Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 64

The episode starts with Sona getting discharged from the hospital..
Doctor:congratulations mr and Mrs dixit,you’re becoming parents!mrs dixit is pregnant with a girl!
Dev and Sona are overjoyed by the fact..
Dev and Sona go back home.to tell this..
Nurse:Doctor jo lady abhi abhi Gaya wo man ki saath iska reports yeh hai..wo suman dixit ka
reports Hai..
Dev:kya??wo Sona ki reports nehe hai??
Comes dev..
Doctor:I’m sorry mr dixit,but,sonakshi has suffered from alzhimers…come to my Cabin and I will explain this illness..
Dev takes a seat in the doctor’s cabin..
Doc:mr dixit,sonakshi has suffered from an accident right?issiliye her brain has damaged and alzhimers is a illness where they start forgetting things..sonakshi’s case is as such that she will completely forget u people and your family and sometimes she may not even rmb that she has that illness.i suggest that u admit her..our Nurses and docs will take proper care of her..
Dev:no thank u doctor,I can take care of my own Wife..
Dev walks off..and goes home..

Sona is sitting silently at home..
Dev:sona kya hua*cups her face*
Sona:kaun Ho tum?main kaha Hu?kya chatiho mudjse..?
Dev:sona,Sona,I’m your Husband…
Sona:no no,you’re not my Husband,your the Father of my child..
Sona starts laughing:hahahahhah shakal dekha?hahahahah dev!!take a chill pill yaar!

Dev:ya take a chill pill..
Sona:kya Hua dev?
Dev:Kuch nehe…I just thought..
Sona:u thought..
Dev:how to tell u..
Sona:how to tell me?
Dev:that u have..
Sona:that I have?

The episode ends at sona’s shocked face..
Sorry guys it’s so short actually I needed to study,MY END OF THE YEAR exams are coming sorry❤️?

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  1. It was funny but short

    1. Yes I know thanks but sorry!❤️

  2. RANdomfANCreationz

    hahah funny epi and yeah best of luck for your exams I know now your final term nearing right? All the best dear study ah dont kepo 😛 jking jking 😛

    1. Hahahhahahahah?Di ur so funny?

  3. Angell

    It was short Nishi!! and Alzheimer’s Disease is not caused by accidents. Its hereditary. Alzheimer due to accident will be in her old age

    1. No,not necessarily in old age Di,because I have heard of cases where people get this illness at the age of28.and sorry it was short❤️

  4. Nice episode nishi… Sorry for not commenting in so many episodes as I had missed many of them… read all of them right now…all the best for Ur exams do well 🙂

    1. Thank u di

  5. short but nice epi and best of luck for your exams update asap

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