Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 59


The episode starts with sona sitting in her room and dev coming.

Scene 1:(dev and sona’s room)
Dev:how Long do you have Sona?
Sona:*turning and fiddling with her saree*kis baath keliye?
Dev:*comes closer and cups her face*death.
Dev:ab at least chuapao math…sona you could have told me you have cancer.i would have done everything for you to make you recover.
Sona:dev,I was about to tell you that day..but..
Sona goes to a flashback when she was with doctor Sinha knowing about her reports 2 months ago.
Dr Sinha:sonakshi,you only have 9 months.*explaining the diagrams on the screen.
Sonakshi walks out of the hospital thinking how to tell dev.
No one is at home…
Sona walks into her room:dev?dev!!?!
Dev is sitting there in the corner,working.
Dev:ya sweetheart!!where did u go??and you didn’t even pick up my calls?kya Hua?
Sona:wo main hospital..;*in her mind*no..what if he is heartbroken?make up an excuse sona..
Dev:hospital?tum teek hona?tumko Chot lagi?*seeing her hand and turning her face*kaha lagi..
Sona:dev..dev I’m fine..it’s my Friend who met with an accident..it was fatal..
Dev:I’m so sorry..what’s her name?
Dev:oh..is her family okay?

Coming back to the present..
Dev:so koi geetanjali nehe thi..tum apni reports check karne keliye..
Sona nods yes sadly..
Dev:*cups her face and puts it up*sona Jaan,i was always there with you,and I was always be with you,now,I will get you the best treatment and get rid of your cancer.
Sona:dev,it is expensive for therapy..
Dev:I can spend a numerous amount on my life…and that life is you Sona..have faith in me ..
Sona:I will be saved na dev?and I’m sorry..
Dev:u will Sona..and it’s okay Jaan..
They both hug..

Scene 2:(LLS hospital)
Sona and dev have come to do sona’s treatment and the doctor has called Sona in.dr Sinha says that because of her medicines,she is recovering but she still needs to come for regular check ups.dev and sona are relieved and leave for home.

Scene 3:(Bose household)
Getting ready for elena’s engagement with khush.(Hahahaah not the fake khush,yes Elena is getting engaged,love marrige)
Asha:bijoy!!!!engagment khaana keliye kya chaiye??ghar ka kaana ya Bahar Se magana hai?
Bijoy:Oho Asha!!ghar ka khaana!!aur kya??
Elena:maashi!!aloo posto hona chaiye ha!!
Asha:teke beta..acha Teri maa airport se aaygayi?
Elena:ha,ya…I will go receive her!!N then I will get to see my younger sister also erica!!
Asha:okay beta..

Scene 5:(airport)
Elena is waiting for her family to come..
Elena’s Mother looks at her:ellu!!im here!!!
The family hugs..
Ma:tu itni patli hogayi..!!
Elena:Ma!!typical huh??hi my erica champ!!*carries her*
Erica:Di!!!!!im so happy!!i missed u so much!!
Elena:aww!!i missed u too baby!!!
Elena’s dad:hi beta..
Elena:baba!!!kem Cho!!
Elena’s dad:ami shudh teek.
Elena:let’s go!!!

Scene 6:(Bose household)
Asha:Amrita Di!!!aaja!!namaste bhai sab!!Hi baby…!!
Amrita(elena’s mom):sona nehe hai???
Asha:sona ghar par hai.
Amrita:yaha to nehe hai..
Asha:yaha aue hogi..wo apni sasuraal main hai!!
Amrita:sona ki shaadi hochukihai?
Asha:ha!!!dev dixit Se!!
Amrita:u mean business tycoon?
Amrita:oh very lucky!!

Scene 7:(dixit household)
Wedding arrangements for dev and sona resume and the girls are selecting their suits..

Sona sees a pink and blue saree and remembers dev gifting her that saree on their first romantic date at home..sona picks that for her engagement..

Precap:as the preparations are going on on the engagement day of Elena and sona,sona starts to have breathing problems and is rushed to the hospital,where the doctor says that..

Credit to: Nishi

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  1. Nice episode

  2. Angell

    Nishi!!! My mom’s name is Amrita.. Btw Dev and Sonakshi ki shaadi kab hui? Except that the episode was awsome.

    1. Di oh I’m so sorry mudje really nehe pathatha that Teri Mom ke name Amrita hai..agar aap ko bura laga kisi baath pe,I sincerely apologise..and dev and sona will get married after this sona’s cancer issue…

  3. thanks nishi for adding my name in the ff
    the epi was very very very nice

  4. Simplesweety1

    Loved It!

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