Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 60


The episode starts with functions at the dixit household..
Scene 1:(dixit household,nikki’s room)
Characters:Nikki,riya,sona and neha.
Nikki:sona Di!!!i mean meri hone vaali bhaabhi,aapko red ya pink pasand hai?
Nikki:light pink ya dark pink?
Sona:dark pink..no actually I prefer dark red if u are talking about my bridal suit?
Neha:no,we are talking about your lipstick Colour..

Nikki:ya bhabhi!!i mean Di..no bhab;oh whatever!
Sona:light pink…
Nikki:accha teke..

Scene 2:(Bose household,sona’s room)
Characters:Elena and her Mom.
Mom:ami ati sundara(you’re looking very pretty)
Elena:thank u Ma!
Mom:nazar na lage..*puts kohl behind her hair*
Elena’s phone rings.
Elena is not there and her Mother sees it.
Her Mother picks up thinking to trouble khush(it’s khush call)
Khush:ellu mere Jaan tum kab tayar hogi?
Mom:khush beta have patience *laugh*
Khush:Ma??sorry Ma!!mudje laga..
Mom:Elena hai?wo washroom main hai..
Khush:bye Ma..and sorry again..

Amrita puts down the phone and:aaj kal ke bache na!!no patience at all!!

Scene 3:(dixit household,hall)
Neha:okay okay..so now ladies and gentlemen,can we please give a round of applause to tonight’s most dashing couple to come up on stage to perform for us?dev bhai and bhabhi pls!!!come on our hosts!??!
Sona:neha tum bhi na?!!

Sona and dev dance to sab tera/soch na sake mash up…they have an intense eye lock..
Nikki:hmmm..bhabhi!!bhaiya!!music khatam hochukehai?
Sona and dev dissappear in embarrassment.
The engagement takes place.
Dev adorns the ring on Sona lovingly and sona is about to adorn the ring when she starts to feel very dizzy..everything blurs out..
Dev:are u okay Jaan?*holding her arm*
Sona slots in the ring and faints and starts to have fits.
Everyone gets concerned.
Dev:Doctor ko bulayei!!!nikki!!maa!!neha!!riya!!sona,,Sona himat Rakh okay?
Dev realises that this could be a cancer side effect.
Sona is rushes to the hospital.

Scene 5:(hospital,normal ward)
Amrita,roy(elena’s dad),saurav and khush.
Amrita:ami chutki!!(my small girl!!)
Asha:don’t worry Amrita!!everything will be fine..
Dev is praying when ishwari comes and hugs him.
Ishwari:dev beta,don’t worry,rab pe vishwaas rakh!
Dev:ma*cry cry*
Ishwari:bas beta bas..
Sona opens her eyes…
Sona:d..d..DEV!(very loudly)
Dev:sona!!sona*barges in*sona r u okay?*touches her face*
Doctor:kya Hua mr dixit?
Dev:can u pls keep someone here?agar sonakshi ko Kuch hojata to?
Doctor:okay I’m so sorry sir.
Dev:u better be.

Precap:kya Sona Iss ladai ko lad payegi?kya Sona,Dev ke saath ek ache aur khush zindagi rehesakthihai?

Credit to: Nishi

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  1. its awesome nishi…but if u aren’t comfortable with Bengali, then its better not to use Bengali dialogues..” u r looking preety” will be “tomake khub sundar lagcche” & ” my small girl”will be “amar chutki” in bengali…

    1. Gazal(not very sure about your gender),ami Bengali,ami shudh bengali bolbo,but hahahaha its been quite a while I caught up on Bengali,so it’s okay,I will write in Hindi And English!!!?

  2. Nce one dear..
    I’m sure u’ll not separate ur devakshi

    1. Yes Di!!!have hope in me?!!Aapko dhere dhere patha chalega Sona ko kya Hua…!!!keeping the suspense till the end I Guess???eek hahahahhaha!!!!?

  3. Simplesweety1

    Update Soon! You Go Girl! What An Update!

    1. Thanks Tanvi Di!!!!!about updating soon,not a very promising fact,because of school and all the extra curricular activities,but yes,I will as soon as possible!!?

  4. Superb

    1. Thanks Di!!!!

  5. nishi I’m a girl , doing my graduation in 1st yr…..& moreover a bengali…thats why I noticed the errors….. sorry if my words hurted u…..

    1. No no Di,u didn’t hurt me,I’m sorry if I sounded rude..all the best for your 2 nd year!!

  6. Hello nishi…u made me u r fan by writing precap’s in a wonderful way… Loved ur story n nishi…

    1. Thank u shaheerica!!!?It’s always a pleasure write great precaps then?

  7. awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    but i have 2 requests:-
    1) update asap
    2) pl. pl. pl. pl. don’t seperate devakshi

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