Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 62

Dev brings sonakshi home.ishwari does aarti for her and dev tells her to rest.

Dev:rest now okay?
Sona:no dev..itna Sara kaam hai..
Dev:sonakshi..ur not well..
Sona:doctor has managed to get rid of my cancer,I’m okay now..
Dev:yes I know but that dosent mean u don’t need rest…
Sona:okay baba I’m going to sleep..
Dev leaves for office and Nikki comes rushing to dev and sona’s room for her project..
She sees Sona sleeping.
Nikki:uffo,bhabhi ko abhi Sona tha..

Riya comes there.
Riya:Nikki,tumne Ms bose ko utadiya?
Nikki:kya ms Bose Ms Bose lagarakhhai?
Riya:dev bhai ki shaadi 4 din main hai..pehele sangeet,mehendi aur haldi pure hone to do..
Nikki:acha teke baba..ya so ms Bose was sleeping so I wanted help for the project..
Riya:to mudjse puchdethi.
Nikki:nvm Di..I got it..
As Nikki runs away..
Riya:yeh kabhi nehe suderegi..

It’s the devAakshi’s haldi and sangeet the next day..
The house is nicely decorated with the alternate pattern of orchids and marigolds on the pillars and beautiful lights hanging from top..as guests come down on the red carpet,ishwari welcomes them traditionally.
The haldi takes place..
Ishwari applies haldi on Sona with the leaves..
Next Nikki and riya do..
Dev applies next..dev takes a bit and puts dot by dot but later smashes the haldi on her face.
As sonakshi tries to hit him,dev laughs and hugs and kisses her..
Sonakshi applies some haldi for him..
They sing traditional songs..

Everyone freshens up and gets ready for mehendi..
The mehendi ceremony starts..
The designer draws sonakshi mehendi first..
Sona:didi,aap zara dev,mr obodro Iss mehendi pe chupake likhiye..
The designer understands and smirks.
Sona :now dev,it’s gonna be a challenge for u!
Sona needs her phone and she calls for Elena.
Elena:ki holo sona?
Sona:mera phone..
Elena:acha..she sees dev’s text,and she troubles sona
Elena:jiju ko patience nehe hai?
Sona:Elena, I told u to give me my phone,not read my messages!!
Elena:well too bad..
Sona:I’m going to kill u ..
Elena:with these hand..nehe nehe baath main..warna Teri mehendi spoil hojayegi..
Sona:Elena ki bacchi…

Sona and Elena have a laugh..
Dev comes down staring at Sona..
Sona tells dev to find his name.dev can’t find it and gives up.
Sona:that means you don’t love me.
Dev:don’t ever say that okay?i love you to the moon and back.(ILYTTMAB?)
Sona:that’s so sweet dev.
Dev:now show me your hand.
Dev finds dev,and then obodro next to it.
Dev:sona u wrote obodro?
Sona:tumi..aapko Bengali padna aathihai?*gulps*
Dev:Nehe pichle neha ki mehendi ke din tumne obdro Bengali main likithi..
Dev and Sona smile..

The next day(sangeet ceremony)
Everyone is dancing..
They have a rotatable dance(meaning different guys and girls every verse.)
Vicky comes to Elena..
Vicky:hai I lost both my Bengali mirchis..Sona is becoming my bhabhi and u are marrying that khush..that;
Elena:if u say anything against dev jiju and khush I swear I will break your bones..
Elena comes to khush..khush senses something is wrong..
Khush:*holds her Chin up*ellu,what happened?
Elena:Kuch nehe..
Khush:Kuch to hai..batao..
Elena:wo vicky..
Khush:tujhe phir Se tang karrahahai?

Elena nods sadly..
Khush is going to pick a fight with vicky when Elena stops him.
Elena:no khush..no..meri Kasam..
Elena hugs Khush affectionately.

Shaadi ki din..
Sona’s family enters and they complete all rituals..dev is waiting eagerly in his golden sherwani for his princess Sona,who is dressed up in a light blue,red and green ghagra with beautiful Jewellery.
Dev stares at her as she walks down with NRN.
As Sona takes a seat at the mandap,and the panditji starts chanting mantras,dev jerks sona’s elbow and they have a eye conversation.the garland exchange starts.saurav and sona’s dad carries Sona up to put the garland on dev and dev fails in one attempt..they take the 7 nuptial rounds and dev puts the mangalsutra and sindoor affectionately..its Sona’s bidai and she says bye to her family..after that,Sona kicks the rice bowl,and steps into the alta,signifying she has become the bahu of the house.dev and Sona have a memorable night and Sona wakes up fresh.ishwari gives her a new sari and Earings.
Sona:Aunty Ji,this is not necessary..I have my own sari..
Ishwari:Aunty Ji?
Sona:I mean maa…

Ishwari:beta,yeh ek ritual Hota hai..
Sona wears the saree and goes to the kitchen..
Ishwari:beta,aaj tumari rasooi hai Toa tum ek acha Se khaana banana.
Sona:maa..I don’t know how to make food..
Ishwari:it’s okay beta..just tell kichu..u will learn slowly..

Precap:dev and Sona have some love moments..Ishwari falls very ill

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