ka paya hua izzat jayega..yeh menat..yeh sab Kuch jayega..nehe..aise nehe hone doongi..

Suman and shravan are having a convo.
Shravan comes out from the toilet(with no top)wiping his hair with sprinkling some water on sumo’s face(by accident)
Suman:shravan,u can’t be careful..abhi to facepack lagaya!uggh..kitni irritating Ho!!
Shravan:acha sorry baba!kaan pakadkar
Suman:no ure not,u have done this many times,and u ruined my nails too,look shravan!
Shravan:sumo tu shaadi ki baad,kitni high class high class ki tara behave karni lagi?
Shravan:Maine kisi aur suman Se shaadi ki,aur uss suman ko khodiya..
Suman:shravan kitni bachkani baath hai yeh?
Shravan:yeh baath bachkaani lagi tume?
Suman:uffo shravan,chodo..acha I’m going to maldives with my friends this weekend..arae baba it’s very cheap..it’s only about 7900000£?
Shravan:are you mad?thats a lot!
Suman:no it’s not!its so cheap!uggh..anyway I’m getting late for my tea party with ishita.bye!
Dev is going to the office to check about riya ‘s pregnancy reports.(yea riya is already divorced)I just forgot to mention it?I’m sorry.
Dev sees Sona.
Dev:I’m just imagining ,just paagal..
Voice:mrs sonakshi dixit,it’s your turn..
Dev turns with a shock.
Dev:he comes to the area where he saw Sona and sees a big heading there.”PLASTIC SURGERY AREA”.
Sona turns and is shocked..
Dev:tum zinda Ho??itni sari saal..kya Hua?tum ghar que nehe ayi?
Sona:kaun Sona vona?im not your sona?
kya gg..ghar?im not even married..I have a Boyfriend tho..very cute sa ladka..I’m only 21 ok!
Dev:sona naatak band karo

Sona just hugs him,tearing..
Sona:I’m so sorry dev,I couldn’t ..I couldn’t ..I
just couldn’t..

Dev:couldn’t what?
Sona narrates..(so it’s been 7 years right?)so
this is 7 years ago..

Sona is discharged from the hospital and she can’t find dev…

Sona falls asleep again and next time she opens her eyes she is in a dilapated den..(hands legs all tied up)

Sona:what the..uhh..uhh*trying to free herself*
Voice:so so,khel khatam sonakshi..
Sona:kaun Ho tum?kya chatiho mudjse!
Voice:shhhh..dev..no no..umm..tum..tumse shaadi karne aya tha..remember..your sweet,Husband dev slapped me?i still feel that slap sonakshi..still feel that..remember I told u I will come back after papa insulted me..
Nishad:ya…u got me right..
Nishad told her if she went back to dev he will place a bomb in Delhi..and after 7 years,Sona got nishad arrested and went back to dev..but she was too scared that nishad’s henchmen would be there so she had to a plastic surgery to stay away from dev..

Dev and Sona hug…really Long..
Sona comes home and everybody is equally shocked and happy..as the whole family,ishwari,Nikki,riya,neil,neha,Sona,abhi,dev,bunty,Radha Rani,Elena,khush,maama Ji,vicky,bijoy,Asha,daadi,Natasha,mr gujral celebrate abhi’s birthday,they all blow the candle together..claiming their togetherness..

In the end a short video comes where dev and sonakshi are telling us something..(the back ground music is playing(title song)(aaaa..)
Sonakshi:dev,Maine Suna pyaar ka kahi rang Hota hai?tum koi rang janti Ho?
Dev:nehe..but yeh zarur jaantihu that kahi rang hota hai…
Sona:aur yeh range kese hota hai?
Dev:kuch range waise hote hain..kuch aise..issilye..
(Aaaaa..aaaa..Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi..aise bhi…)

Acha guys,sachi mein..mujde filaal chodna hai que ki padai main focus karna hai..ill be back with season 2,starting with episode 68,but not sure when!thanks ?Ily all❤️I have included all your names in the credit because we have done this together.without your advice and guidance i would still be submitting episode 1.so sorry for those who I didn’t remember..(actually u can’t credit after one line)??????

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